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    [–] The Republican Party Officially Jumped The Shark: 1) their president just claimed to be the "second coming" of god; 2) their president just attacked ally Denmark for not putting Greenland up for sale; 3) their president just called millions of American Jews disloyal. // It will get worse from here. Younglovliness 1 points ago in The_Mueller

    I'm rolling yall really using fake news lmao.

    He never referred to himself as the second coming, he only stated that the pm of Denmark said nasty things over and that is a fact.

    And he said american Jews who support antisemitic actions by the "squad" are doing a disservice to themselves and to their history.

    Your fake news will only get worse, prove me fucking wrong; if you cant shut the fuck up!

    [–] The Thin Blue Line Younglovliness 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Right wing terrorism vs Republican

    I know this is hard to understand, but revisionist history relabeled what right wing meant, what is republican and what is right wing are two different things. Additionally they aren't cooperative, but fuck it logic is lost on you.

    Almost forgot to say; fuck yourself with a 2x4; your disgusting rhetoric is disgraceful

    [–] The Thin Blue Line Younglovliness 0 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Republican terrorism

    No such thing.

    "is like ISIS trying to argue"

    Again no such thing, there is a difference between an article with shit fucking sources and my DHS sourced gov. info in front of me. Please tell me more dumbass.

    "don't care what a terrorist like yourself uses to justify his motives"

    First off, not only are you projecting; your a complete fucking idiot. A disgusting one at that, please go ahead and cry in your antifa clique about how your a terrorist group.

    You can keep your echoe chamber lies to yourself

    [–] The Thin Blue Line Younglovliness 0 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    "On US soil" interesting thing to OMIT; additionally its patently false and slate's fake news bullshit isn't exactly a good source.

    [–] Shoutout to antifa Younglovliness 1 points ago in MURICA

    Antifa = terrorism

    [–] Shoutout to antifa Younglovliness 1 points ago in MURICA

    Antifa = terrorism

    [–] The Thin Blue Line Younglovliness 0 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Hmm totally false, but ok. Guess it's fine to lie these days

    [–] "Antifa" is not anti-fascist and has nothing to do with anarchy or libertarianism Younglovliness 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Libertarian

    You can say a whole lot and still be full of fucking shit. I went through your points, I love how you thinly used neo-facist philosophy to justify your ridiculous and highly dangerous beliefs.

    Yet you've associated the atomic family, working class, and religious persons in your lump of strawman points. Speaking of straws, your grasping at so many it's roughly the same as gaslight bullshitting.

    In the effort to suppress your bullshit, and put out the truth I'd like to take time out of my busy day to list why your full of shit; and then personally also insult you many many times.

    Violence to include Islamic terrorist are lumped in with violence for ethnic supremacists reasoning.

    We can safely establish that when an ideology is shrinking the most extreme lash out, which is to say Donald Trump is successfully fighting against extremist ideology. And there's your logic regurgitating in your face.

    Now let's talk about DHS, I so kindly have the privilege of working closely with DHS. The DHS facilities are overrun with criminals, they are not luxury, they are not filled with migrants running from some abhorrant country, they are filled with economical migrants and criminals. 70% of all kids coming through the border are trafficked, rape is at an all time high. DHS is underfunded, understaffed; and yet has a remarkable success rate. Prisons which have had over 8300 prison related deaths; compared to dhs which has had roughly 26, over half of which from conditions prior to entering the facility. That facility is known as a temporary holding facility, meant only to temporarily house people for a maximum of two weeks. The only people getting sent there have due process in court orders; despite being criminals. There has only been one case of an american citizen getting detained and in that regard its hilarious how they had parents who willfully violated immigration and forged legal documents which caused the complicated mess.

    DHS needs more money, and larger facilities. Both solve the issues, DHS is hoping these people dont come in because they will be sent back, if they where so bad it's negligible even if they were a hundred times worse ( DHS treats immigrants better then they treat their coworkers ). Because people voluntarily come to this nation, the only people who are innocent; are the children who get trafficked by the cartels and economical migrants, as well as the propaganda that is spewed by mexico regarding entrance into the united states. A country has the sovereign right to defend and protect it's nations interests, the USA is very soft on immigration. But that's not shocking, the country is split on open borders insanity and lawful walls.

    The democrats strategy goes; restrict funding until conditions worsen so you can photo opportunities your way in. Republicans are doing the right thing in helping these people out. Even providing no cost deportation on luxury airliners. And that's only 40% of the issue.

    3 days, that's how long the law states they give no more then 5 workers to possess thousands of children. Could you imagine if children where not going with their parents? Shockingly you cant because you have no idea the difficulty associated with processing that much paperwork in such a short period of time. Even working round the clock. Also the only person that cleans the facility is ICE, migrants throw trash and shit everywhere knowing there are no consequences. There is no solitary confinement or extended restriction, and they know it.

    Nationalism, patriotism; that's the hallmark of American culture. Calling it ultra nationalism doesn't change its meaning. To be patriotic is important to every country in the world, it's what drives every industry, every innovation, and every cultural advancement. It is the absence or patriotism that results in uprisings; it means total distrust in your government, and it's a sign of a failing country. To promote patriotism is to promote the preservation of the union, and the nation; something anarchist communist dont want.

    Let's go over your insane projections:

    "ANTI-MARXISM" what your really saying: "If you don't support marxists communism your a nazi!"

    Thank fuck america doesn't support marxists communism, only an sandblasted idiot would support a failed many countries must fail before you give up on your idiocracy.

    "Opposition to Social welfare"

    Geewizz I forgot when conservatives where against this, it's such a broad statement because it's pure fud. No party is against social welfare, by definition. What your instead trying to refer to asinine dysfunctional policy like the green new deal and trying to associate it with the innocent phrase "social welfare". Projection? Bingo.

    "Opposition of Liberal Democracy"

    I love these points because they show your totalitarian beliefs, disapprove of my parts rise to power or die. Mein Socilist comrades right? Right? You have to put liberal in there because we all know after Trump won you where so against Democracy you where ready to seize the means of production. Hillary-ous.

    "State media"

    There is no regulations opposing fake or adultered news. And influence is power. Funny how suddenly you defend billion dollar conglomerates. Guess old commie was a hypocrite.


    Remember when freedom of religion was set in place by a christian to protect people from prosecution based on their religion. Funny, that was made to protect America from insane totalitarians like yourself.

    "Opposition of Equality"

    No one opposes equality except you, you dont treat people equally and that's apparant.


    AlL cOnSeRVatIvEs ArE nAzI'S

    "Conservatives are grouchy old white men asking women to make sandwiches" hmm, I see you haven't left Soviet communist Russia in a while; strange.

    "Rejection of contraceptives"

    Where did you pull this out of? Even you can't be THAT dumb. Rejection of abortion, very much for contraceptives. The fuck?

    "Collective bargaining" Funny word for seizing the means of production; demand better wages from employers. No one is stopping you, and it's nearly impossible to legally fire you.

    How is this related to nazi's? Same way how you justify hating jewish people.

    "Strong military" Thank fuck we have one.

    Your whole bit on white people is thinly veiled racism, and promoting the views of less then .001% of people. During the period of Nazi germany people where segregated and intolerant views stemmed from that. Luckily conservatives bit that in the butt and 3 generations removed we have all but stomped out intolerance. Sadly we have a few pesky racist like you to deal with.

    "Opposition of homosexuality"

    Even during the worst regime in the world, last time I checked homosexual conservatives for Trump was a pretty large movement. Pretty sure the republican party has very little gripes with the Lgb community. The only issue is the T, and that's not even related to sexuality.

    By your ridiculousness, we can appropriate that nazi ideology is found in ALL MAJOR PARTIES. Because it is, by your definition. Only missing the whole socilist part.

    Donald Trump had a radacal idea, Make America Great Again; an idea that America so lovingly should be Number one in the world. It should dominate in every field.

    To make America the pillar of excellence, something you hate. If only because you hate America. You hate what that flag stands for, and you hate those that died for it.

    Your a misguided youth, who took a dip off the pillars of eternity. Your hate and intolerance, are exactly what OP was referring to.

    You are a racist fascist totalitarian commie, and everyone should know it.

    You lie, gaslight, and project. Your a dangerous idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

    [–] The Thin Blue Line Younglovliness -31 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Deranged left at it again hurr durr wascist wahhh

    [–] Shoutout to antifa Younglovliness 35 points ago in MURICA

    Facts though