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    [–] Terry Crews Shares His Own Story of Sexual Assault by a Hollywood Executive __alias 4 points ago in news

    View his recent hot ones episode. I was amazed how how he acted, everything he said inspiration driven

    [–] It's official: Pixel drops the headphone jack __alias 22 points ago in gadgets

    Really? I use my headphone jack daily. Wireless headphones definitely haven't caught on for the average consumer. Whenever I See wireless headphones they still seem fancy and futuristic to me. I'm not ready to deal with having an extra thing to worry about charging.

    [–] "I gave my eyes." World War Veteran. 1932, USA. __alias 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    What would you call the type of glasses he is wearing? I want a pair

    [–] Tesla remotely extends range of vehicles for free in florida to help owners escape hurricane irma __alias 3 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Is this actually true for cpus? Surely you can hack them to work like their higher price counterparts then? You're not talking about overclocking are you?

    [–] What are you the "1%" of? __alias 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Thank you for the insight PAINAL ;)

    [–] What are you the "1%" of? __alias 15 points ago in AskReddit

    I find it reassuring that you've enjoyed your thirties. Just starting work as a 22 year old and had a beginning of life crisis that it's all down here from now.

    [–] If You Get the Chills From Music, You May Have a Unique Brain __alias 1 points ago in Music

    I have this weird memory of listening to skrillex for the first time back in 2012 from a usb stick with some crappy headphones and feeling an intense euphoria and full body chills. Makes me laugh that it was Skrillex that did that but man it was a surreal but cool experience.

    Similarly, listening to dark side of the moon on LSD has also given me one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

    [–] Litecoin Has Climbed More Than 1700% Year-To-Date __alias 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    RemindMe! December 31, 2017 "Is litecoin really $300?"

    [–] Invest in life and put your hope substantial things __alias 2 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    you're fucking kidding. That's massive. Lucky bastard, i've tried that the last week just going off recommendations and have gone down ~10% lol

    [–] I just had my first son today 😊 __alias 3 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Mmm. My original statement has been downvoted so I guess largely disagreed with but I genuinely don't believe neither Ark, FCT, XRM or Bitcoin will be hugely valuable in ten years. Will be interesting to see though.

    Crypto will continue to grow and grow though ofc

    [–] I just had my first son today 😊 __alias 2 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Eh what makes you think any of these won't be improved on by other technologies in the near future? To me it's like banking on a revolutionary search engine before Google came along

    [–] I just had my first son today 😊 __alias -2 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    next two or three years - BitCoin and Ethereum.

    Long term however, I don't believe in any of these holding their value.

    Personally I feel that we are in a dot com bubble at the moment, and once the next Google of blockchain algorithms is found the currently existing big players will become more or less redundant.

    [–] Peanut allergy cured in majority of children in immunotherapy trial. Australian researchers hail breakthrough after ‘life-changing’ tolerance persists for up to four years. __alias 1 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Maybe someone else has a similar story to This, but I grew into an egg allergy at around 5 years old then finally grew out of it at around 21 years old. I used to love egg as a young child yet still developed an intolerance to it which i find strange.

    [–] I thought I would never be the old guy but at 30 I already think snapchat is stupid and new rappers suck. It's happening. __alias 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Fair enough. Some people get joy out of gaming. Some people enjoy arts and crafts and others get a kick out of sending silly Snapchats to their friends