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    [–] Who here remembers Moto Racer? Here's 3 minutes of pure nostalgia. __PETTYOFFICER117__ 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    It's a DRM-free game store similar to Steam. They actually remove the DRM from a lot of older games/patch them to make them playable on newer systems. Prior to GOG adding Moto Racer, the only real way to play it was to emulate the PSX version.

    Same folks that made The Witcher series, actually.

    [–] The ends didn’t justify the means __PETTYOFFICER117__ 1 points ago in Military

    Man, so true about being able to easily lie to people.

    I was going through my application for my TS when my PHA came up. I did the online portion and I was feeling really crushed emotionally at the time just from stupid Army BS and a shitty roommate making my life hell... I put on the online portion that I was struggling emotionally and listed half a dozen things that were constantly eating at me.

    Well, my appointment comes up, the doc asks about that shit, and I just "oh no I was just kinda stressed out, but I'm fine". Having something negative in my PHA could've affected my TS application and all sorts of other shit, potentially.

    It's REALLY HARD to be honest about mental shit in the first place, and it's WAY HARDER when it could negatively affect so many aspects of your life just for being honest.

    [–] Who here remembers Moto Racer? Here's 3 minutes of pure nostalgia. __PETTYOFFICER117__ 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Do it! If you're anything like me you'll love it. Totally worth the $6 and hour spent setting up. (most of that time was fucking around before I found the guide I linked)

    [–] Who here remembers Moto Racer? Here's 3 minutes of pure nostalgia. __PETTYOFFICER117__ 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in pcmasterrace

    Haha it's a lot easier than I remembered.

    It's on GOG, and with a little tweaking you can get it running at any resolution!

    [–] Every damn time __PETTYOFFICER117__ 4 points ago in gaming

    I don't think it has more, no. AFAIK it's just the same game. Runs pretty damn well tho.

    [–] I can't be the only one __PETTYOFFICER117__ 4 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Sunset Overdrive. Amazing game.

    [–] Every damn time __PETTYOFFICER117__ 14 points ago in gaming

    Played it on Xbox when it came out - realized they had it on PC now so I had to redownload it. Really fun game.

    [–] [SSD] Pioneer 120GB Solid State Drive SSD M.2 / SATA 6Gb/s Higher Performance (APS-SM1-120) - $25.99 +FS ($51.99-$25.99 50% off) __PETTYOFFICER117__ 5 points ago in buildapcsales

    M.2 is the physical form factor, SATA and NVME are the communication protocols. SATA is limited to ~550MBps. Not sure of the hard cap on NVME as it also depends on if it's a PCIE 1X/2X/4X, but NVME drives are typically ~3,000+MBPS for the nicer ones or at the low end 1,500+MBPS.

    Read/Write speeds, 4K random speeds, and access times are the specs you wanna look at. There's websites that do an awesome job of benchmarking them all.

    However, once you get an NVME drive it's hard to tell the difference between better models for most use cases. There isn't a huge difference between SATA SSDs and NVME in real-world, normal use cases anyways, and that just becomes harder to tell once you get past a couple thousand megabytes per second. Certain specific workloads might benefit from faster speeds I guess, although I don't know of any specific ones besides maybe editing massive video files.

    Anyways if you can get an NVME (non-SATA) M.2 drive as they're not much more expesnive and perform a decent bit better. If you want to go all SSD get a larger SATA drive for storage. I picked up a 2TB SATA SSD for $280 and then got two Samsung 960 EVOs in RAID for my OS/some games.

    And then for movies and TV shows, etc. I have a storage server with 72TB (60TB useable) of standard HDD storage.

    Putting movies, music, pictures etc on SSDs is just a waste of money, since you can get a 10TB storage drive for $170 rn (usually ~$200) if you shuck it. And even that isn't bad for games, but you'll notice a decent difference in load times going from that to an SSD in most games.

    Yes, I spend too much time and money on this stuff.

    [–] Homework folder? Try homework drive __PETTYOFFICER117__ 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Maybe if you haven't spent all of your money on lights you could've gotten more storage 💁

    [–] #Mi9 is here! __PETTYOFFICER117__ 1 points ago in Android

    DBrand had their thing which looked nice so I tried it... The buttons on the side wore out after a few months and become super mushy. Disappointing.

    [–] Homework folder? Try homework drive __PETTYOFFICER117__ 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Wait what does it mess up? I haven't noticed anything. It's not inverse, it's an actual night mode.