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    [–] How to unlock "VERY HARD" Dungeon? Xafniko 1 points ago in AnotherEdenGlobal

    Are the regen time of both green and red tickets same at 6 hours?

    [–] Proof of Life...RIP Me..Beat Chapter 13, accidentally deleted app...Back to Basics. Xafniko 1 points ago in AnotherEden

    it only take like a few hours to get 1000 gems to do the 10 tries. Assuming u do that 2 times a day, it may only takes like 1-3 days for you to pull a 5 stars Mariel.

    Assuming you keep the 4/5 Mariel. People are saying it take like 1 month worth of regen keys to get 2 chant scripts. That average 2.5 months to upgrade the Mariel.

    So, i see that as 1-3 days of rerolling vs 2+ months of "farming chant scripts"

    Anyway it's personal preference. Have a good weekend.

    [–] Proof of Life...RIP Me..Beat Chapter 13, accidentally deleted app...Back to Basics. Xafniko 1 points ago in AnotherEden

    imo, if you really want an easier life, you can, if u have the time, and is willing to make the extra effort, go for a 5 stars on the first pull.

    reason because, the effort to upgrade a 4 stars to a 5 stars is greater than pulling the 5 stars itself. Just search around for the threads and u will understand the nightmare install for players collecting Chant scripts...

    So, i prefer the control pull (1st pull) to land a 5 stars and the remain pull, to be more relaxing if a 4/5 is pulled...

    [–] 9-Link elder vaal axe 688pdps + culling strike Xafniko 66 points ago in pathofexile

    GGG: in 3.6, Cyclone can no longer work with weapons, only with cheese burger.

    [–] Roses are red, Jeff is my dad Xafniko 1 points ago in Jokes

    I don't care that you broke your elbow

    [–] Is the NZ server down? Xafniko 3 points ago in pathofexile

    don't get yr hope high, lol, ask all the Rus, BR, Kor, Singaporeans, and other lesser nations regarding their local server. :P

    [–] This board is so petty, I'm done Xafniko 5 points ago in AnotherEdenGlobal

    Why do you even care about numbers when your main intention is to help/give advise to new players?

    Just continue to do what u do best, numbers do not mean anything, at least for me...

    [–] Gary Harris 360 Layup vs Lakers Xafniko 4 points ago in nba

    i was like wtf why is manimal back in denver

    [–] PSA: watch out for evolved scamming Xafniko 2 points ago in pathofexile

    Did you pay him? Like a sceenie "trade accepted"

    [–] Rondo game winner at the buzzer | TNT Xafniko 4 points ago in nba

    Playoff Rondo is about to evolve in 2019

    [–] Issue with latency Xafniko 1 points ago in pathofexile

    pretty much u can do:

    1. change gateway and see if there's still spikes OR
    2. use vpn

    [–] Plant Scraps Rotted Mush Xafniko 1 points ago in RimWorld

    seriously too many, else i won't be seeking a solution lol... i have laterally like over 1000s. even with my chicken farm, my scarps is still increasing. If I am being forced to make fertilizer, i will need to assign 2-3 person full time on those dumb fertilizer... with i do not need since i am using hydro.

    I need to way to destory those stuff, like maybe burnt them in a incinerator but they do not have those option.

    [–] Pacers fans chant "Not worth trading" as JaVale McGee shoots free throws Xafniko 13 points ago in nba

    If there's a all star voting for fans' base, Pacer's will pop the chart by 99.99% now