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    [–] Ladies, never touch a man's d*** when it's all the way soft! Z0di 3 points ago in videos

    Mr Satan doesn't need tricks or special effects to be on their level.

    [–] Georgia jury awards $1 billion after guard rapes teen Z0di 104 points ago in news

    A business can just rebrand itself.

    It can dissolve and create a new company with the same workers. It will be a huge hassle in legal paperwork but it's entirely possible.

    corporations should not have the same rights as people.

    [–] 😐typo Z0di 0 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    why can't people try to help OP?

    why do you care that people are trying to help OP?

    [–] Anyone know what's going on with the old San Jose Athletic Club? Z0di 0 points ago in SanJose

    Which one?

    There's like 10 different athletic clubs in san jose

    [–] Bay Area Bombarded With More Robocalls Z0di 1 points ago in SanJose

    I got two spanish robocalls.

    I don't speak spanish, never have.

    [–] A "ghost" to race against would be really useful for getting up and getting ready for work. Z0di 5 points ago in Showerthoughts

    nah, it would completely be useless because the one time I'm rushing, and end up leaving within 5 mins, means I don't get to take my time to do my morning routine.

    [–] Here’s a Where’s Waldo I think you’ll all enjoy! Z0di 12 points ago in gaming

    But we do. Bart was the evil twin. He murdered Hugo.

    [–] Here’s a Where’s Waldo I think you’ll all enjoy! Z0di 1 points ago in gaming

    Waldo was the european explorer visiting america, whereas Wallace, or Wally as we know him, was an american explorer.

    [–] Any guess who the strangler was ? Z0di 1 points ago in DunderMifflin

    The Strangler began his spree before Season 6. The Scranton Strangler is first mentioned makes in Season Six. In the same season many remarks and comments are made about him.

    [–] Proof BerenstEIn Bears existed Z0di 0 points ago in pics

    Everyone remembers shazaam.

    no one remembers kazaam.

    [–] When is it a good time to "move on" from Chief? Z0di 2 points ago in halo

    Why are there so many people asking if we should get rid of chief on /r/halo today?

    [–] Cable has lost 3.4 million TV customers since 2012. Z0di 0 points ago in television

    That's why you should stay away from hulu to avoid helping it grow.

    [–] When is it a good time to "move on" from Chief? Z0di 2 points ago in halo

    Chief is integral to the Halo series.

    [–] Reports of shots fired at Santa Fe High School Z0di 21 points ago in news

    Yeah because for my entire life, the weatherman has been wrong /s

    Just because we can't actually predict the weather doesn't mean we can't make fantastic estimations.