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    [–] Smart Pahk Zhay99 1 points ago in Hyundai

    Random fact that both him and Chris both addition to play Captain America. Would have been interesting on his take.

    [–] Rest well, Kobe. Zhay99 2 points ago in marvelmemes


    [–] Rest well, Kobe. Zhay99 1 points ago in marvelmemes

    He should have been in a marvel movie

    [–] Oh no Zhay99 1 points ago in dashcamgifs

    Nice PIT move by the white car

    [–] Pretty decent play for a plat dps Zhay99 3 points ago in Overwatch

    Now you can uninstall the game and retire

    [–] 28% APR in action caught on Sheppard AFB Zhay99 13 points ago in JustBootThings

    They say not all boots think alike. They just do dumb shit alike.

    [–] Watch out, gentlemen Zhay99 1 points ago in Tinder

    I can tell you how to be even cooler. Just send me $100 and I’ll tell you how.

    [–] Scratch and Sniff stickers Zhay99 7 points ago in nostalgia

    I remember these. I would just smell them until it went away. Then I starter smelling markers.

    [–] I think I'm the first one to find this Zhay99 5 points ago in southpark

    I’m surprised that the Simpsons didn’t do it first