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    [–] Spotify's big bet on podcasts is failing, Citi says _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 2 points ago in blankies

    Labels get paid 70% of subscription revenue regardless of the mix between music and podcast listening. Spotify seems to be hoping people paying $10/mo will listen more pods instead of music so that percentage could eventually get negotiated down.

    [–] Spotify's big bet on podcasts is failing, Citi says _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 4 points ago in blankies

    Downsides of incentives within public markets. This seems like something that’ll compound, not skyrocket numbers within a few quarters.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread for January 15, 2021 _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in wallstreetbets

    Snapchat is paying out $1M a day to ppl who post viral videos to it’s new TikTok-like feature, Spotlight.

    "Katie Feeney, 18, a high school senior in Olney, Md., said she has earned over $1 million from Snapchat in the past two months by posting unboxing videos and funny content (in one clip, she spins on a hoverboard while seamlessly appearing in new outfits)."

    God I wish I were an attractive woman sometimes...

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread for January 05, 2021 _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 4 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Gonna be contrarian and buy a couple of puts on weed stocks.

    Dems and market being too confident.

    [–] Shroud's opinion on xQc's behavior _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 9 points ago in LivestreamFail

    The days of JACK3D energy are long behind us.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread for December 31, 2020 _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 2 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Can’t wait for the stock to go back to $300...after it splits.

    [–] Hearing him laugh in character made me smile so I thought I would show you guys _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 1 points ago in ContagiousLaughter

    It’s a trend—think of it as an r/askreddit post in video form. OP asks a question and people are able to “stitch” in their response with their own video.

    It’s usually screen recorded because it’s more time consuming for people to properly rip the video and upload it since TikTok is a mobile first app.