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    [–] The rare side of Bottas coming out during his trip to Australia Yeetirios 2069 points ago in formula1

    That Alfa contract must've come with a gram of some good stuff

    [–] Can someone tell me what mods/retextures are being used here and how to get them? Thanks. Yeetirios 97 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in GTAV

    [–] Samsung announces 55" Odyssey Arc Yeetirios 1 points ago in ultrawidemasterrace

    Alienware 34 with QD-OLED, HDR and 175Hz. Probably going to very popular for those looking for a 34in

    [–] A gift from my girlfriend’s dad. — He tried 😂 Yeetirios 108 points ago in formula1

    They have the Russian flag running down the entire car lol

    [–] Refund or Wait? Yeetirios 18 points ago in GTATrilogy

    Your money your choice really, but you could consider pirating it for a while to play until R* fixes up the game, and then just move onto the official copy. I personally refunded

    [–] Stuck at "Sender preparing item"? Yeetirios 1 points ago in royalmail

    It did actually come after a few weeks, however the tracking was not updated till it was delivered.

    [–] Guess I Live Here Now... Yeetirios 7 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Lidcombe… Mwave?

    [–] Logitech G512 carbon keyboard RGB not working in ‘N’ and ‘Enter’ key . Please help . Thankyou Yeetirios 2 points ago in LogitechG

    International warranty refers to being able to claim warranty regardless of where it was bought from and where you’re located. He would be able to claim warranty for the keyboard if he lived in the states, but I’m pretty sure plane tickets would outweigh the cost of the keyboard lol

    [–] Logitech G512 carbon keyboard RGB not working in ‘N’ and ‘Enter’ key . Please help . Thankyou Yeetirios 6 points ago in LogitechG

    Sadly doesn't look like you can do much anymore other than take the loss. This is a big reason as to why people avoid purchasing things from outside their regions, as very often warranty doesn't transfer over, even with big brands.

    [–] Just a picture of Valtteri with all his engines Yeetirios 6 points ago in formuladank

    Amount of critisism he recieves from arm chair racers who think they'd be able to handle a 1000hp 350kmh machine while simultaneously being teammates and the number 2 driver for the statistically best F1 driver to have existed, solely because they can play Assetto Corsa with racing lines turned off in their Logitech G29 without spinning out every 3 laps.

    [–] Sim racing equipment upgrade path Yeetirios 2 points ago in simracing

    Id say youre better off with triple 32inch monitors or a single 49inch ultrawide, but thats my 2 cents

    [–] Acension ! AW3821DW 😁 Yeetirios 2 points ago in ultrawidemasterrace

    Imagine HDR1000 on this thing with proper FALD. No brainer to buy, especially if it goes on sale as often as this one

    [–] Please help - TS100 or FX888D? Yeetirios 1 points ago in Tools

    Good idea, I'll ask around in some more subs. Thanks for the idea.