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    [–] Mugsy, play Despacito XRYAF 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    So basically the sharks from Freddi Fish?

    [–] Found this in my camera roll. Sad thing is this was made by students. XRYAF 2 points ago in FellowKids

    How is this fellow kids? This is a warning against drinking and driving. I really fail to see how this is a meme.

    [–] Only a month left XRYAF 194 points ago in teenagers

    Me too! And I don’t feel ready at all.

    [–] me irl XRYAF 20 points ago in me_irl

    I want it to be real!

    [–] Definitely not hiding... XRYAF 32 points ago in quityourbullshit

    First of all did you actually say “yolo” in 2018?

    [–] meirl XRYAF 9 points ago in meirl

    What about r/formernazihut

    [–] Karma XRYAF 9 points ago in Wellthatsucks


    [–] When Battlefield was still amazing XRYAF 2 points ago in Battlefield

    That’s like your opinion man.

    [–] [BFV] I'm seeing a pattern here 😭 XRYAF 2 points ago in Battlefield

    This is so sad can we hit 500 likes?

    [–] wear your girl’s hoodie 2k18!!!! XRYAF 8 points ago in wholesomememes

    Me and my girlfriend split today. This just makes me sad.

    [–] [Free] Desert Eagle Heirloom FN XRYAF 2 points ago in GlobalOffensiveTrade

    GL everyone

    Thank you OP!

    [–] My Dad passed away this morning. XRYAF 1 points ago in daddit

    My father passed away unexpectedly 5 weeks ago. I know it still feels surreal. Hang in there man. It’s tough.