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    [–] What does "Enable Recursive Download Dialog" mean? YetAnotherFrreddy 1 points ago in qBittorrent

    No. Any file type can be downloaded with a torrent client - *.pdf, *.Epub, *.mp4 etc.

    While some people imprecisely use 'torrent file' to talk about any file downloaded using the bittorrent protocol, the actual torrent file is the file that has the metadata for a file to be downloaded by the client.

    [–] Trucks in nova lately YetAnotherFrreddy 4 points ago in nova

    The weather today in Northern Virginia was dry.

    [–] Interesting bit of history: YetAnotherFrreddy 21 points ago in sailing

    You can avoid difficulties crossing the line if the pollywogs are properly prepared,

    [–] What are the key things to look for when reading financial statements? YetAnotherFrreddy 5 points ago in investing

    In addition to the conventional stuff, make sure you read the notes. Carefully. Best place to find disclosure of incipient problems.

    [–] Watch repair? YetAnotherFrreddy 5 points ago in nova

    John Alabaster Watch & Clock in Vienna

    [–] Would I be breaking the law by releasing a piracy tool? YetAnotherFrreddy 4 points ago in Piracy

    That would be a question of Finnish copyright law. I strongly suspect no one posting here has any familiarity with it.

    [–] Fear of the Sea YetAnotherFrreddy 1 points ago in sailing

    No. Lots of respect for what the sea can do, but not fear. Try to channel your emotional response to something more productive.

    [–] The world's largest sailing ship YetAnotherFrreddy 45 points ago in EngineeringPorn

    Various modern shipping companies have played with the idea off and on for years. The bottom line is usually that the fuel savings isn't worth the cost of the sailing rig and the cost of its operation and maintenance.

    [–] New Zealand to ban military style weapons YetAnotherFrreddy 2 points ago in tuesday

    I thought it amusing, but at this point I'll forego this nonsense.

    [–] MGTOW story time YetAnotherFrreddy 10 points ago in MGTOW

    The only evidence that Ford and Kavanaugh were ever in the same place at the same time is Ford's testimony. I wouldn't bet much that there was any interaction between them.

    [–] Can i use goose down from a household duvet or pillow? YetAnotherFrreddy 2 points ago in myog

    Fill power is part of it. The down for a high quality jacket or sleeping bag might be 800 cubic inches per oz, which is way more expensive than needed for a bed cover in your house, and too compressible to make a good pillow.

    Re using household down into a new quilt is possible, but down does break down over time and may also be full of dust mites, mold and other nasties.

    [–] Right-Wing Extremism Linked to Every 2018 Extremist Murder in the U.S., ADL Finds YetAnotherFrreddy 5 points ago in JordanPeterson

    Unfortunately the ADL has moved far from its roots as an organization devoted to fighting antisemitism to one promoting bizarre Left wing propaganda like this.

    [–] Knives - short blade vs. long blade YetAnotherFrreddy 1 points ago in Woodcarving

    A short blade is generally easier to control.

    [–] Caroline Farrow to be interviewed by police for pronoun use in a tweet YetAnotherFrreddy 18 points ago in JordanPeterson

    The Brits have only an unwritten Constitution that does not contain anything analogous to the American First Amendment.