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    [–] How different would your life be if you had a different birthdate? _ayush_ranjan_ 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I would probably get to celebrate it in school. Since now, everytime it's during the Summer Holidays.

    [–] What current TV show is going to become a classic as years go on? _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I don't think stranger things will be a classic. I mean how long will they stretch the same thing? It's been demogorgon since episode 1.

    [–] What country has the most weirdos? _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Japan made the cartoons and I don't thik the cartoons were shit in any way possible. I have many memories as a child with them.

    [–] What is the point of Rickon? _ayush_ranjan_ -2 points ago in freefolk

    You're right. Rickon, as in the Starks never really had a role to play in the show. He's probably just a side character who doesn't live long but lives long enough to piss Jon at the Battle Of Bastards.

    [–] What was the most inappropriate situation where you laughed? _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in AskReddit

    While the school song was on, I saw a man inappropriately tuck in his shirt, which was quite funny at that moment, as I had been sitting there for almost 2 hours listening to a lecture.

    [–] 7th place TPP Squads NA. _ayush_ranjan_ 8 points ago in PUBGMobile

    And you've travelled 900million kms in a single match?

    [–] 7th place TPP Squads NA. _ayush_ranjan_ -5 points ago in PUBGMobile

    Oh! That's a heavily hacked account. How can a single player have 25 kills per match? When your most kills is 20!

    [–] Microphone bugs? _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in PUBGMobile

    I never experienced anything like this. Maybe you should clear the cache data of the game and then restart the game again. Or maybe re-install it.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in funny

    Sort of.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in funny

    It's probably a kind of remote connected to the camera, with which he has captured the picture. That's what someone a few comments above guessed.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 1 points ago in funny

    Well, she could pull him off the sofa.

    [–] *Depression* _ayush_ranjan_ 3 points ago in funny

    Could be. Even I didn't notice it until now.