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    [–] [DS2] My Sean Bean inspired character Boromir Stark. Pray he never goes hollow! Spent forever on his mediocre face. Zywiec1976 8 points ago in fashionsouls

    What a harmony. In movies and tv series Sean Bean always dies first, in dark souls universe you always die. For me Sean Bean is the most appropriate character for dark souls.

    [–] After repair and polish, the shape of sink Zywiec1976 16 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Absolutely. See the guy’s another video with oreo.

    [–] Changing Buttons on Ps4 Zywiec1976 1 points ago in Sekiro

    When we parry effectively the game is much easier. After changing of parry button I can easily defeat lone shadow ninjas(They were nightmare all times).

    Watch speed runs on YouTube. All of them are good at parrying.

    [–] Wolf with no skill Zywiec1976 2 points ago in Sekiro

    Man, you are describing me.

    [–] Wolf with no skill Zywiec1976 17 points ago in Sekiro

    Only works with Centipedes.

    [–] Wolf with no skill Zywiec1976 1 points ago in Sekiro

    My all gameplay is like this.