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    [–] I had a substitute teacher today. She recognized these as OGs. A grown, white woman, I might add. I was so geeked. _Schmegeggy_ 0 points ago in Sneakers

    I mean you have a fair point but like at this point I feel like they've been worn plenty, invested enough in their 401K and deserve retirement πŸ˜‚. Almost any other shoe and I'd agree but this is a piece of history, an artifact. It's what started it all! Not even judging lol just saying I wouldn't do it is all

    [–] Asics Gel Lyte V Red/Red _Schmegeggy_ 2 points ago in Sneakers

    The quality of this picture is insane!

    [–] Bring me the original one _Schmegeggy_ 6 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Boo! You suck! Credit the originator of the tweet!

    [–] One Piece: Chapter 917 _Schmegeggy_ 2 points ago in OnePiece

    This angry Luffy reminds me of that story about Roger destroying an entire army because they talked poorly about his crew. Luffy isn't usually this quick to anger. Normally he takes in a bunch of information, bides his time and when the enemy does something to make him snap then he goes off. He's going off early and I love it. Also this new muscular drawing of him is cool because it's like he's growing up and not a twiggy kid anymore.

    [–] V2s are dead but still my grail _Schmegeggy_ 25 points ago in Sneakers

    V2s aren't fucking dead. Adidas is just making them easier to buy for people who want them rather than hypebeasts who think they drive the culture.

    [–] Be like water πŸŽπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ _Schmegeggy_ 3 points ago in Sneakers

    ASICS Gel-Diablo Footlocker x Pensole "Once Upon a Time in Kobe"

    [–] Yo ho ho my Brook tattoo is almost all healed! _Schmegeggy_ 1 points ago in OnePiece

    Ooh next time I'm in Philly I'll see if I can't get one. Brook is my boi

    [–] Saw this bodacious beauty enjoying quite the feast the other night. Central Ohio _Schmegeggy_ 1 points ago in whatsthisbug

    Oh yeah, that's her alright. Man was she big! And beautiful. My girlfriend appropriately named her Shelob