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    [–] Apple's "Gather Round" | Post-Event Megathread _chark_ 1 points ago in apple

    Ahhh sorry I read the original comment wrong

    [–] Apple's "Gather Round" | Post-Event Megathread _chark_ 2 points ago in apple

    Is this just a feature for the new watch?

    [–] Last Day Of Summer _chark_ 2 points ago in Appleton

    Oshkosh outlet malls are fun if you don’t mind the drive, there’s mini golf there that I thought was a blast

    [–] Few castings I like _chark_ 1 points ago in HotWheels


    [–] Someone explain Charles Barkley to me _chark_ 1 points ago in nba

    Just search highlights on YouTube

    [–] Wait, it’s not? _chark_ 1 points ago in OSHA


    [–] [ASK] TH10 loot _chark_ 1 points ago in ClashOfClans

    I farm from 2000-2900 and drop when I get to 2900, I find 500k of each raids with some patience a few times a day

    [–] Targa Porsche _chark_ 3 points ago in carporn

    It was at a car show haha

    [–] Full carbon ceramic ‘91 nsx-r _chark_ 2 points ago in carporn

    Thanks for the extra info! I’m actually from Appleton myself!

    [–] Full carbon ceramic ‘91 nsx-r _chark_ -2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in carporn

    If you go to @theofficialwcec on instagram they have a post saying that it is full carbon ceramic, that could be incorrect but I’m just pulling the information off their page and including it in my photo

    EDIT: here’s a video of what the car says it is

    [–] @bananahandsfc3s shoots a banana out the tailpipe during ClubFR DDLE _chark_ 1 points ago in Drifting

    I was there! Are you going to be there this weekend? I would love to meet you and say what’s up

    [–] [Ask] TH10 Crows base _chark_ 1 points ago in ClashOfClans

    Google it, I have one with bomb towers