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    [–] Shut the fuck up Fash. _-Artex_- -5 points ago in DankLeft

    Get a grip so what if it envolves a meme created by white supremacists, if i used it to make a meme BASHING them, and seriously, ableism? You must be searching 24/7 for something to be mad about

    [–] Shut the fuck up Fash. _-Artex_- 3 points ago in DankLeft

    Jesus fuck no wonder the right says we can't meme

    [–] Bring back cringe pls _-Artex_- 2 points ago in yiffinhell

    Ngl i lowkey wanted it, F

    [–] Man detained, still gets bit by K-9 unit _-Artex_- 23 points ago in BestOfLiveleak

    WARNING: it might be disturbing to some, its very hard to watch, at least for me.

    [–] Woman records her domestic abuse _-Artex_- 2 points ago in BestOfLiveleak

    Oooo alright, im sorry if i sounded agressive i was actually trying to get opinions on what to put

    [–] Woman records her domestic abuse _-Artex_- 1 points ago in BestOfLiveleak

    Then what do you advice me to put

    [–] Woman records her domestic abuse _-Artex_- 47 points ago in BestOfLiveleak

    I hope for the same, it is truly disgusting!

    [–] WARNING _-Artex_- 1 points ago in u_GamerGirl362

    Where can i see?