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    [–] TRAILER TODAY!!!!!! ZeroCesar 4 points ago in stevenuniverse

    The SDCC panel starts in around 5 and a half hours from now, the trailer will premier some time after that.

    [–] [Meta] SUBREDDIT UPDATES: Flair Refactor, Shitpost Sunday, and more! ZeroCesar 4 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    The pinned comment about chapter 119 is just a link to the last reread thread since that had to be unstickied for this one.

    [–] Do you think Titan shifters are immortal? ZeroCesar 9 points ago in titanfolk

    We don't know if all shifters can do what Reiner did after his head got blown off in RTS, and what happened to Zeke probably isn't normal, so besides getting eaten I'd guess extreme injuries like that would kill them under normal circumstances, and Eren will have to pull something like that off to survive.

    [–] M A L E F A S H I O N ZeroCesar 11 points ago in SubSimulatorGPT2Meta

    Sounds like something straight out of r/totallynotrobots with that image, damn.

    [–] About Steven’s voice (Spoiler) ZeroCesar 7 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Why would they replace him though? This is the opposite situation, it's the character that changed and something closer to Zach's natural voice would be more fitting.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Isayama radio interview: the manga will be finished in a year ZeroCesar 7 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    The manga already has enough material for the first 16 episodes or so, the manga is also probably ending a few months before the anime starts and they might even do a split cour like with S3 so it'll probably work out anyway (although they probably do also work closely with Isayama as you said.)

    [–] Megathread | Trump abandons bid to include citizenship question on census ZeroCesar 19 points ago in politics

    I mean you're the one admitting normal objective news about something he did is a "Trump is bad" post.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Season 4 Part 1 Speculation (long sry) ZeroCesar 2 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    where they name the episode after the last chapter to be adapted in the episode

    They don't always do that though, just in S3 Pt2 episodes 1, 4, 8 and 9 where named after the first chapter they adapted.

    [–] That's not a plan. THIS is a plan! ZeroCesar 3 points ago in DankLeft

    I think they're trying to tell us Barney is the world's shadow ruler and we have to get rid of him first.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Regarding the inconsistencies in this chapter. ZeroCesar 7 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    The last 20 or so pages not being finished 2 days before the deadline is most likely just related to drawing.

    Most of the actual inconsistencies are related to drawing, like Eren having his pants back.

    [–] Just the President of the United States praising a psychopathic child-killing war criminal ZeroCesar 13 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    ...because another SEAL member testified to killing the boy after Gallagher stabbed him. Which contradicted his previous account, not to mention all the other stuff he was accused of.

    [–] My brother and I both went to the mall today. ZeroCesar 2 points ago in Oldton

    This joke made me feel like a chain smoker.

    [–] What is it with Scandinavians?! ZeroCesar 36 points ago in AsABlackMan

    ...did you post your own comment here?

    [–] The SU Movie Official Trailer is coming July 19th💎 ZeroCesar 2 points ago in stevenuniverse

    No, it was confirmed to be airing sometime this Fall since CYM aired.

    [–] Leaks Discussion chapter 119 ZeroCesar 2 points ago in titanfolk

    The final season of the Anime starts in Fall next year so more like one or one and a half years at most.