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    [–] Fallout 76 Power Armor glitch turns players into naked monsters Zendium1 4 points ago in gaming

    Just because you give your car a new paint job doesn't mean it's a new car.

    [–] Don't trust anyone, not even yourself. Zendium1 9 points ago in gaming

    Your mistake was preordering anything in the first place.

    [–] God! He is so adorable <3 Zendium1 50 points ago in masseffect

    God bless that oversized baby lizard

    [–] By the way, you forgot your BRIEFCASE [Hitman 2] Zendium1 1 points ago in gaming

    That's a lot more than a visual bug, though. If the devs are this careless with their game code then I'm not interested.

    [–] Frequently for anyone else here? Zendium1 37 points ago in tall

    Holy shit, that's one lousy way to go.

    [–] World War 1 - Mobilized forces per total population (in %) [4170x3210] Zendium1 -2 points ago in europe

    Crazy to think that Russia's population is higher after WW1 than today. Even now they haven't truly recovered after the war-criminal Stalin's deadly grip on the country.

    [–] a close up of the weathering on 1/35 Sherman Zendium1 7 points ago in modelmakers

    That decal really seems out of place compared to the rest of the detailing, hope you make some scratches or discoloration before finishing it up.

    [–] The German New High Seas Fleet Zendium1 1 points ago in civ

    0/10 - Not enough missile bois

    [–] Bikini - GIF Zendium1 19 points ago in kateupton

    No Nut November deal breaker right here

    [–] Umm Adblocker anyone? Zendium1 1 points ago in assholedesign

    I stand by my statement: There's nothing good about India.

    [–] /pol/ has a boss fight Zendium1 10 points ago in 4chan

    Thot patrolled.