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    [–] Why didn't the Black Flash go after [Spoiler] _Ryanite_ 2 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago) in FlashTV

    Yeah, that's the main issue with it. We've got:

    • Kid Barry
    • Season 1 Barry
    • Future Barry
    • Season 3 Barry who saves Nora
    • Reverse Flash
    • Season 3 Reverse Flash.

    Even if you reason it as the S3's got erased anyway there's still far too many Barrys. Maybe it's only when your past selves interact- which would avoid the 3 Barry problem because they don't know each other is a Barry/don't see each other. But then that's ruined in S5 time travel, because presumably S5 and S3 Barry didn't see each other.

    Plus, there's an even bigger problem of where the fuck were they in Season 3, after Savitar revealed himself.

    [–] Why didn't the Black Flash go after [Spoiler] _Ryanite_ 2 points ago in FlashTV

    My current theory:

    Time wraiths aren't controlled by the speedforce directly- they're relatively mindless and just exist in the time stream/speedforce. Black Flash can be sent by the speedforce, as its active enforcer (see Savitar) Evidence:

    • Seemed to do whatever speedforce Ronnie wanted.
    • Time Wraiths only seem to show up in specific cases, Black Flash shows up elsewhere (as below)

    Time wraiths show up if there's two of you existing concurrently

    • Didn't like Barry time travelling in S2
    • Showed up when he went back to S3 finale.
    • Were pissed off with Zoom big time but he could hide from them by offing his time remnant, ending their ability to track him?
    • When Barry created a remnant in S2, they were drawn to him.
    • They do appear to have a memory, being more irritated with Zoom and hunting him down instead, twice- S2 finale and S5 time travel.

    Since Eobard didn't exist in the present, he didn't have this problem. He "knows what he's doing"- only visits each time once.

    Black Flash is the big guy- the speedforce sends him if you shouldn't exist at all- this goes with the theory that he only shows up when a speedster will die, as time remnants can time travel to escape conventional death in their own timeline, and speedsters are "too fast" to die- so black flash chases them down.

    • Reverse Flash in legends was a time remnant existing after he was removed from reality.

    However this alone doesn't work for Savitar, but you can reason it as the speedforce sent the big guy because he was trying to completely fuck over time and the speedforce.

    [–] If you could delete any character from any TV show to make the greatest improvement, who would it be? _Ryanite_ 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Show goes downhill season 3, is total shit in season 4-

    Felicity is paralysed for a couple of episodes, invents a chip so she can walk, and shows Oliver she can walk again by physically walking out on him

    [–] [Flash 5x09 Spoiler] If you really knew.. _Ryanite_ 16 points ago in arrow

    Says the guy who gets tagged by someone slower than him every episode, it's basically a plot point

    [–] [Spoilers] Does anyone else not really mind Rene and Zoe? _Ryanite_ 7 points ago in arrow

    Zoe's one of the few characters on the show who is actually reasonable, Zoe > William any day