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    [–] Be F2P, expect nothing Xafniko 18 points ago in afkarena

    make new contents that is unvalid to 99% of the players!

    [–] Love this :) Xafniko 5 points ago in afkarena

    You are just 1 gem from a pull of 4 blues 6 greens.

    [–] Raps fan here. Wishing the best for Klay. Xafniko 7 points ago in nba

    When i see post like this XXX fans here, i farking downvote.

    Why the hell do people need to declare who they are, when we wish someone well.

    [–] The Moment I fell in love.... Xafniko 14 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    I always got tired just looking at Andy Robertson. smh...

    [–] Anyone have a T5 Guild house layout for Max happiness with 15 Lab? Xafniko 1 points ago in albiononline

    oki i though happiness is only at 100%. Can i reach that?

    assuming i just follow the housing number, like 15 beds, 5 tables, and filled the rest with trophies?

    Am i correct

    [–] Cracks on my Snake Plants Xafniko 2 points ago in plantclinic

    I water them about 10-14 days.

    is that still consider over watering?

    It only happens to 1 pot. I have 5+ pots of snake plants.

    [–] Strategies for Leveling Heroes in a Specific Order? Xafniko 1 points ago in afkarena

    yea he's gd after 81 (not sure which level, working atm) i think, where he gain a skill when he use skills he regen... he will become unkillable at backline...

    [–] Strategies for Leveling Heroes in a Specific Order? Xafniko 1 points ago in afkarena

    the ascended tier, the ones that can go above 160s

    [–] Strategies for Leveling Heroes in a Specific Order? Xafniko 3 points ago in afkarena

    just me opinion,

    1. never use ascend heroes as mats

    2. Saveas is GOD

    3. E+ yr Hogan, use him as mats if u needed later

    i always level 1 Hero to hit the tier cap (to carry), then level the rest

    [–] Estrilda Xafniko 1 points ago in afkarena

    She good in a way, u can get her from the starter pack for $1.99 i think. Then u can also get her as a reward from a stage, cannot remember which. So, as starter, she good for the 3 same fraction bonus, along with belinda and Luci.

    She also give energy, in some case more ult = win.

    Once u grow more, and got Thane, Fawkes or Raine, she starts to fall off the packing order.

    [–] Perseverance, thy name is Sansevieria Xafniko 6 points ago in houseplants

    Just tell her 2 weeks. At first i cannot stand it too, cause itchy fingers. But once u see how beautiful it grows when you control the water, u will have better self control .