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    [–] proteg the milg _Kabu- 81 points ago in bonehealingjuice

    This is hilarious

    [–] From r/emojipolice _Kabu- 165 points ago in ComedyFlogging

    Emoji police is fucking annoying

    [–] typical discord _Kabu- 5 points ago in iamveryrandom

    If its typical to be random in discord then the randomness would no longer be random tho, right?

    [–] Me_irl _Kabu- 38 points ago in me_irl

    Or you’re cyanide

    [–] She said!! _Kabu- 5 points ago in okbuddyretard


    [–] Title _Kabu- 2 points ago in uselessredcircle

    The noses are always so thicc and juicy

    [–] Poor Guy _Kabu- 2 points ago in yesyesyesno


    [–] To manny: little shit cunt -Omegle _Kabu- 1 points ago in fuckmanny

    Shit like this is why you still have tinder my dude

    [–] poter grofo _Kabu- 2 points ago in okaybuddyretard

    Best interlude ever btw

    [–] Who is Wesley Ford? _Kabu- 1 points ago in Wesley_Ford

    Wesley Ford

    [–] Introducing the anytime anywhere vest _Kabu- 19 points ago in ihavesex

    I think it means you are being sarcastic

    [–] Just made a really emotionally personal song, feel free to criticize it! _Kabu- 2 points ago in teenagers

    I cant even form an opinion on it, people could say its trash but if it came from a really big popular artist it would be seen as expermental and a 10/10