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    [–] Florida Man XxLOGANIDUSxX 5 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Florida man wrecks liquor store and blames it on hookah smoking caterpillar. This mofo thought he was Alice in wonderland lol

    [–] [Art] Lia the Elven Bard XxLOGANIDUSxX 9 points ago in DnD

    Just glad to see a female bard that’s not a damn tiefling lol

    [–] Waiters and waitresses of Reddit, what’s the most convoluted order you’ve ever taken? XxLOGANIDUSxX 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I work in a higher end steakhouse. We have a family of regulars who come in weekly. The order the same thing every single time. 3 diet cokes, bbq shrimp app, instead of salads. A huge bowl of croutons and bleu cheese dressing to dip them in, 3 bbq shrimp entrees with loaded mash no chives, and 3 (large) pieces of cheesecake. They are all very large and have mentioned they get the huge fucking bowl of croutons and bleu cheese because it’s “better for them”. I’m sure the Diet Coke is helping with that calorie count too lol

    Oh yeah and they tip mayyybbeeee 5%...on a good day

    [–] LFG to play DnD or Pathfinder XxLOGANIDUSxX 3 points ago in LittleRock

    Well I’m a fairly new DM and have been planning a new Starfinder game soon. I have two or three for sure players and we are 420 friendly. It would honestly be kinda lax, not really sure the seriousness you’re used to but yeah just let me know if the two of you are interested. We would play in the Bryant area.

    [–] Give me hope. Tell me your stories of animals who came home. XxLOGANIDUSxX 2 points ago in Pets

    When I was around 14. Our black lab was notorious for hanging out around a few neighbors homes. There was one time where he was gone for the better part of three weeks. We began to fear the worst. Then one afternoon while we were grilling outside, we saw him limping down the road towards the house. He looked a little shaken up and underfed but nothing a little TLC couldn’t fix. I really hope your cat makes it back to you safe and happy.

    [–] What are you addicted to? XxLOGANIDUSxX 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Pain pills....shit is a gripping addiction. But I find my main problem is I am a substance abuser. When I decide to do something it’s all in. Going out for a drink? Blackout drunk. Gonna get a little coke. Go through an 8ball and be up for 36 hours. Even with exercise and attraction to people I throw my whole being at something and that is fucking dangerous. No matter what it is I am doing.

    [–] 87 in a 60 in Sheridan Arkansas XxLOGANIDUSxX 2 points ago in Arkansas

    Damn that’s fast! As long as you pay up front you are good to go. Do you work at Saltgrass steakhouse by chance?

    [–] [Serious] If you had killed yourself one year ago, what amazing things would you have missed out on? XxLOGANIDUSxX 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I met the love of my life and have kicked my drug addiction. Life is still rough, but I can find beauty even in the ugliest situations. Having to share my life with is amazing and honestly I had given up all hope of having that. Life is wonderful, live it to the fullest each and every day :)

    [–] Good names for a lightning sword? XxLOGANIDUSxX 2 points ago in DnD

    Storm Surge Thunder’s Edge Spark of Dark Skies

    Lightning is tough, not a tremendous amount of adjectives.

    [–] Have you ever worked with someone unpleasant that it felt like a vacation at work when they didn’t come in? XxLOGANIDUSxX 3 points ago in AskReddit

    We have a self declared "psychic" who will stare intensely and has the shrillest voice I dare say I've ever heard. She insists on giving a palm reading to anyone new to the staff and eats used ice off the beverage station trays. She almost brags as she complains about how "everyone in this town doesn't know how to tip". I. Am. Exstatic to see a shift without her in it.

    [–] Planning the move to Little Rock XxLOGANIDUSxX 2 points ago in LittleRock

    Right near the River market is pretty safe in my experience. Southwest Little Rock is the main concentration of crime in the city and the surrounding neighborhoods seem to be the most highly targeted. You'd be right at the heart of the city though so that offers a fair amount of security in of itself.

    [–] What’s something that people shouldn’t be embarrassed of but are anyway? XxLOGANIDUSxX 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Sometimes when my guests ask for a lemon, I will bring a whole uncut lemon to the table and keep a straight face as long as possible. I then reveal their actual lemon wedges. Maybe 15-20% of the time people laugh or smile. Most just look at me like I'm a moron. Still fun for me either way!

    [–] Me every time I argue with another redditor. Always the protagonist. XxLOGANIDUSxX 2 points ago in funny

    Kung pow! I also highly suggest Kung Fu hustle. Both are fucking great movies and a great time to wuoye with friends for a long time.

    [–] Another 1998 LAN party XxLOGANIDUSxX 3 points ago in gaming

    Bet the guy in the leather jacket wore that even when it was hot outside.