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    [–] Who was Sam Elliot supposed to be? He only talked to the Dude and the bartender. YonderMTN 3 points ago in lebowski

    I'm going to say both. He doesn't really have any influence on the plot or the character development, just a third-party type observational role for narration purposes. It is an interesting concept :)

    [–] This is insane YonderMTN 151 points ago in videos

    This video is pleasant on mute.

    [–] Moving away from iPhoto YonderMTN 1 points ago in photography

    there is some kind of export in iPhoto or Photos or whatever they are calling in this year. Just export the highest quality you can and put then on an external or some cloud service until you're ready to jump onto another editing platform or what have you...

    [–] Who was Sam Elliot supposed to be? He only talked to the Dude and the bartender. YonderMTN 25 points ago in lebowski

    not a quote, I apologize...

    I think he works as a type of narrator/chorus figure for the film. Because while he's only in a few scenes, he knows about, and comments on lots of other happenings in the film (like donny having a heart attack). So, he's someone who sees the whole film like the audience, but is able to converse directly with characters too. It's pretty damn cool if you ask me.

    [–] You're welcome. YonderMTN 1 points ago in funny

    She didn't leave a puddle, you didn't do it right.

    [–] Trial Run YonderMTN 2 points ago in funny

    Looks like these two are ready for the opening scene of The Devil's Rejects :)

    [–] Official Question Thread! Ask /r/photography anything you want to know about photography or cameras! Don't be shy! Newbies welcome! YonderMTN 2 points ago in photography

    When you buy a mac, its going to last a long while. So, putting that front end cost into faster processors and ram (unless you can replace it yourself) is a good idea. IT will be faster for longer :)

    [–] It's happening! Solar Eclipse day Megathread! YonderMTN 1 points ago in photography

    is 35mm crop sensor wide enough to shoot without a solar filter? Any thoughts on settings? Thanks gang!

    [–] What Responsible Parenting Actually Looks like During Halloween YonderMTN -4 points ago in pics

    P.P.S. - Keep the strobe lights to a minimum if you can. Thanks.

    [–] Kesha - Spaceship YonderMTN 3 points ago in newgrass

    I just gave the album a once through....and it's pretty conceptual in terms of the musical styles she uses. Good drop thumb clawhammer playing regardless :)

    [–] But not the one it deserves.... YonderMTN 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals could happen. Everyone is pretty ramped up right now.

    [–] Band of Brothers - Liberation of Concentration Camp YonderMTN 52 points ago in videos

    "You're not a mistake you fat fucking prick. How about a human being.....are you one of those? Or are you going to tell me you never smelled the fucking stench."

    [–] Not in Japan or in another planet ,in Yemen only YonderMTN 1 points ago in WTF

    Reminds me of that one Lewis Black standup where he reads the newspaper of the two hillbillies who used a bullet as a fuse. I hope these idiots unloaded....

    [–] Mississippi Jake - "Chicago" YonderMTN 2 points ago in newgrass

    When you post the same video to 11 subs, that's reddit spam.