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    [–] Uninstalling AutoKMS Microsoft Toolkit Xafniko 4 points ago in Piracy

    There will be a history/log/reg iirc... but then again, not many people will even check for those stuff.

    If u want a 99.99% clean, just restore the lappy. It only take about 15 mins.

    [–] Demon Bulls schedule on Friday and Saturday Xafniko 1 points ago in GameloftDHChampions

    Is there any days where all 5 elements are available?

    [–] Are the Extra Bonus for watching Ads a scam? Xafniko 1 points ago in GameloftDHChampions

    I started the stage with 15. The stage nets 3 gems with a bonus of 6 with the video. So, i end up witb 18 gems after watching the videos.

    Any advise where the maths go wrong?

    [–] We need to start a dialogue about the refs this season... Xafniko 2 points ago in nba

    Main Issue: Will the Refs listen to u or give u a "T"..?

    [–] Crate - step up your marketing Xafniko 2 points ago in Grimdawn

    yea that's what i am trying to says. which is why i agree with u the games have different sets of players. And if one is so used to gearing so easily in d3, he won't instant fall in love with a game like grim dawn, which takes months to gear, and have to farm with random gears.

    I am speaking from the entry-level point of view, not as a veteran seeking min/max gears.

    [–] Crate - step up your marketing Xafniko 1 points ago in Grimdawn

    We are not talking about min/max... I am talking abt getting a set, or a set with set bonus which are required to make a build works smoothly.

    TBH if u want to min/max in GD, see u in 4 years :P

    [–] So if people are working during these very specific few hours, they just can't participate at all? Xafniko 12 points ago in blackdesertonline

    Most people worked 8-9 hours.

    personally i would preferred it to be like lower % but 24/7 over 3 days. That will also eased the tension over the spots as some people like to chill after midnight.

    [–] Crate - step up your marketing Xafniko 2 points ago in Grimdawn

    Totally, when u can gear a D3 char in 4 hours, u cannot even gear a GD char in 4 months...

    Gears, as in BIS in each slot.

    Players in D3 most likely will not accept this type of grind... I feel like GD needs to loosen up its gear rate or have a target-farm type.

    I have played (causally) GD for almost 6 months and i still dun even have ANY FULL Sets.

    [–] Repost from a year ago. Who would win now? Xafniko 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Players: We want Necro!

    Devs: Ok! Give them Necro, but we must be creative. Let's give them a necro totally un-necro-like!

    [–] poe 3.5 update Xafniko 1 points ago in diablo3

    The thing about POE is that some skills are very chunky. So, it takes a bit of time to understand the game and how you can remove "chunky" from yr build/game...

    For example some players absolutely love phasing(walks through monsters/packs), others cannot play without unwavering(remove desync), etc and etc...

    POE is not a game everyone can immediately fall in love with, but once u understand and knows how to remove the "unpleasant" feeling that is hindering you, u will be addicted...

    [–] Suggested 2 Stars Heroes like Mojo and Zircon Xafniko 1 points ago in GameloftDHChampions

    if i manage to pull Red Boon Sister, and also get the Light one from board 7, should i still make an effort to level a zircon?

    [–] Where does Melo sign next? Xafniko 3 points ago in nba

    the chinese always says: "treat poison with poison"

    [–] Does "Sleep in the Heat" got to do with temperature or just air-con? Xafniko 1 points ago in RimWorld


    it's a C so i assume is this.

    the reason i asked is because, i have 2 different game.

    in game 1 i have air-co, and and room temperature is 28 and there is no debuff. game 2 , i have no air-con, but room is 20 and i get the debuff...

    make no sense tbh...

    [–] Does "Sleep in the Heat" got to do with temperature or just air-con? Xafniko 1 points ago in RimWorld

    does the game have other forms of measurements? i am using the default temperature measurement settings.

    [–] Kripp with the truth... Xafniko 53 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in pathofexile

    They took 10 or 11 years to come out with D3 and it's still shit.

    It's the team that counts.

    A group that pops "Everyone wants more stash space, but if we give you more you'll want more, and more and more and eventually all the internet is yours" and now the "Do you guys not have phones?"

    You expect a group of morons who don't even knows how to talk, understand/listen to the community, can make a good diablo game?

    [–] Exalted Orbs doubt Xafniko 1 points ago in pathofexile

    In delve, farming maps atm are totally not worth it. In delve, make a fossil farmer n u can get like 2ex an hour. And you dun need any expensive qty mf gear

    [–] When u run out of maps,and decide to run a Delve to take a break... Xafniko 1 points ago in pathofexile

    around 300, i think it's just luck. But once u hit mobs lv83, highest tier maps will drop.