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    [–] Match Thread: Espanyol vs Barcelona [Copa del Rey] _FRANKENSTEIN_ -6 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in Barca

    Valverde pulled an Enrique.

    Any way only thing that worries me is cunts winning and our unbeaten streak ending.

    [–] SF for Falcon Heavy postponed, no new date yet _FRANKENSTEIN_ 11 points ago in spacex

    Hope they can finish all of the testing before March because that's when Electron will have to take one of Google Lunar xprize contenders to the Moon.

    [–] Official r/SpaceX Zuma Post-Launch Discussion Thread _FRANKENSTEIN_ 2 points ago in spacex

    Chances are low, we know from the first stage burn time that the payload was not heavy meaning that it is not likely that this mission was a rideshare.

    Or maybe it was and Zuma is a very lightweight craft.

    [–] Official r/SpaceX Zuma Post-Launch Discussion Thread _FRANKENSTEIN_ 1 points ago in spacex

    Good point, so SpaceX knows how much time it took the second stage to deorbit and at what thrust i.e they can easily calculate the mass and deduce if something was still attached to the second stage.

    [–] Official r/SpaceX Zuma Post-Launch Discussion Thread _FRANKENSTEIN_ 0 points ago in spacex

    Guys if Zuma stayed connected to the second stage it would take longer to deorbit the whole thing and also it would not fall in the same place as it would have without the payload.

    [–] Official r/SpaceX Zuma Post-Launch Discussion Thread _FRANKENSTEIN_ 11 points ago in spacex

    That's so stupid, they are the ones who operate Zuma and yet expect SpaceX, which had no idea about the payload, to know more about the satellite?

    [–] Match Thread: Barcelona vs Celta Vigo [Copa del Rey] _FRANKENSTEIN_ 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in Barca

    I am not watching is there a streamable link of Dembele doing magic?

    Edit: here it is

    Thanks u/decho

    [–] [Mod Post] Textbook Thread _FRANKENSTEIN_ 1 points ago in slavelabour

    1)2014 - 2ème édition - 368 pages - 152x240 mm EAN13 : 9782100708024

    2)Instructor's Solutions Manual for Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, 10/E (can be 11th) Allyn J. Washington, Corning Community College ISBN-10: 0138145628 • ISBN-13: 9780138145620


    4)Global Entrepreneur 4th Edition: Taking Your Business International