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    [–] Testing Robustness - Boston Dynamics YonderMTN 1 points ago in videos

    Even being pulled backwards it kept it's feet under itself.

    [–] Ancient Japanese wisdom had me figured out from the start YonderMTN 1 points ago in funny

    Man...helping others is really close to taking that center space. Maybe social workers?

    [–] Flight of the Conchords - If You're Into It. One of the greatest love song duets. YonderMTN 2 points ago in videos

    I know what you're trying to say you're trying to say it's time for business it's business time. Oohhhhh!!!!!

    [–] Can't get more American than this. YonderMTN 6 points ago in videos

    I'm going to need some build specs on this. Pronto.

    [–] The helmet art of Olympic Skeleton athletes YonderMTN 2 points ago in pics

    My friend does this professionally for race car drivers. It's pretty damn amazing.

    [–] Gun Control. Mental Illness. Warning Signs. Mistakes Were Made. Thoughts and Prayers. Political Promises. Blame. Tears. YonderMTN 0 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Don’t make this 24/7 new coverage.

    How's that going to happen since we have multiple 24 hour news coverage stations fighting for ratings. THAT"S a big part of the problem.

    [–] Do I call a plumber or electrician? YonderMTN 1 points ago in funny

    Top floor of an apartment building? Snow on the roof? Sunny days where the snow melts? Going though that shit now.

    [–] Do I call a plumber or electrician? YonderMTN 3 points ago in funny

    Depending on which floor you live on, call a roofer.