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    [–] Barcelona 2-0 Malaga - Iniesta 56' _FRANKENSTEIN_ 46 points ago in soccer

    And it does not really matter if we score or concede, It works both ways.

    [–] Is EliteHD (HDClub's successor) also gone for good? _FRANKENSTEIN_ 1 points ago in Piracy

    But you paid minimum of 25 Euros for VIP, that's stupid. Just get a seedbox for $10 and set up autodl on whatever you want and wait. That's it.

    Heck even on a $2.5 seedbox it is possible to maintain >1 ratio on TL.

    [–] Is EliteHD (HDClub's successor) also gone for good? _FRANKENSTEIN_ 1 points ago in Piracy

    Get a seedbox and set up autodl to grab releases as soon as they are available. Or maybe you could join AR were all new 4k releases are freeleech for a few hours.

    [–] Is EliteHD (HDClub's successor) also gone for good? _FRANKENSTEIN_ 2 points ago in Piracy

    People say they are merging, that's why both of them are down.

    [–] I am Elon Musk, ask me anything about BFR! _FRANKENSTEIN_ 1 points ago in space

    It's true for martian gravity too. Our bodies always develop according to their habitat which means we will not develop strong muscle skeletal system on Mars because we simply do not need it.

    Btw, when you spend too much time in the swimming pool it is hard for you to walk (due to Archimedes' principle our weight is decreased in the water), low gravity has same effect on your body.

    [–] I am Elon Musk, ask me anything about BFR! _FRANKENSTEIN_ 558 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in space

    So my ping would be 360,000ms at best, guess you can not play cs go with earth people.

    No russian kids though, that's definitely a plus.

    Edit: 360,000ms

    [–] I am Elon Musk, ask me anything about BFR! _FRANKENSTEIN_ 2 points ago in space

    Dear Elon Musk,

    Ever since you announced the idea of terraforming and using Mars as a new/backup home for Humanity I had this question. How are we going to solve the problem with Mars' insufficient gravity that will greatly affect every living organism that originates from Earth?

    As we all know muscles atrophy when we do not use them, this is why astronauts on board of ISS exercise every day, now this could be a solution for adults but what about children/babys who can not exercise? How are we going to create right conditions for them to grow properly?

    If we can not do this, then humans from Mars will gradually become differnt from us, humans from Earth. What are your thought about this matter?

    [–] Now.You.See.Me.2.2016.COMPLETE.UHD.BLURAY-TERMiNAL _FRANKENSTEIN_ 1 points ago in Piracy

    No only x265 encode is available on AR,RTT,DH,TL (private trackers)

    [–] X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.2160p.UHD.BluRay.x265-TERMiNAL _FRANKENSTEIN_ 7 points ago in Piracy

    ftps then HDbits and then more common trackers such as TL

    [–] I sent an email to Marc Laidlaw, and he replied. _FRANKENSTEIN_ 1 points ago in HalfLife

    It's a joke, "Sent from my iPhone" is always written at the end of his emails. And every time it is kinda out of place.