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    [–] What is your most embarrassing memory? Xglossygern 1 points ago in teenagers

    Being born. I was naked in front of everyone.

    [–] I wish I had a best friend Xglossygern -1 points ago in teenagers

    Religion is the cancer of this earth. This just adds to the pile of evidence for just that. Thank you.

    [–] 👏 it's👏time👏to👏kill👏all👏sex👏offenders👏 Xglossygern 0 points ago in teenagers

    If you just don't go murdering Sex offenders they won't get murdered. They're not asking to get murdered.

    [–] Just blatant repostin. Why are people so shitty? Xglossygern 1 points ago in teenagers

    That's what repost bots and reporting is for, dumbass.

    [–] Scam Xglossygern 4 points ago in comedyheaven