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    [–] oh yeah![OC] Zainmation 1 points ago in gaming

    i drew this and took about 1hour

    [–] oh yeah![OC] Zainmation 27 points ago in gaming

    thats literally what inspired me to draw this

    [–] oh yeah![OC] Zainmation 218 points ago in gaming

    you get a free space ship

    [–] oh yeah![OC] Zainmation 15 points ago in gaming

    you saw my other post?

    [–] oh yeah![OC] Zainmation 20 points ago in gaming

    when you are alone and have no task to do, you have enough time to "decorate" the ship

    [–] ooopps[OC] Zainmation 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in AmongUs


    [–] Think about him as well Zainmation 3 points ago in AmongUs

    i love how my name is cropped out, thanks for notifying me

    [–] proud parent Zainmation 22 points ago in wholesomememes

    he stabbed him twice, that little psychopath,

    jk it looked more dramatic this way

    [–] Mlep! Zainmation 1 points ago in gaming

    its my oc, whats ttyd?

    [–] Love On The Skeld - Animation Zainmation 1 points ago in AmongUs

    what program are you using to animate?

    [–] little dude ain't no snitch [OC] Zainmation 4 points ago in gaming

    at first i wanted him to look scared but then thought you cant look through his helmet

    [–] always late[OC] Zainmation 1 points ago in gaming

    happy birthday!

    [–] always late[OC] Zainmation 2 points ago in gaming

    on pc its about 20bucks

    [–] always late[OC] Zainmation 75 points ago in gaming

    i wanted to apologise for some mistakes, should have triple checked it, English isn't my fist language and i am new to drawing

    [–] always late[OC] Zainmation 1086 points ago in gaming

    decided to add grass later and forgot to paint over the last one, im still new to this....