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    [–] Mighty Lily! Anyone else have a 7000 might unit? You_Better_Smile 1 points ago in DragaliaLost

    Same. Phraeganoth Master is the first time I've missed out on getting a complete since playing at launch.

    [–] Namielle :o You_Better_Smile 115 points ago in MonsterHunter

    Remember Gobul? This is him now.

    [–] Me everyday playing rdr2 You_Better_Smile 13 points ago in gaming

    All God's creatures. Fresh off the grill. So come on down to Mr. Meaty where friends meet to eat... meat!

    [–] Daily Questions & FAQ Megathread (Aug 16) You_Better_Smile 1 points ago in ffxiv

    Should I spam Flare and Freeze for dpsing mobs at 72+ or stick with Fire II?

    [–] Last Day for super synergy on Ultimate Shiva You_Better_Smile 1 points ago in DissidiaFFOO

    Just need Beatrix and Kuja to max out, then that's pretty much everyone with their chests unlocked. Then I can just max out Zack and Vayne after the super synergy goes away since they're still synergy.

    [–] What on Earth will happen? You_Better_Smile 4 points ago in DragaliaLost

    We still don't know why future Zethia was stopping her brother from forming a pact.