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    [–] What's the most ridiculous thing you fantasize about on a semi-regular basis? Zebroomafoo 1 points ago in AskReddit

    You could see if the city would be open to doing a fundraiser for your charity, you could do other interactive events around the city and end with you riding the cow.

    Or you could try going in the middle of the night. Either way, you need to do this.

    [–] My Grandpa and his identical twin brother probably late 1950s Zebroomafoo 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    As punchwoodslife said, you get all body types, but there is a typical farm bod. Especially before the advances of modern equipment, farming usually meant moving a lot of heavy stuff all day. Especially if livestock is involved, keeping them fed and their pens/fences/gates in working repair can be a ton of work. Because these aren't targeted exercises, you get a body that is overall very strong but doesn't look like a gym bro. These days, farmers still move heavy stuff all day, but tractors and other equipment helps with most of it.

    [–] I JUST FINISHED MY FIRST FULL DAY AS A MAILMAN, AMA! Zebroomafoo 3 points ago in AMA

    Good, there's no way I'd be hustling in the cold with no OT haha

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Zebroomafoo 1168 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Next time, tell your friend to cut it out before she has to

    [–] I asked my cousin if he liked the book I lent him Zebroomafoo 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    Yo OP, if you send me the text from this, I will go through and highlight and correct every grammatical error he made. I stopped counting after the first paragraph. Then I'll send it back to you and you can send it to him for lols

    [–] 1986 coke can found in ceiling Zebroomafoo 5 points ago in pics

    There is toxic shit all around us in our environment, and not everyone has cancer

    [–] eMom wants me to return home, so I can be the target of abuse again & not her. Zebroomafoo 43 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    You sound like a super resilient badass. I hope you are proud of your ability to keep yourself safe and sane. I hope your mother figures out a safe move to make, but knowing it isn't your responsibility is incredible and I hope life just keeps getting better and better for you.

    [–] I hate feeling like my life is a repair job Zebroomafoo 2 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    I had never connected my ability to read people to having been raised with narcs, but it makes so much sense. I remember feeling distinctly that I couldn't read people as a young person - I could never read between the lines of a conversation or tell what that small eyebrow twitch meant. Now, it's like reading a book. If I'm engaged in conversation with someone, I feel like I know what they're thinking. I've tested this with friends and strangers at my work, I'm usually right.

    [–] Iowa 'fetal heartbeat' abortion restriction declared unconstitutional, struck down by Polk County judge Zebroomafoo 56 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Really? How far would you have to travel? I'm in western Canada and have never needed an abortion, but it never seemed like anyone I knew had trouble getting to one. We were pretty rural and everyone had vehicles, so getting to more urban centers was easy enough. I'm sorry to hear it's not this easy across the country.

    [–] I done seen it all Zebroomafoo 16 points ago in WTF


    [–] What are some underrated combinations? Zebroomafoo 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I might be wrong, but my understanding was always that "London fog" is different from an earl grey latte because there's usually a syrup/sweetener involved?

    [–] When was your last “I gotta get the hell out of here” moment? Zebroomafoo 232 points ago in AskReddit

    My sister was beginning to berate me for "running away from my problems" and not taking her "help," despite having spent the last year of my life in therapy and desperately trying to sort myself out.

    I tried to walk away from her and calmly collect my things. I put my backpack on and turned towards the door. My sister, who has at least 150 lbs on me, grabbed the handle on the top of the backpack and yanked me backwards. She screamed at me while I cried on the ground. She pushed me into their sliding mirror closet door, shattering it. I figured out to ditch the backpack after she yanked me back to the ground a couple more times, and ran like an Olympic hurdler out of the kitchen, through the backyard, and over the fence. I didn't stop running until I couldn't run because I was dry heaving. Needless to say, she is dead to me.

    [–] Going to court against nGrandma Zebroomafoo 1 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    Good luck momma!!!! I wish you all the best in taking care of your girl and you 💜

    [–] Don’t pad-shame me, girl! Zebroomafoo 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Not exactly the same thing, but I found that the deep breathing and relaxing techniques that I learned I'm yoga have realllllllllllly helped with my pain. I would say 9/10 times that I start to feel cramps, I am holding a lot of tension in my pelvis. By relaxing and really using my lower diaphragm to breathe, I can usually squash cramps as they come on. I'm also on birth control which has been helping a ton, to be fair. Good luck!!

    [–] Best steak in town Zebroomafoo 13 points ago in VictoriaBC

    I don't personally know about steak spots, but I think it's nice that you are being aware of where you take a newborn. You deserve some tasty steak for being considerate parents. I would do some trip advisor/online menu combing if you don't get any helpful tips!

    [–] Screaming animal in the forest Zebroomafoo 4 points ago in WTF

    I'm crying thank you.

    [–] You have 10 minutes to prepare a 2 hour lecture on any topic to an attentive audience. What topic do you know extensively enough to pick? Zebroomafoo 5 points ago in AskReddit

    I can't think of any good questions, I just want to say thank you for recognizing the dumbness of useless lawns. They're so high maintenance! And dumb! And useless! So many other great ground covers to choose from! Thank you for showing people the light!

    [–] What household item can vastly improve your standard of living, but is often overlooked? Zebroomafoo 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I shared a teapot cocktail with friends at a restaurant that had dry ice 'smoke' coming out of it, it was really neat

    [–] Hey r/trees Zebroomafoo 2 points ago in trees

    Yeah dude, my first suicidal and self-loathing thoughts came at 7yo so I feel you. It's shitty, but you absolutely can do this.

    This might not sound super helpful, but I've been to my lowest lows enough times that they don't seem so bad anymore. I know they will pass with time, and it's a lot less bothersome to me now when I think about all the big life problems that get me down. I might be becoming jaded, but it's easier than feeling that pain so full-on. Hopefully, with time, it'll get easier for you, too.

    I've had a few breakdowns that have catalyzed some major life changes, and I'm super thankful for those breakdowns. It was ugly while it was happening, but my life has genuinely improved since. There is no right way to handle your depression, you just have to do what feels right for you. And, if nothing feels right, that's okay. Just be patient with yourself. Dm if you like, I hope you get feeling better soon!!