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    [–] 30 x 5mg vals, been so long since i had any benzos honna love these candys lol. YouAndWhatArmyx 1 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Fucking love these. I get 2 sheets of the exact same Roche a week and apparently double on break up week if you check my old post lol (pharmacy fucked up)

    [–] What’s your tolerance at? & What Benzo do you use? YouAndWhatArmyx 2 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Thank you very much. I hope to be an "as needed" user if I absolutely need them by the end of my taper. Thanks for wishing me luck, friend.

    [–] What’s your tolerance at? & What Benzo do you use? YouAndWhatArmyx 2 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Yes, I believe that this class of drugs will only work by increasing the dosage every couple months at most. I plan on tapering off and I've decreased from 40mg down to 35mg so far, so good. I'm just looking for something that'll make me feel okay, I hate that it's come to benzos.

    [–] What’s your tolerance at? & What Benzo do you use? YouAndWhatArmyx 3 points ago in benzodiazepines

    I'm very envious of you. That's really amazing that you've managed to keep your tolerance at baseline. If you read what I wrote below in a reply, you'd see that I'm at the tolerance level that you're trying to avoid :/ You will burn through your pills, just like I do... I have an emergency 20mg Valium that I'm worried I won't even be able to keep when this dose of 100mg Valium/1g Lyrica kicks in...

    [–] What’s your tolerance at? & What Benzo do you use? YouAndWhatArmyx 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in benzodiazepines

    Daily user checking in with personal experience of high tolerance.

    I'm gonna do my best to avoid any dick size comparisons for benzo in-take (I'd hate to glorify benzodiazepine/thienodiazepine usage) and just say my tolerance is at 40mg Valium currently even though I'm only prescribed 35mg because I've called in so many emergency refills over the last few months (severely addictive medication is an understatement), I now have to do daily pick ups. At least my pharmacist is awesome and delivers especially to me and makes sure I'm never a moment without medicine. (Waiting for them to arrive at 11:30am-12:30pm for a medicine I need at 6am, simply wasn't going to work and they allowed me to have a day and a half so I'm never anxiously waiting)

    With that said, I can stave off withdrawals with only 20mg Valium and even had to use Etizolam when I was desperate. I haven't tried using less than 20mg/day at my tolerance but it results in huge temper tantrums and I just get pissed off, serious agitation/aggression, suicidal, I cut myself, scream and put holes in the doors and walls. Basically everything except physically hurting someone else.

    My tolerance is so high that I can't even get relaxed and at a decent feeling off 100mg Valium/Diazepam if taken alone, so I'm literally typing this out as I wait for 1000mg Lyrica/pregabalin and 100mg Valium kicks in. The only thing that'd ensure this is a relaxing experience is a few beers, hell I'd even take shots. All this is prescribed and I'm just trying to live a comfortable life and keep others around me happy but obviously 100mg valium and 1g lyrica is quite far out of my prescription allowance (35mg Valium, 500mg Lyrica/day).

    [–] Sex goddess sends virgin to hospital YouAndWhatArmyx 8 points ago in thatHappened

    Plot twist - their username was written by a guy.

    [–] Lyrica? YouAndWhatArmyx 2 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Yeah I find it amazing for anxiety, personally. My doctor has me on 500mg/day for anxiety along with 35mg Valium. Ive found the Valium has lost most of its effectiveness (it basically just keeps me out of withdrawal) but the Lyrica is very helpful still.

    [–] There's SO many RC Z benzos out there. I need something long-lasting (but not TOO long) and is functional and anxiolytic YouAndWhatArmyx 2 points ago in benzodiazepines

    You can get RCs off the clear net, that's what most people do. There is a chance you'll get scammed, make sure they take PayPal I think is one of the rules. I really don't know much more about it other than you can just go online and buy Etizolam, legally.

    [–] When I have 0 upvotes but some kind stranger upvotes me so I’m at 1 upvote. YouAndWhatArmyx 13 points ago in raimimemes

    What? It had to be way longer because his scars are pretty much healed, if not completely... yeah this doesn't add up. What did Spider-Man do in all that time? Does Harry have equipment that can heal his face faster?

    [–] Let her go YouAndWhatArmyx 21 points ago in PrequelMemes

    I mean, that sounds fair to me but i dont know how well your previous 2 posts did lol first time Ive seen it but I'm from /r/all

    [–] I’m having a hard time with researching this but is it legal to buy Etizolam online from the USA and ship to Canada? YouAndWhatArmyx 1 points ago in benzodiazepines

    I'm Canadian and Etizolam is the only legal "benzo" you can get. It's technically a thienoodiazepine, not a scheduled benzodiazepine like other RCs like Diclazepam or something.

    [–] Anyone ever get the mint flavored Rivotril 2mg? YouAndWhatArmyx 2 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Yeah, I don't think he knew you were talking about sublingual tablets. Everything he said is true, in my experience too but they absolutely do make mint and other flavoured "oral disintegrating tablets". It's more common in the US. I live in Canada and I was prescribed Rivotril, brand name for free (my pharmacist is awesome) and after a month, I asked about ODT but my pharmacy couldn't find them anywhere apparently, and my doctor said she hasn't ever written a script for sublingual Rivotril. I'm on Valium now for my anxiety and just pop out 6, 5mg tablets as prescribed. I always toss back my Valium with 300-900mg Lyrica just for anxiety...

    I don't know, but I legit never get fucked up off my doses. Sometimes I feel like I need 900mg Lyrica with my Valium and it works great, other days I just need 300mg. Anyway, I'm rambling. I wouldn't be surprised if they are attempting to stop production of flavoured pills for safety and even less surprised if Canada did it first, though I know they're still around in America currently.

    [–] Stats on chems in presses? YouAndWhatArmyx 4 points ago in benzodiazepines

    It's straight Etizolam lol should have no taste or just chalky.

    [–] Oh!!! Please no more pics of Bars, Fuckin Hell. YouAndWhatArmyx 3 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Everyone wants "dem xanz bruh" it's annoying and they look like children. I had to explain to my private source that the legit Valium I have from Roche are better than his pressies and he still didn't want it. Even Roche-Valium has no demand here :c they're also in their original Valium box and blisters lol still no takers

    [–] calforna YouAndWhatArmyx 7 points ago in indianpeoplefacebook

    We know he meant "Angelina Jolie" but as a single word, you can't argue that Angela is spelt correctly here.

    [–] She's the cringiest YouAndWhatArmyx 4 points ago in dankmemes

    This has been in /r/all for a while and I'm pretty sure most of us are over 15-18.

    That being said, it's still creepy even if it's legal, in my opinion. She's technically legal here in Canada but I think it'd just be weird being with anyone that young to begin with unless you're also 16.

    [–] Mother had always said i would not be shit YouAndWhatArmyx 1 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Um... yeah you're barred out and posting shit lol I literally typed that "some of this thread is trashy" jokingly lol

    [–] Just prescribed diazepam/valium after experiencing my first panic attack a few weeks ago. Has anyone had success with being on it? Do you think it would be a good medication for me? YouAndWhatArmyx 2 points ago in benzodiazepines

    Yeah 20mg no tolerance is a huge dose. That's 2 of the largest size they make, god damn doctor lol my tolerance is huge and I'm taking 25mg today just to stabilize after a dumb 100mg binge. The binge doesn't even feel enjoyable anymore, I'm about done fucking with my huge Valium script. I normally take 20-50mg but I'm trying to control an addiction :/ 35mg script.

    [–] Mother had always said i would not be shit YouAndWhatArmyx 1 points ago in benzodiazepines

    This isn't /r/trashy go ahead and post over there. Only part of this sub is trashy lmao

    [–] Anyone else take gabapentin with benzos? YouAndWhatArmyx 6 points ago in benzodiazepines

    I take Pregabalin (Lyrica) with my Valium every day :)

    [–] YSK if someone expresses thoughts of suicide to you, ask how they would do it. YouAndWhatArmyx 6 points ago in YouShouldKnow

    Holy shit. I was hospitalized and there were no ambulances so they brought the police while I was in a panic attack, having an "episode". They were very kind and understanding, probably because they have had to deal with it before but I'm glad they didn't shoot me lol... also, being in Canada probably helps. I dial'd 911 on myself. American police seem god damn crazy.