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    [–] Ryder Cup Pre Tournament Thread _pulsar 1 points ago in golf

    Much better than some of our past designs.

    [–] Ryder Cup Pre Tournament Thread _pulsar 1 points ago in golf

    I think he's capable of playing all 5 matches, but there's no point in risking it.

    [–] Ryder Cup Pre Tournament Thread _pulsar 1 points ago in golf

    I'd do one of these for the European players but I don't know anything about most of them... 😆

    [–] The GOAT is back! How did you celebrate Tiger’s win? _pulsar 1 points ago in golf

    I like where his head is at but it's way too big lol.

    [–] Better Call Saul S04E08 - "Coushatta" - POST-Episode Discussion Thread _pulsar 9 points ago in betterCallSaul

    I first assumed that they bought out the entire club for the night and staffed it with their own muscle.

    [–] Forget Sam Snead. Tiger Woods already has the tour record for wins. Seriously _pulsar 16 points ago in golf

    I thought this would be more of a joke article but this seems legit. Still though it's too late to change anything and Snead will continue to be credited with 82 wins even if he doesn't deserve a few.

    [–] Congress may mandate more legroom on planes _pulsar 1 points ago in UpliftingNews

    You'd have to be extremely tall for a reclined airline seat to actually touch your body.

    [–] OWGR TOP 10. How it would look without the minimum 40 events played. _pulsar 2 points ago in golf

    Imo if Tiger remains healthy for the foreseeable future, it's only a matter of time until he takes over the top spot.

    [–] He's back. _pulsar 11 points ago in golf

    Need an updated version with players who still play

    [–] Tiger woods on his club specs _pulsar 4 points ago in golf

    A choke down ~3 quarter lob wedge probably

    [–] Best part about Tiger winning is that Brandel Chamblee is wrong. _pulsar 1 points ago in golf

    At least yesterday he gave Tiger the props that he deserves but yeah he's the Skip Bayless of golf.