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    [–] Birthday gift from my lighter thief roommate Zendium1 -13 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Piece of shit stoner, I hope you get tortured to death

    [–] Jeg elsker Zendium1 -3 points ago in Denmark

    Alle der nogensinde har røget eller ryger hash bør blive henrettet.

    [–] Anti rape ad campaign Zendium1 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Fuck off, Tumblr

    [–] A coalition we can all agree upon. Zendium1 8 points ago in masseffect

    You think that's bad, I parked my cyclops over what I thought was a new deep sea biome and dropped in over what actually turned out to be the edge of the world. Yea, it was not a fun time when I just kept falling... And then Ghost Leviathans showed up to the party.

    [–] A coalition we can all agree upon. Zendium1 8 points ago in masseffect

    That's why you got your mech parked in your cyclops, bby

    [–] A coalition we can all agree upon. Zendium1 11 points ago in masseffect

    ... And then you get the Prawn suit, and you go from shitting your pants to "fuck you, I'm a mech"

    [–] As China option fades, Bill Gates urges U.S. to take the lead in nuclear power, for the good of the planet Zendium1 -1 points ago in Futurology

    Sure, if you look past the fact that alternate green energy sources are being added to electical grids worldwide like crazy. Except for the US of course.

    [–] When the Tummy Rubs are Really Good Zendium1 2 points ago in gifs

    Through selective breeding anything is possible! Of course you'll cause unending suffering due to horrible genetic mutations, but hey! As long as you get your cute little pig everything is a-okay, right?

    [–] Keep this in mind... Zendium1 113 points ago in FunnyandSad

    Been alone for 22 years, think I can manage another year by myself

    [–] Veeeeery relatable Zendium1 2 points ago in gaming

    Me trying to work while some asshole kid is using our network to download a fucking video game and thinks his playtime is worth more than the time i put in to put food on his table


    [–] [Vietnam] US Planes drop two Mk-82 Bombs on a NVA supply route. Zendium1 14 points ago in CombatFootage

    Air humidity in tropical and sub-tropical regions never fail to deliver great shockwaves.

    [–] Finnish fire department saves moose from weak ice Zendium1 26 points ago in europe

    Except they also have cats that get stuck in trees, so they aren't mutually exclusive.

    [–] Boy, you can't run away from me Zendium1 2 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    Fortnite? Ha! The petting zoo is the real battle royale!

    [–] Speeding down roads doesn't often end well Zendium1 -1 points ago in nononono

    Fuck you, asshole. This cunt held no regard to his fellow man when he so selfishly decided that traffic rules don't apply to him. His attitude could not only have costed his own life, but also the lives of anybody he could've slammed into at +100 kmph. Innocent people, who go about their daily lives, could have died because this little shit wanted to get his adrenaline fix. As he obviously has no problem with this, he should be fucking put down whether or not he lived to walk from this crash, and as should you for supporting any behaviour even remotely portrayed in this video.

    [–] Er det ikke sandt? Zendium1 1 points ago in Denmark

    Holy shit, hvordan kan du bruge 700 kr på "diverse medlemskaber" har du sådan 5 forskellige abonnementer til diverse streamingselskaber?