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    [–] I don't feel comfortable showing my internet friend my writing anymore and I don't know how to tell her that. _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 2 points ago in Advice

    It could be nothing, but go with your gut feeling.

    Maybe you can tell her that you want to stick to writing privately and develop ideas on your own and will be comfortable sharing it again much later in the future. Don’t give a timeline, just keep it vague. Hopefully she’ll get the hint and won’t be offended.

    [–] (Spoilers Main) Jon and Grey Worm's Humanity _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 1 points ago in asoiaf

    Well yeah, that is all they did. Jumped from one plot point to another with minimal development between them.

    [–] We did it _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 36 points ago in freefolk

    That was one of my favourites out of many favourites! What a dig. u/elle_ellaria is a badass!

    [–] Shout out to this guy who was completely pointless this season and could’ve been left out entirely which wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference. _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 8 points ago in freefolk

    But.. but.. but, WHO would ninja push Jaime out of the way from Drogon’s wrath? Jaime of course needed to swim to the OTHER end of the lake despite being pushed into the water in surprise while being in heavy armour.

    [–] (Spoilers Main) Jon and Grey Worm's Humanity _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 39 points ago in asoiaf

    We were robbed of every interaction we thought would have consequences. Everything happened offscreen.