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    [–] Why did they need an algorithm to take a picture of the black hole and what did the algorithm even do? ZippyDan 4 points ago in askscience

    Ok two different inputs:

    1. Actual but incomplete data from the telescopes
    2. Complete images of stuff from our universe to teach the algorithm what "stuff" looks like

    I'm talking about 2. So given the same input from the telescopes, the algorithm arrives at basically the same image of the black hole whether it is taught with astronomical photos or "everyday" photos.

    If you change 1., it will arrive at a different final image, obviously, and that's one of many thousands of sanity checks that were also used.

    [–] Why did they need an algorithm to take a picture of the black hole and what did the algorithm even do? ZippyDan 12 points ago in askscience

    there's a TedX talk by one of the lead programmers that talks exactly about this - that they did feed the algorithm non-astronomical image data and *still* got back the same best-fit image. in fact, that's how they test that their own biases and expectations are not making the algorithm show us what we want to see.

    [–] Weekly help thread - Apr 15, 2019 ZippyDan 1 points ago in Philippines

    Anyone know where to find distilled (clear) vinegar in the Philippines (specifically Manila, but by order / online would be fine too)?

    There is a small bottle of Heinz-branded distilled vinegar in many supermarkets, but it is imported from USA (wtf?) and ridiculously expensive for the size (like 200 pesos for 1 liter). I like to use a lot of distilled vinegar for cleaning, and more specifically for regularly cleaning of my LG washing machine.

    I assume the normal suka that is used for eating is not great for cleaning, because it is usually somewhat cloudy and thus likely has more organic bits and impurities that aren't really useful for cleaning.

    In the USA I can buy 1 gallon (almost 4 liters) of distilled vinegar for *less* than 200 pesos ($3.50 USD). It seems crazy that distilled vinegar would only be available as an imported good and cost so much in a country that is *crazy* for vinegar and overflowing with suka.

    [–] Please forgive if already posted! I lol'd hard ZippyDan 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    But isn't that what certain people say when other certain people try to use mass shootings as an argument for gun control?

    [–] Please forgive if already posted! I lol'd hard ZippyDan 29 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Ya.. I was in Notre Dame twice last year and they had real candles with real flames...

    [–] Something dark is coming concert video on YouTube that is removed ZippyDan 3 points ago in BSG

    in the future might i recommend




    [–] Bill Weld: I’m Running Against Trump in the Republican Primary ZippyDan 1 points ago in politics

    Ya but that alternate explanation still seems to correlate pretty well with our current situation...

    [–] -10 Happiness, -4 Faith =( ZippyDan 1 points ago in civ

    Because if you've been to Notre Dame you know all the beauty in its core is heavily damaged at the very least, and more likely destroyed outright

    [–] Fire breaks out at historic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris ZippyDan 1 points ago in worldnews

    while this is true of almost every old church, the wikipedia article doesn't mention any other previous spires, but I find that hard to believe

    [–] Fire breaks out at historic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris ZippyDan 1 points ago in worldnews

    the inside is (was) 100x more impressive than the outside

    absolutely stunning

    [–] Fire breaks out at historic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris ZippyDan 4 points ago in worldnews

    Almost every ancient church has been burned, many multiple times, by fire

    [–] eBay Weekly Scam Discussion - April 15, 2019 ZippyDan -2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in Ebay

    How screwed am I?

    1. I've never been scammed on eBay before
    2. I buy a lot on eBay, so sometimes I lose track of all my purchases
    3. I ship to several locations around the US
    4. I travel a lot so I'm often not at the location to receive and review the item

    All of these factors combined to make me careless, and forgetful.

    So I ordered a $250 item. It never arrived but I remember thinking at the time, "maybe I shipped it to one of the other addresses". Sometimes I ship to other addresses intentionally (that's where I will be using the item) and sometimes mistakenly (in a rush to checkout and choose the wrong address).

    And then here is where I really fucked up. I didn't check up or follow up on the item after that. In fact, I completely forgot about it until today, almost 9 months later, when I found myself wondering, "hmm, I wonder where that item is?"

    So I went to find it in eBay, only to find these horrors, in chronological order and increasing severity:

    1. The seller never added any tracking info - oh no
    2. I did ship the item to the correct address where I was staying at that time - uh oh
    3. The seller's account is no longer active - shit
    4. The seller's last feedback before deactivation were 12 other buyers complaining about being scammed - fuck

    So, of course I called eBay, but they said they couldn't even see the transaction details after 90 days, and they advised me to contact Paypal.

    So, I contacted Paypal and they said I couldn't open a dispute past 180 days.

    I admit this was largely my fault. I've been using eBay and PayPal for close to 20 years and made hundreds and hundreds of purchases and I've NEVER been scammed and never had to file a serious claim. I suppose this made me overconfident and careless.

    However, considering the seller's track record of scamming many other people, I also feel like this is not just a typical "he said, she said" scenario. Do I have any other recourse? If it were a $30 item I'd just let it go, but $250 is hard to swallow.

    [–] So in the Miniseries, how did Adama determine so quickly that Doral...? ZippyDan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in BSG

    I'll summarize and expand on what other people have said and try not to spoil anything to come:

    1. Baltar told Tigh (who told Adama) that Doral was a Cylon, based on a test he ran and based on suspicious activity he witnessed in CIC (both of these were lies).
    2. Baltar had no idea that Doral was a Cylon. The Cylon-model-6-vision that Baltar alone sees pointed out to him the Cylon device in CIC (which Baltar then recognized as a device he had seen carried by the Cylon-model-6 that Baltar had known on Caprica). Baltar, in the interest of his own safety and survival and perhaps in an attempt to curry favor with the Galactica crew, decided he needed to let command know about the existence of an enemy device in the heart of the ship, but he had a dilemma: how could he let them know that he had discovered a Cylon device without revealing he already had had contact with the Cylons before on Caprica, and that specific device in question? Such a line of investigation might lead them to discovering Baltar's role in the sabotage of the Colonial defense mainframe and the genocide of the human race.

      Baltar needed an alternate explanation and he latched onto the morally questionable tactic of implicating Doral as a "fall guy" as he was an outsider who had plausible access and opportunity to CIC. Baltar had never actually seen Doral do anything with the device and had no idea he was a Cylon (Baltar hadn't invented any way to detect Cylons yet, nor had he run any tests, and Cylon-model-6-vision even implicitly denies that Doral is a Cylon). For all Baltar knew, he was condemning an innocent man (and you can see that in the complex and conflicted facial expressions of a fantastic actor) but he did it anyway in an attempt to keep Galactica safe and therefore his own skin, while simultaneously keeping any possible suspicions as far removed from himself as possible.

    3. Doral would have been discovered eventually anyway, as we later learn that there is more than one copy of him in the fleet.

    4. There is definitely an element of chance or randomness, or destiny or design or deeper knowledge, that plays into this seemingly fortuitous coincidence. I do not think it is a plot weakness, but rather hits several themes that will be further developed as the series goes on. I don't want to say more, because I don't want to spoil the future reveals, but I also don't want you to expect that anything will be answered definitively. Ambiguity as to the roles that chance and choice and fate play in all of our stories is part of the central conceit of the show.

    On that note, since this is your first time watching the show, make sure you use the right viewing order.

    [–] So in the Miniseries, how did Adama determine so quickly that Doral...? ZippyDan 8 points ago in BSG

    On the contrary, the Six vision pointed out the Cylon device in CIC, but implcitly denied that Doral was a Cylon. It was Baltar's idea alone to implicate Doral, as he was the only outsider who had regular access to CIC. He was simply the most convenient choice to keep suspicion from Baltar himself.

    [–] Served in a bowl of frozen piranha heads ZippyDan 2 points ago in WeWantPlates

    It's fine to have your own opinion. This just makes you look ignorant

    There's also a difference between saying "this doesn't appeal to me", which sounds subjective and "the whole menu looks disgusting", which is still subjective but sounds more like an absolute objective evaluation.

    [–] Served in a bowl of frozen piranha heads ZippyDan 1 points ago in WeWantPlates

    So how do they clean it between servings?