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    [–] Last years win in Los Angeles vs the Rams Zywiec1976 1 points ago in eagles

    Now think about it. If someone tells you for this match you will leave Carson’s ligaments and will be injured in postseason so Nick Foles will make best possible postseason performance and you will win your first Super Bowl.

    Would you accept it?

    [–] "Abyss watcher" fanart Zywiec1976 12 points ago in darksouls3

    Excellent work. Abyss watchers are the most beloved characters of the dark souls universe I think. Everyday i can see another good image of them. And the music and background story of abyss watchers are wonderful I think.

    [–] Post Game Thread: New York Giants (3-7) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-6) Zywiec1976 4 points ago in nfl

    Don’t forget Kelce’s holding decision and canceling Adams’ touchdown and Alshon Jeffery’s offensive passing interference decision by referees

    [–] Should Eagles tank to get healthy and a top 10 pick? Zywiec1976 2 points ago in eagles

    You are the interpreter of my thoughts. Thanks man.

    [–] Anor Londo Zywiec1976 4 points ago in darksouls3

    Seems like some Bloodborne Yharnam

    [–] Jay Gruden must be the most mediocre coach that the NFL teams ever had Zywiec1976 1 points ago in nfl

    Dan Steinberg actually. If steinberg steals from reddit, pls someone post the real source.

    [–] We downloaded dangerously in the 00s Zywiec1976 0 points ago in funny

    Limewire was a malware tree on its last times. When you write something on the searchbar it adds the searchword a “ sexy girl shaking orgasm”. So when you wrote Jennifer Lopez it gives you a result as “jennifer lopez sexy girl shaking orgasm”. And when you download it probably it was a trojan horse.