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    [–] One Piece: Chapter 895 _Schmegeggy_ 6 points ago in OnePiece

    Yeah I legitimately thought this new form would give Luffy an upper hand at least but terrifying Katakuri had other plans. It just further solidifies how crazy badass and terrifying this villain is. This fight reminds me of Lucci (again) when Luffy brought out a new form only to find out it wasn't quite enough.

    [–] Mmm ife fream _Schmegeggy_ 5 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    Great now I'm smiling ear to ear on the bus like a fucking idiot :)

    [–] MRW I meet the woman of my dreams _Schmegeggy_ 2 points ago in reactiongifs

    Or at least partial ribs. Otherwise I have no idea how it's beating like that

    [–] L.L. Bean scraps its century-old unlimited lifetime return policy _Schmegeggy_ 2 points ago in Frugal

    I recently contacted L.L. Bean about returning a pair of my boots but haven't filled out the forms. Would they still honor it? Doubtful though it is

    [–] One Piece: Chapter 894 _Schmegeggy_ 2 points ago in OnePiece

    What makes Katakuri so formidable isn't necessarily his CoO. I mean yeah that helps a lot but he's just monstrous in strength and devil fruit capability. Maybe this new technique is really taxing on Luffy (he hinted at it in this chapter by implying it needs to finish off Katakuri). Especially since Gear 4 has a refractory period of 10 whole minutes. He'd be fucked after that, especially at this point in the fight

    [–] Hype music? _Schmegeggy_ 1 points ago in Music

    Monster by Kanye West

    [–] How you know you have a water boye _Schmegeggy_ -7 points ago in rarepuppers

    Hey I'm not an expert but here's an "expert" opinion on something I am not nearly qualified for.

    [–] The Best Vader Quote of all Time _Schmegeggy_ -1 points ago in StarWars

    GODDAMN Vader may be a drama queen but he is so fucking cool at the same time

    [–] Kicking toddlers _Schmegeggy_ 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Basically it's your brain keeping itself in check like reminding itself what's right and wrong. I imagine psychopaths have this kind of thing switched off

    [–] Just finished my first colored painting since ages... Hope you like it. _Schmegeggy_ 1 points ago in OnePiece

    Really dig the contrast between the light grey of the accents vs the darker black

    [–] This girl getting a baby to lick her blunt _Schmegeggy_ 32 points ago in trashy

    Still trashy though. Just not necessary on her part