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    [–] I don’t see what rule it has broken Zhay99 4 points ago in memes

    Took me 8 years to get a million

    [–] Bob never stood a chance! Zhay99 4 points ago in BobsBurgers

    Wow... I’m out of shape.

    [–] Nano Zen op? I think so Zhay99 2 points ago in Overwatch

    When playing Total Mayhem with Anna. I nano anyone at random. Just to cause more mayhem.

    [–] Signal Boosters Help Zhay99 1 points ago in tmobile

    I thought that boosters weren’t needed since you’re able to get service over WiFi.

    [–] How vets treat your pets Zhay99 167 points ago in Unexpected

    The title had me ready to be in rage. Now I’m in a wholesome mood.

    [–] How do I find which condom to use? Zhay99 3 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    That’s like trying to find the right soda. There are going to be a ton of options until find the best one that works for you and your partner. Some condom makers have sample packs you can buy. Also don’t be ashamed when buying them. No one pays attentions or cares.

    [–] Comcast is bringing back G4TV in some form Zhay99 1 points ago in DailyTechNewsShow

    If they have the power of Comcast and NBC behind them. I’m sure that they can get exclusive interviews and access to information before a YouTubeer who doesn’t have that type of relationship we publishers and developers. How IGN been able to keep up.

    [–] Cheeky Corpse: Georgia detectives discover body is sex doll Zhay99 3 points ago in news

    I hope that DNA can be use to find the owner of their lost doll.

    [–] Walmart says all customers must wear masks at its stores Zhay99 5 points ago in news

    It’s about time. I wish all businesses would do this if they plan on staying open during these times.