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    [–] Man removes feds’ spy cam, they demand it back, he refuses and sues Z0di 2 points ago in technology

    I actually am making a "vase" that has a 'drainage hole'.

    it's not a bong though...

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di -22 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in news

    Sorry, why did you quote that to me?

    Are we going to get into a discussion about the 2nd amendment, which will end up with me being brigaded by gun nuts who refuse to understand that a well regulated militia is very different from jimbob's buddy's from down the street?

    Edit: /u/richalex2010

    You don't seem to understand that, if we take your reading of the second amendment that it exclusively protects the rights of militia members, then all men of fighting age have an explicit right to own military weapons. It is exactly jimbob's buddy from down the street as long as he is between the ages of 16 and 46 and is, or has made a declaration of intention to become, a citizen of the US.

    Except no, that's not what it says. A militia is not "any group of citizens.". A well-regulated militia is not "any group of men above the age of 18".

    Furthermore, the right to bear arms is not the right to own every firearm. It's the right to intimidate with firearms.

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di -5 points ago in news

    You can see how that is exactly what his point was then, right? He used the analogy to Hillary to help you understand his position, not as some argumentative technique. If anything it's easier to understand his point with that metaphor: the NRA is to gun rights as Hillary Clinton is to Democrats - > "not perfect, but the best option we've got right now."

    Sorry, who is the NRA's trump then?

    Look, I'm not trying to tell you what to do or what to say but you're really doing a bad job here. The guy leads off with saying we've devolved into an 'us vs them' polarized world and seems open-minded enough to change his view potentially and you close with "you're on the wrong side of history". Not the way to win over anyone that isn't already on your side...

    You're trying to approach this as if I'm trying to convince someone that they're wrong. I'm not. I'm flatly telling someone they're wrong and moving on. There's no point in arguing over who's right or wrong when one side completely rejects factual evidence and scientific data.

    [–] Old man thinks that an Uber ate a driver without realizing that Uber Eats is a service. Z0di 2 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    I'm starting to understand why they don't question the absurdity of the situation before thinking about it....

    The past two years in the US, the news cycle has been absurdity after absurdity. (regardless of political leanings, you can admit that news seems more satirical these days)

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di -15 points ago in news

    That's because they haven't found a way to justify having a hand grenade.

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di -12 points ago in news

    You're doing an exceptionally bad job of fighting the OP's post. His point boils down to "The NRA is the best option for a pro-gun citizen to take their cues from and donate to; not because they're perfect, but because they're prolific and powerful".

    That's not what I took from it.

    Your counter-point is "The NRA doesn't care about gun safety, Hillary isn't a politician anymore, you're a conspiracy theorist".

    Actually, my counterpoint was that although the NRA is popular, it's not something that every gun owner believes in. They may be the loudest group, but it's not representative of gun owners.

    For some reason, people love bringing up clinton in irrelevant conversations. This is one of them.

    Stay on message and maybe you could change someone's mind, but as it stands he's not wrong: it appears an organization he cares about is under attack and joining might be his best option to keep rights he cares about safe.

    If he truly cares about the organization, he can go fight for them, but he should know that he's on the wrong side of history.

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di 12 points ago in news

    So, you bold a section of a sentence to give it more weight and emphasis, while ignoring the last half of it?

    [A]lthough the language does not expressly prohibit research on gun violence, the amendment combined with the dearth of funding for such research has caused a de facto ban.

    There, I fixed your emphasis.

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di 2 points ago in news

    just like how the middle east uses "death to _____" but doesn't actually want to kill the thing they're talking about. only figuratively.

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di -20 points ago in news

    These are polarized times and we're divided into prison gangs.

    That's politics, and the 2 party system coming to fruition. There's a reason why Washington said that he hated political parties, and we're seeing why right now.

    Progunners don't support the NRA because they're smart or right about everything.

    What? They don't support the NRA because the NRA doesn't give a shit about gun safety. Most people know that the NRA is a lobbying group for gun manufacturers.

    Democrats didn't vote for Hillary because they loved Hillary. They voted for her because she was the best choice available.

    Why are you bringing up hillary? not only is she completely irrelevant, but she's not even a politician anymore.

    NRA is progun and is the biggest progun organization. This does not mean that you cannot also support other pro 2A groups.

    Again, what? This post is specifically about the NRA, not about pro-gun groups in general.

    But let's be brutally honest. You don't care about these other groups, because you never hear about them. They don't have as much juice.

    Or maybe they advocate gun safety, so people don't get upset with them?

    You're falling down that slippery slope of "GUBMENT GONNA TAKE MY GUNS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!" conspiracy.

    [–] 'Kill the NRA' message appears on billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville Z0di -38 points ago in news

    voting members who are pretty consistent in terms of reacting to threats to their Second Amendment rights.

    lol, the right to bear arms (in a well regulated militia) is not the right to own every firearm under the sun.

    [–] Seth Rogen's Gravity bong Z0di 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    it looks like he swallowed the smoke, barely anything came out.

    [–] Tony Hawk skating with his daughter Z0di -6 points ago in aww

    God DAMN he looks old.

    Like, I knew he was old, but it's finally showing. Back when he was on Jackass he was basically already retired.

    [–] Shooting at South Florida high school Z0di 5 points ago in news

    Scared of being on TV where she would then be targeted? yeah that makes sense. Maybe she should go pick up her kid and go to therapy if it's that scarring.

    [–] Save on theater concession items with gift cards! Z0di 2 points ago in moviepass

    save more money by going to a fast food joint before the movie and put the food in your jacket or purse.

    [–] All Ralph Dibny plots these days... Z0di 1 points ago in FlashTV

    man I really hope davoe doesn't absorb dibny... also, why the fuck doesn't the flash just run back 1 min in time?

    [–] Awesome kid blizzard camping Z0di 2 points ago in CampingandHiking

    He was only out there for the one night.. and it was close enough to his house that he could run back inside to get stuff.

    [–] Things Reddit Always Criticizes Starterpack Z0di 41 points ago in starterpacks

    the brogressives are libertarians.

    Some are racist, but most simply just hate taxes and don't understand how society works.