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    [–] What is the most frustrating plot hole you've seen? Yakb0 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Lukes story in Star Wars is over. That's why he doesn't go in person. It's Reys fate to finally confront Kylo, not Lukes.

    Its no different than Obi Wans, 'if you strike me down... speech to Vader", and shutting off his light saber.

    [–] What is the most frustrating plot hole you've seen? Yakb0 2 points ago in AskReddit

    If you will not turn, perhaps she will...

    remember the scene at the end of Jedi, where Luke loses his shit?

    [–] What is the most frustrating plot hole you've seen? Yakb0 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Maybe they're after the equivalent of blood diamonds.

    There's no reason to send people down into the ground in a war zone to get mutilated and/or killed to get something that we can make in a lab with modern technology. It happens anyway.

    [–] Worst games of 2018? Yakb0 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in boardgames


    The manual left a lot of questions unanswered.

    Turn order is very important. And since there are only 4-5 rounds (I can't remember) some people end up with far fewer options than other players.

    It has an interesting mechanic where you can complete mission cards, or use them as 'take that'. On the last turn, the first person takes all their uncompleted missions, and uses them to screw over everyone else. Then the 2nd player burns up all of his cards on players 3 and 4. Same thing with player 3.

    Player 4 is not a happy camper.

    edit: looks like this wasn't released in 2018

    [–] What good careers are in need of applicants due to an aging work force and little knowledge of the need among the younger generations? Yakb0 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Every print shop I've worked at went through multiple rounds of downsizing, and ended up going out of business.

    This was years ago. Back when you had to be able to wrangle QuarkXpress files, and not everything fully supported postscript.

    [–] How different is Pax east / west vs Pax Unplugged? Yakb0 1 points ago in boardgames

    Are you asking specifically about the tabletop experience at PAX East vs. Unplugged, or all the other things that go on at PAX East? (concerts, console freeplay, cosplay, the mad rush to get Saturday tickets, etc...)

    For reference here's a picture of the expo hall at East; everything from the entrance to the first skybridge is for PC/console gaming.

    [–] PAX South up next! Yakb0 2 points ago in PAX

    It's going to be very interesting seeing the difference between South and Unplugged (which is clearly on the rise).

    [–] PAX South up next! Yakb0 2 points ago in PAX

    I'm looking forward to getting away from the cold for a long weekend. Plus it's been ~30 years since I've been to Texas; so I'll be doing some sightseeing after the con.

    [–] I made silly flash games as a kid. 6 years later my most recent flash game has 150,000 unique users after only 1.5 months. AMA! Yakb0 5 points ago in IAmA

    What does your Flash dev environment look like?

    I used to do Flash animation and development years ago; back when they were trying to move everyone to Flex and MXML.

    [–] Which fitness blog(s) (if any) did actually help you to improve your life and exercise quality? How? Yakb0 2 points ago in AskReddit


    On a more serious note Alan Thrall, and AthleanX both put out really good videos if you're trying to lift with proper form.

    [–] If you could attend any motorsports event in Europe Where would you go? Yakb0 1 points ago in cars

    24 Hours of Le mans?

    Grand Prix of Monaco? (as a regular spectator, nothing fancy like watching from one of yachts) or maybe another F1 race.

    Goodwood Festival of Speed?

    ..ok, this better be enough text to avoid getting deleted by the auto-moderator

    [–] PAX Unplugged Show Entrances & Security Yakb0 1 points ago in PAX

    Actually one more question. Does this mean there will be security at PAX South?

    All of a sudden I feel less interest in being there right at 10AM; especially if I'm going to have my luggage with me.

    [–] Ridership Down, Millions of Dollars Lost Yakb0 8 points ago in boston

    The orange line stops at Forrest Hills.

    • Roslindale

    • Bellevue

    • Highland

    • West Roxbury

    do not have subway stops, and are currently Zone 1.

    [–] PAX Unplugged Show Entrances & Security Yakb0 1 points ago in PAX

    What about people entering from the train station? They show up at the end of the skybridge.

    [–] What a real train system looks like Yakb0 1 points ago in boston

    You can live in the city limits of Boston, and need a zone 1 commuter rail pass, which is $200 month.

    [–] What's the worst movie you love? Yakb0 8 points ago in AskReddit

    The Adam West Batman movie.

    It has shark repellent bat spray.

    [–] Travel from Austin to PAX South Yakb0 1 points ago in PAX

    Just a note: I'll be flying out of San Antonio on Monday; so I only need a car for Friday morning. The fee for dropping off the car at a different location brings a one day rental cost up to $75-100.

    I could rent a car for 4 days, and use it for sightseeing, especially on Monday.

    [–] What sentence will trigger an entire fan base? Yakb0 2 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in AskReddit

    Octopus' Garden was the best song on Abbey Road; it shows the depths of Ringos songwriting abilities, and is one of the best examples of why the Beatles were so influential.