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    [–] Funny/unusual tall problems? _chark_ 8 points ago in tall

    Drawers and really kitchens in general, they are not made for tall people at all

    [–] New Swaps Into Old Cars _chark_ 2 points ago in cars

    Kinda the opposite bit there's a Canadian shop putting a 4 rotor into a Lamborghini Gallardo

    [–] How tall is too tall for an RX7? _chark_ 1 points ago in RX7

    I'm 6'3 and have a fb, I need to have the sunroof off or filter to get head room

    [–] Road Conditions Question _chark_ 1 points ago in wisconsin

    Check for school closings in the area those are sometimes a good way to get some idea of the conditions

    [–] Road Conditions Question _chark_ 3 points ago in wisconsin

    Probably snow on the roads

    [–] A couple knives after my father passed _chark_ 2 points ago in knives

    I found the knife on the right in the woods all rusted and stuff and I want to restore it, I'll link pictures later to see if it's worth the effort

    [–] Car isnt starting. I think the click is from the starter? _chark_ 1 points ago in jetta

    I have the same exact problem, move your car to a heated place and then charge the battery