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    [–] Sky News Breaking on Twitter - Downing Street has confirmed senior government adviser Dominic Cummings will make a statement later today and take questions amid alleged lockdown breach Zhana-Aul 4 points ago in CoronavirusUK

    During the Q and A session there should be askers who had to make sacrifices and are direct victims of the double standards - those who had to struggle because they had a sick child but nevertheless were abiding by the "rules". Or similarly, those who could not visit a sick/dying loved one as they stuck by the rules.

    [–] I like how people on twitter are using videos of 5 maybe 6 protestors to represent the hundreds of thousands Zhana-Aul 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in HongKong

    Yeah, totally get that. It's basically the line of thought of the last governor Chris Patten. There's a video of a lawyer being beat up making the rounds among the blue ribbons (my parents are blue and shared to me).

    While we don't know what happened beforehand to trigger this reaction, of course it's not nice to see. We must acknowledge these things happen and not turn a blind eye. When things like this happens on both sides, excuses are always made to justify actions, and it is easy to "buy" them without considering the evidence.

    Unfortunately these happenings do not garner much visibility on r/hongkong as these posts that are likely to paint the protesters in a bad light are not as upvoted (or even downvoted) as ones that expose the HKPF, criticise the CCP or show the protesters in a good light. This also means balanced discussion is hard to come by, and indeed hard to conduct, if you only rely on a particular channel for information.

    [–] Boris has just killed any faith those few had in him with his defence of Cummings Zhana-Aul 9 points ago in CoronavirusUK

    He's literally dodging the questions BoJo style. I just hope Piers Morgan pops out from nowhere and rips him a new one.

    [–] Dominic Cummings acted 'responsibly and legally': PM backs his top aide Zhana-Aul 13 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in CoronavirusUK

    May have misheard but did he literally just said "Dominic Cummings" behaved in a way to stop the virus. What the actual FUCK?

    I mean if what BoJo said was actually true, then this directly implies the guidelines, and the communications of these guidelines, were confusing, and conflicting ones that misled the public.