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    [–] [Offer] Programming tasks Zekeroonie 1 points ago in slavelabour

    Hello. I would like to purchase a "Hello World!" Program.

    Name your price

    [–] What would have caused this hole? Zekeroonie 1 points ago in bicycling

    I put a new tube in last night (going to patch it, but didn't have enough around), but i checked the tape first and it looks fine to me. Then when I went out this morning the back tire had lost almost all its air (was maybe at 10-15psi). The front tire was fine. After pumping it back up to 85, i could not hear a leak so i am confused. any ideas?

    [–] FR E SH A VOCA DO Zekeroonie 10 points ago in keming

    Nah this is fine. Its a FR (French) E (elegant) SH (shitty) A (aluminum) VOCA (vocalization) DO (dongle)

    [–] Mechanized ice cream dispenser Zekeroonie 2 points ago in specializedtools

    That is a laughably small amount of ice cream

    [–] About TimeTurners and the closed loop theory Zekeroonie 3 points ago in harrypotter

    Yes, but my underlying point was that we dont have enough instances of time travel to make educated conclusions on what is and is not possible

    [–] mod at r/ProgrammerHumor said this would better fit here... Zekeroonie 1 points ago in programmerreactions

    I answer SO questions about PRAW a lot, and I hate so much when people ask "How do I do X" AND THERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF DOING THAT EXACT DAMN THING IN THE DOCUMENTATION

    [–] About TimeTurners and the closed loop theory Zekeroonie 2 points ago in harrypotter

    Good point on Mcgonagall, but i have to disagree with your statement of "dont = cant, do = can". Although this is true in some situations (for instance, if i put 1000 frogs in a cage for a year and monitored every single thjng they did, i could assume that anything they didnt do they cant do), however we only have 2 descriptive instances of time travel (more than that if you count CC) in the series. The dataset is too low to draw any generalized conclusions.

    Despite the fact that harry did see himself, it didnt have any consequenses due to the fact that (luckily) he didnt know he had seen himself until he showed himself to his past self. This is an edge case, and im sure if harry would have barged in on harry in hagrids hut, when he wasnt being overwhelmed on dementors and sure he was going to die, the effect would have been different.

    The thing is, time is abstract, and an imaginary object observed by everybody differently, despite the fact it is universally accepted to exist. Peoples ideas of time travel vary just as much as peoples defenition of time. There is no "right" answer to this question.

    [–] What would have caused this hole? Zekeroonie 2 points ago in bicycling

    Ok. It was fine for about 9mi until it popped all of a sudden. How do i check if the rim tape is bad?

    [–] What would have caused this hole? Zekeroonie 3 points ago in bicycling

    Ok. There are a few like this all around the tube (4-5) should i patch them or just use a new tube?

    [–] stolen from r/emojipasta Zekeroonie 5 points ago in copypasta

    This is making my phone lag

    [–] About TimeTurners and the closed loop theory Zekeroonie 2 points ago in harrypotter

    I disagree with your idea that Mcgonagall lied to Hermione. While it does make logocal sense, Mcgonagall is a very honest person from what we have seen. Also, the fact that what JK wrote on Pottermore and what Mcgonagall said lines up.

    You mention the patronus as proof that it is a closed loop, but you have to remember that harry didnt know that it was himself that cast it - he thought it was his dad. Although the two harrys exist at the same time, they are two different harrys. The pre time turner harry was under the impression that buckbeak was dead, however the post time turner harry knew he wasnt.

    Lets also take a breif look at CC. I know it isnt canon, but the time travel we see there lines up with what we see written on Pottermore and what Mcgonagall says.

    [–] My girlfriend’s Japanese Zekeroonie 692 points ago in PenmanshipPorn

    It looks like a japanesse class to me, so shes probably still learning

    [–] Pleasant for overclocking the google servers, maybe Zekeroonie 4 points ago in google

    I doubt -999 is hardcoded in, but there is no reason to have the number display modular enough to show >3 digits

    [–] Using a fake id at the wrong bar Zekeroonie 1 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    I know, it was the most accueate guess I could make.

    [–] Norwex party experience Zekeroonie 20 points ago in antiMLM

    I used to babysit for a person in the 3rd level of the Norwex pyramid. She. Is. LOADED. She would regularly pay me 2x as much as the (already high) rate we had previously agreed on, just because "the kids like you". Thise kids were also super snobby and spoiled, and completely brainwashed into thinking that Norwex was the best company on earth and anything could be solved with their products. I used to feel bad spending the money i got because I knew it was all coming from people much lower in the tree that get a lot less of it for the work.