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    [–] higher male schools government schooled clowns ZeroCesar 3 points ago in iamverysmart

    What is he right about? I'm a male and I find this hair attractive, as do a bunch of other people in this thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Donald Trump Makes Absurd Claim That Illegal Voters Change Into Disguise In Their Car And That's Why Republicans Lose ZeroCesar 39 points ago in politics

    Your comment, and all other replies to whisky's comment were downvoted enough to be hidden shortly after they were made. Looks like a certain sub might be brigading this thread.

    [–] Too much melanin, abort! Abort! ZeroCesar 37 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    If the problem is actually that they are super far left why do neither the title nor the image make any mention of their politics? The title is just "hurr durr anyone that disagrees with me is a cuck" and the image caption is specifically about their appearances.

    [–] “I’m transsexual, and I’m so fed up of all these SJWs” – Bonus point for the username “AltRightTrans” ZeroCesar 77 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in AsABlackMan

    had to go through so much hate, so much gate keeping

    She says this in a post that's 90% gatekeeping NB people/trans people who don't want surgery.

    And of course this was in r/unpopularopinion and gilded, because stuff half of reddit believes is considered unpopular and brave there apparently.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Now that we know we're in the final arc, are you concerned about the ending being rushed? ZeroCesar 7 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    (a) someone on Twitter confirmed this. does anyone have more details about it?

    The Twitter account that confirmed it belongs to a documentary show that will have a broadcast with Isayama next week. Presumably it was Isayama that told them we're in the final arc, and he'll talk more about that himself in the documentary according to an earlier tweet.

    [–] Special broadcast next week? ZeroCesar 9 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    Yeah I think it referring to the final arc is more likely, or that by "setting up" the final chapter he means something about how the build up to the climax has already started.

    [–] Special broadcast next week? ZeroCesar 13 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    According to some translations below Isayama will say something about "setting up the final chapter", so I guess people assume this means he's close to finishing the manga, or at least starting the final arc.

    [–] r/AganistGayMarriage has gone private. ZeroCesar 80 points ago in AgainstHateSubreddits

    r/AgainstGayMarriage was actually created one month later, the archives version of AganistGayMarriage shows Jan 05 2017 as the creation date, while AgainstGayMarriage was created on Feb 9 the same year. So people actually created r/AgainstGayMarriage so they couldn't fix the typo they made when creating their sub lol.

    [–] What is the subject Oldton fans love to study? ZeroCesar 2 points ago in Oldton

    The normal audience reactions, on the other hand, tend to be more Boolean.

    [–] Language game ZeroCesar 1 points ago in ThreadGames

    Gracias por recordarme que tengo que seguir estudiando Japonés, por lo menos ya puedo reconocer algunas de las letras.

    [–] Why should you join the army? ZeroCesar 3 points ago in Oldton

    I try my best, but my best is 80% mediocrity 20% hilarity.

    Wow, you're doing much better than us in this sub!

    [–] Why should you join the army? ZeroCesar 1 points ago in Oldton

    Welcome! Be sure to give your opinion of what we should do with r/newton over at the stickied thread.

    [–] Says who? ZeroCesar 5 points ago in firstworldanarchists

    This is a picture of a sign prohibiting photography, so whoever took the pic broke the rules by taking it which is why it's on this sub.