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    [–] Umberto Eco: "Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt" YetAnotherFrreddy 2 points ago in Digital_Manipulation

    This excerpt doesn't do justice to Eco's entire essay, which is unfortunately paywalled at the NYRB website. It is reprinted in his book Five Moral Pieces.

    [–] Holding strength of 1/4 inch bolts sunk 1 inch into framing. YetAnotherFrreddy 5 points ago in Carpentry

    Not a good idea. Go with a fastener with threads designed for wood, like a lag bolt or screws.

    [–] Whatever this is YetAnotherFrreddy 1 points ago in WTF

    A beetle, dubiously.

    [–] Stupid questions YetAnotherFrreddy 3 points ago in sailing

    Start small. Get a handle on the basics with a rented sunfish or something similar. Read a few books. What advice would you give a beginning shooter who wanted to make a repro stg 43 from scratch?

    [–] Looking at getting our first sailboat! It’s a 92’ schooner that my partner and I are looking to refit as a live aboard. It’s going to need roughly 2yrs of work before her first sail. How many people do you think are needed to sail her? More info in comments. YetAnotherFrreddy 6 points ago in sailing

    Don't do this. Your estimate of the costs and time required to make her seaworthy are based on what? Do you even know whether you like to sail long distances?

    This is kind of like buying a 40 year old, ten wheeled dump truck that doesn't run for your first car. An old 92' steel schooner is a very specialized boat, and very unlikely to be what you will be happy with.

    [–] “Misprision” and federal law on a military installation YetAnotherFrreddy 3 points ago in legaladvice

    Your friend should be concerned about getting charged under 18 USC 1001 for false statements, depending on what she said to the investigator. Her safest course of action would be to get a lawyer and go tell OSI the whole truth.

    [–] Child Protective Services was allegedly called on a manager by an underaged employees mother. USA PA YetAnotherFrreddy 5 points ago in legaladvice

    CPS type services are called Children & Youth Services in PA. They are concerned about children's well being, and can remove a kid from a dangerous situation on an emergency basis. They refer criminal behavior to law enforcement.

    Unless you or your manager hears from someone official, someone is probably just blowing smoke.

    Having said that, this is a heads up that any employee with supervisory duties need to have really clear understanding of the law around sexual harassment issues. It can have expensive civil consequences for the business. Get to the bottom of what happened here, and if the manager is a problem get rid of him stat.

    [–] Can you settle down while in the legion? YetAnotherFrreddy 9 points ago in FrenchForeignLegion

    I have no first-hand knowledge here, but I imagine that for the first few years it would be a matter of " Si la légion avait voulu que vous ayez une femme, elle vous en aurait donné une"

    [–] Did Soviet and Eastern bloc athletes have a hard time having to come back to their regimes after seeing the freedom and prosperity of any western country they visited for a sports event? YetAnotherFrreddy 5 points ago in coldwar

    I'm sure it did. Quite a few athletes (as well as musicians, dancers and other performing artists) defected, even though they generally were accompanied by a minder from their country's security service, and the resulting consequences for family left behind.

    [–] A collection of Buster Keaton's stunts from the Silent Era, 1920s YetAnotherFrreddy 7 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    An old timer once told me always to go for the ladder on the front end of the car. That way if you miss or fall off you are likely to bounce off to the side rather than wind up between the cars.

    [–] Advice request - "If you're going to do this damn stupid thing, don't do it in this damn stupid way" - Yes Minister YetAnotherFrreddy 2 points ago in MGTOW

    Tell him that the really valuable part of a prenup is that the process will make the couple face the possibility that things might not work out and give them a chance to sort out what happens then beforehand. If the relationship is good, negotiating a prenup will strengthen it.

    Talking your brother out of the marriage probably won't work.