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    [–] "Memphis Megahertz and the Kansas City Fractal: メンフィスメガヘルツとカンザスシティフラクタル" is a Cyberpunk-Vaporwave influenced coffee table style book. It follows the nostalgic thoughts of two computer systems on a drive across a Virtual American Empire. Also serves as a "Book on Mixtape." ZappedMinionHorde 1 points ago in u_robness

    Times had been tough for the entire family. Throughout the war, the rations were decreasing ever so much, to the point of one meal a day at most. There were four in the family; formerly 6, until Grandpa and Grandma passed away a year ago. Though those losses were sad, it was perhaps for the best considering the hellscape that the family was now in. However, trying to explain it to the kids, the youngest being 3-year old Johny, was near impossible. They couldn't seem to grasp why they were eating so little and growing so thin.

    On one fateful night, however, Johny was extremely hungry. He had chosen to sneak into the kitchen to grab whatever he could. He knew his papa would be mad if he found out, but he no longer was able to care. As he tip-toed into the kitchen, trying his best to cause no disruption, he searched the drawers until he found one of the only morsels of food left in the house: sugar. He had grabbed a handful, but to his dismay and his worst nightmare, he heard footsteps. There was no point in trying to run. He knew he was in trouble.

    Papa soon came out of the hallway, exclaiming "Johny, Johny?" The child then responded in as innocent of a manner as his brain could process, "Yes Papa," hoping he had covered his tracks enough by the time Papa had found him. He was able to put away the bowl of sugar in time, however some remained on his tongue, seemingly unable to dissolve. His father sighed, already knowing the truth, but he felt the need to ask anyway. "Eating Sugar?" he said in his calmest voice. It was four-o-clock in the morning, after all. Johny already knew it was too late. He tried to recover as much of his pride as he could, and responded with a firm "No, Papa." Papa, of course, knew that Johny was lying. He knew that he would have to brand Johny again, as unfortunately that was his only method of getting Johny to stop. "Telling lies?!" Papa exclaimed, whilst trying not to wake the rest of the family. He felt that he could turn this into a teaching moment. Perhaps he could teach Johny to no longer lie. "N-n-no, Papa.." the child muttered. Johny knew the punishment. "Open your mouth," Father exclaimed. Johny did, and tried to laugh to lighten the mood. Papa then said, "Well, Johny. You know I don't like to do this, but it's the only way you'll ever learn. Once times get better, I can promise you that you may have as much sugar as you please." Hesitantly, as he knew he had to, Papa pulled out the branding iron. Sobs came from both sides as the iron heated, until it was stamped deep into Johny's skin. The young toddler exclaimed, with tears in his eyes and a flushed, red face, "When will the war end, Papa?"

    Papa had no response.

    [–] Point of Use Drinking Water Station WAE SPR 2312 with built in tank insulation that reduces electricity wastage. Fitted with an LED display for hot & cold temperature and additional drip tray for auto-drain. ZappedMinionHorde 14 points ago in u_WAE_Corp

    Jonathan , I repeat Jonathan

    Yes father? What do you call my attention for?

    Have you been consuming the sugar in secrecy while not under my supervision?

    You are under the pretense that I have father, however that is not the case.

    You would dare fabricate this falsity that you have not consumed the sugar? To your own father?

    I must repeat father, these claims are most untrue.

    If this is indeed untrue, please present your oral cavity Jonathan.

    Ha ha ha

    [–] Transform the desk you have into the one you want with the freshest award winning gaming products on the market ZappedMinionHorde 1 points ago in u_MionixGaming

    It, of course, offered no response. Cold and quiet, the grave marker memorialized the day that Johnny's innocent, happy disposition ceased to brighten the halls of the man's home.

    The man clenched his fists, trying in vain to stifle the tidal wave of grief that threatened to erupt. "Telling lies?" he whispered through tears.

    The grave marker said nothing. "Jonathan Smith, 1999-2005" was the only reply it could offer, and only if one chose to read it.

    The man had no idea that he could become so angry, and he had no idea that little boys could be so... so frail. He didn't comprehend that he was hurting his son till after his hands released their grip around Johnny's throat, till he heard his wife screaming...

    "All over a bag of sugar?" the arresting officer had asked. He was a young man with a crew cut, no older than the man's nephew, maybe even a rookie cop, trying to make sense of the tragedy. The man had offered no reply. He could only watch in stunned silence as the paramedics loaded his son's lifeless body into the ambulance...

    But now the man realized it wasn't just about sugar. No, it was about him. He should have seen the warning signs. He had stopped going to AA, ignoring the phone calls from his sponsor. He had started drinking again, because of course he had, he always came back to the bottle. No matter how much the liquor destroyed his life, no matter how hard he fought for sobriety, he could still hear its silent siren's call, and he could resist it, for a time. Only for a time.

    So the bottle had found him again, just like it had found him on the day he snuck into his pappys liquor cabinet when he was twelve. And as the man lost himself in the devil's drink, he could only watch helplessly as the relationships he worked so hard to build in sobriety crumbled. The light slowly but surely went out of his life, and, true to form, the Bad Thoughts returned.

    It was during one such spell of drinking and Bad Thoughts that the man found Johnny, his son, his only son, sneaking away from the pantry with a mouth full of sugar.

    The grave marker stood as a silent witness to these quiet revelations.

    The man thought back to the final words he had spoken to his son. "Open your mouth," he whispered to the grave marker. He checked his watch--it had been three hours since he took two bottles of Tylenol. He was past the point of no return. Even if he were rushed to the hospital this very moment, there was nothing the doctors could do. It would be a painful death, and slow. But perhaps this was the best way to atone for his crime.

    No longer fighting back tears, the man now struggled to hold back a fit of maniacal laughter. "Ha, ha, haaaa," he whispered. He lay down before the grave marker. He was beginning to feel nauseous and achy. The Tylenol was making short work of his already fragile liver. Soon he would spike a fever and begin bleeding. It would not be long now.

    I'm coming to see you, Johnny.

    I'm coming to see you soon.

    [–] Wasp kills man ZappedMinionHorde 8 points ago in WaspHating

    F for our fallen comrade.

    [–] Your own retail business ZappedMinionHorde 3 points ago in gameideas

    While not exactly featuring brothers, I think Reccetear fits the description quite nicely.

    [–] Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 54 ZappedMinionHorde 3 points ago in HFY

    Things are looking good for the rebels. Too good even one might say. Sounds like some major setbacks incoming.

    [–] Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 53 ZappedMinionHorde 5 points ago in HFY

    Holy shit. They literally jumped across space to board a ship. That too after just launching a boarding action ship-via-ship-ship.

    Tek and his ideas too OP. Nerf incoming.

    [–] Is this a breadcrumb? ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in ExNoContact

    I'm sorry I don't get the terminology, but what is a nex?

    [–] Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 52 ZappedMinionHorde 4 points ago in HFY

    I really liked the character of Devin, however his ending was as proper as a rebel away from home could hope for.

    From the feeling of impotency he felt when he was first introduced to finally feeling that his efforts for the rebellion were finally taking fruit his arc was pretty well fleshed out for a supporting character.

    [–] Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 51 ZappedMinionHorde 5 points ago in HFY

    Finally caught up with this series again. Fast-paced and suspenseful as always.

    Why do I feel like Tek is going to unleash his horde of planetless on the Proggie ship like a zerg rush.

    [–] Ancient Danger ZappedMinionHorde 10 points ago in RimWorld

    You can set up a mine against a wall and shoot it to make it explode.

    [–] The one line that ruined an entire band for me ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in PointlessStories

    I feel like that is something that happens to everyone who is heavily into that not-like-other-people phase everyone goes through when they are young.

    Soon we realise that we are just holding onto little things just to stand out and that being edgy just for the sake of it is no longer as fun as it used to be. :)

    [–] Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 33 ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in HFY

    Amazing ending as usual. Nice work.

    Do you have all the parts written beforehand or do you write them daily?

    Anyways, waiting for the next part.

    [–] Prison Labor Mod ZappedMinionHorde 1 points ago in RimWorld

    I don't know if you have done this , but you'll need it to assign a labour area for prisoner, like animal areas. It can be done from zones/areas tab.

    It should be usually connected to prisoner's living area.

    Also using the locks mod to keep unlocked the prisoner cell doors and only keep the outer doors of the prison area locked.

    [–] Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 32 ZappedMinionHorde 3 points ago in HFY

    Nice. Finally some more reveal on the nature of threat faced by humanity.

    [–] Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 30 ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in HFY

    Amazing as usual. I wonder if Tek will get a cool new nickname since he walked in space. Like Skywalker or Nightsailor. Anyways, more plz.