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    [–] Bubblegum can be different flavours but bubblegum itself is a flavour _SimplyComplicated_ 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Hope it doesn't blow up in OPs face...its tricky to get it out of hair unless you use peanut butter.

    [–] Spotted in the Chinatown Plaza in Los Angeles _SimplyComplicated_ 2 points ago in southpark

    He looks pretty friendly for being such a tyrant of a president.

    [–] Same tree, different seasons _SimplyComplicated_ 135 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I feel this setting could be used for lots of amazing frolicking.

    [–] It’s kief o’clock! _SimplyComplicated_ 22 points ago in trees

    You got any openings? I wanna love my job too!

    [–] A Pair Of Perfect Microzooms!! _SimplyComplicated_ 4 points ago in Zoomies

    I was waiting for the second baby Tapir to show up to make a pair....boy was I disappointed.

    [–] Barn Owl I just finished painting _SimplyComplicated_ 7 points ago in pics

    Looking at the thumbnail, I seriously thought it was a real owl.

    [–] Can we do that? _SimplyComplicated_ 3 points ago in wholesomememes

    I appreciate that he is awesome enough to rock that hat and make it look good!