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    [–] V. K. Krishna Menon: Thug Life ZappedMinionHorde 1 points ago in india

    Don't​ know if /s, but what he means that any arms supplied would eventually fall into the wrong hands afaik

    [–] House of Cards feat Alok Nath and Biswa Kalyan Rath - Netflix Ad [np] ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in india

    I don't know about the rest, but as for point B, it's because the video is meant as a recap to bring us upto the events for the next season.

    [–] [Idea] Witch Doctors ZappedMinionHorde 7 points ago in ClashRoyale

    Why not? It's kind of similar to the Baby Dragon's enraged effect when it's alone in COC.

    [–] VICTORIA & ABDUL - Official Trailer - Starring Judi Dench, Ali Fazal ZappedMinionHorde 1 points ago in india

    What do you mean by nutjob? I agree with the rest of your post, but I don't see the point you mentioned in the wiki entry.

    [–] The letter I received at work ZappedMinionHorde 36 points ago in nosleep

    If I understand correctly, first the daughter died by falling and then gramps, overcomed by grief, snapped.

    He then tried to superglue the eyes onto the baby and when the baby scream and tried to get away, killed it. That's why the prison and psych Hospital.

    Feel free to correct me if I am wrong though.

    [–] It's Mother's Day in the US. My mom is mentally ill, naturally I'm drinking. AMA. ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in casualiama

    Well I know this doesn't mean much from a random internet stranger, but I hope you have a happy future. :)

    Also would you rather fight a StevenSeagal-sized seagulls or a 100 seagull-sized StevenSeagals?

    [–] You know what's better than getting a hog rider in the draft challenge? Getting TWO hog riders. ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in ClashRoyale

    Okay yes thanks. I had just used the search for duplicates. Now that you mention it, yes the New is littered with it.

    Thanks for pointing it out though. I was just excited I guess.

    [–] You know what's better than getting a hog rider in the draft challenge? Getting TWO hog riders. ZappedMinionHorde 1 points ago in ClashRoyale

    Huh? I used the search on the mobile app and didn't find anything similar. I just wanted to share this as it seemed cool, what with this being the Hog challenge.

    Anyways, sorry if I wasted your time. Have a nice day :)

    [–] Anyone else having as much trouble watching the show as Clay is listening to the tapes? ZappedMinionHorde 1 points ago in 13ReasonsWhy

    I was able to binge watch it, but some of the scenes hit hard and close. Clay was quite relatable, but that scene where he goes to the ball game and was holding the ball was pretty much unwatchable to me as it triggered my anxiety like so much.

    [–] Thoughts about Tony ZappedMinionHorde 4 points ago in 13ReasonsWhy

    Then he tells Clay that he got the tapes from Hannah, but how? Does she send them directly to him when she goes to the post office?

    IIRC Tony explicitly tells Clay that Hannah came to deliver the tapes to his house and left them at his doorstep but he didnt wan't to deal with her drama and when he finally opened it he rushed to her house to find her dead. I think it was in the episode where he takes Clay rock-climbing.

    And why is Tony the recipient? Why him?

    Well, Tony rationalized it as saying as he was the only guy in the school who "hadn't stared at her tits and ass" according to Hannah, she trusted him and looked to him as a friend.

    Might be wrong tho. Hope this helps. :)

    [–] Am I doomed? ZappedMinionHorde 5 points ago in india

    Honestly, TCS interview is a joke. Most of the questions are basic and the job is not any better. All they want are code monkeys who can type and most of the employees there barely have any coding skills. Would not recommend to someone who actually loves coding. Also forget good pay, freshers will start at 2.5LPA.

    [–] Am I doomed? ZappedMinionHorde 3 points ago in india

    Get started on some projects and start maintaining your GitHub profile. Start developing some marketable skills. Look into Angular JS if you are into web developing.

    [–] DayZ has been in Early Access Alpha for 1232 days with negative reviews and no end in sight. ZappedMinionHorde 44 points ago in gaming

    If you haven't tried Rimworld yet, please do. One of the best EA imo. Very polished and has pretty good Dev interaction.

    [–] [Ask] Floating around 4k, need help building a deck ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in CompetitiveCR

    Your deck leaves you completely dependent on the RG for damaging their tower as most of your other cards look like they are used for cycling or for defense.

    A good deck should always have atleast 2 main damage dealers, so try incorporating a hog in there. My suggestion would be replacing that fireball as 3 spells seem overkill. Also you can keep cycling between RG and Hog and get them while between their defensive cycles.

    [–] Clean Energy Isn't Just the Future—It's the Present ZappedMinionHorde 18 points ago in Futurology

    Averages can be deceiving, median is a more appropriate metric for such comparisons.

    [–] [Story] My first attempt at a Business Project: What to do and not to do ZappedMinionHorde 2 points ago in GetMotivated

    Nice job buddy. Couldn't find any link to qupa so dunno how good that is. Anyways just curious, if you have sold it, why are you still working on it?