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    [–] Microphone bugs? _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in PUBGMobile

    I never experienced anything like this. Maybe you should clear the cache data of the game and then restart the game again. Or maybe re-install it.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in funny

    Sort of.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in funny

    It's probably a kind of remote connected to the camera, with which he has captured the picture. That's what someone a few comments above guessed.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in funny

    Well, she could pull him off the sofa.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 3 points ago in funny

    Could be. Even I didn't notice it until now.

    [–] Indian Salons.. _ayush_ranjan_ 21 points ago in india

    It happens everytime.

    [–] Well, it's time. _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in PUBGMobile

    I just freed up space in my phone to update it. It shows 415 mb. I just started updating it.

    [–] New 3D Boxer _ayush_ranjan_ 5 points ago in funny

    I would get one with a cat on.

    [–] Well, it's time. _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in PUBGMobile

    What's the size of the update on playstore? I mean if you have the game installed them it costs less data. So, what's the size of the update?

    [–] Who is your favorite villain in the series and why? _ayush_ranjan_ -2 points ago in harrypotter

    J.K Rowling? I mean she created them? Didn't she? The villains...

    [–] What are the requirements in a gurl for you? _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah man! I was his fan. But now I don't watch WWE anymore.

    [–] R.L. Stine and his Goosebumps series _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in books

    Yeah! Even I read them during 7th - 8th grade.