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    [–] My dad and I 38 years apart, thought i should post it here _SimplyComplicated_ 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in pics

    Me too! I was thinking the shirt had shrunk a bit over the years.

    [–] Zeotrophe animation _SimplyComplicated_ 50 points ago in gifs

    Took me a minute to see that mouse on the floor, pretty cool stuff.

    [–] No mask? No problem! _SimplyComplicated_ 1 points ago in funny

    Kinky but not in a good way.

    [–] Congratulations! _SimplyComplicated_ 163 points ago in Unexpected


    [–] Drawing I did today _SimplyComplicated_ 1 points ago in pics

    It's so good! Just watched Ace Ventura the other day...forever a classic!

    [–] Stuck the landing though _SimplyComplicated_ 4 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    Motorcycle dude should buy a lottery ticket because he has some SERIOUS luck!

    [–] "Honey, I'll be late today" _SimplyComplicated_ 310 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in watchpeoplesurvive

    I think that's exactly what "nearly flattened dude" would have needed to hear after all that excitement.

    [–] 999 pieces later _SimplyComplicated_ 1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    At least it wasn't someone's face...I bet you could make your own filler piece.