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    [–] Anne Hathaway at 18 YonderMTN 1 points ago in pics

    I give it a TEN! TEN! A fucking TEN!

    [–] What’s with the flapping? YonderMTN 0 points ago in videos

    Call the cops, THEN capture the erratic driving on video.

    [–] NSFW : Watch till the end! YonderMTN 3 points ago in WTF

    Wow that's a really big red onion looking thing.....FUCK TAHT STAHAP! click

    [–] Good riddance XXXTENTACION YonderMTN 8 points ago in pics

    You misspelled seconds.

    [–] Dadholes Day YonderMTN 27 points ago in videos

    This series is straight fucking gold.

    [–] With Monday approaching: FoMO meets dread YonderMTN 5 points ago in funny

    I like that Netflix shows watched extends past bedtime.

    [–] Why do so many festivals not let you bring a camer with a removable lens, but a fixed lens is okay? YonderMTN 1 points ago in photography

    Festivals are easy to get around. I’ve done it. It’s all about which gate you’re walking in and finding who caress about what. 99% of the people are worried about booze coming in, so cameras should be easy with a backpack and a distraction. Ever watch magicians pickpocket people? Run interference and walk in with your camera.

    [–] I put Frank in the duster. YonderMTN 2 points ago in IASIP

    South-Central PA obligatory upvote. Now take him to get some noodles downtown.... :)

    [–] Dog’s been driving for 3 years but it’s a first time for the cat... YonderMTN 4 points ago in funny

    A long time ago a friend of mine was taking her cat to the vet when it escaped the box/cat container. Apparently the cat was just front paws on the dashboard, standing upright, and screaming at traffic as she drove down the road as quickly as possible. She continued towards the vet as fast as possible and dealt with it when she parked the car....I wish I had been there to witness that madness first hand.

    [–] How I’ll be spending my Friday night YonderMTN 34 points ago in videos

    It's been a while since I've had a champagne-gatorade-egg-pepsi-picklejar cocktail.

    [–] Anne Hathaway in 2004 YonderMTN 4 points ago in pics

    I would disappoint her so hard. She's just too damn cute.

    [–] RIP Boss Hoss YonderMTN 1 points ago in IASIP


    [–] Homelessness has upgraded so much into the digital age. YonderMTN 64 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    If that man was really in need, that shit would have been pawned a long time ago.

    [–] Please give this a listen! Tyler Childers - White House Rd. [Bluegrass/Country] YonderMTN 2 points ago in Bluegrass

    Not sure what my name has to do with it, but why do you think Tyler is playing bluegrass? I know the lines are blurred these days, but come on now.....Whitehouse Road is a country tune.

    [–] So my girlfriend broke up with me (Good Inventions) YonderMTN 79 points ago in videos

    "So I bought a 3d printer to fix my 3d printer" sides.

    [–] Please give this a listen! Tyler Childers - White House Rd. [Bluegrass/Country] YonderMTN 15 points ago in Bluegrass

    Tyler Childers is a fantastic artist, soulful singer, and has a very great album out called Purgatory, but it is not bluegrass.