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    [–] I wonder what they’re made of _tarasbulba 67 points ago in suspiciousquotes

    It's because apple is actually a fruit.

    [–] NHS mental health services are utterly broken and unfit for purpose _tarasbulba 109 points ago in britishproblems

    I'm a mental health nurse. I can't write a long reply because I've just got home from night shift and I'm about to sleep, but OP is right about all of this, the state of mental health services in England is shocking.

    There are no beds, I admitted a patient last night who'd had two failed mental health act assessments and was seriously unwell and rapidly deteriorating at home for 6 weeks. The reason the MHA assessments failed was because there were no beds in the trust and the amhps refused to assess her. I work for one of the largest trusts in the country with tonnes of specialist services, yet people who are admitted are usually seriously unwell and would have benefitted from intervention much sooner. People routinely wait in a&e for three days waiting for psychiatric beds. Can you imagine the national scandal if someone with cancer or an old dear who'd had a fall waited the days in a&e to be treated?

    Community services are massively overstretched and treatment at the moment seems to be reactive and not proactive, meaning that people are not being seen with the early, milder symptoms of mental illness, but have to wait until they are acutely unwell to access services. This increases suffering massively for those involved, not to mention it's just going to end up costing more anyway.

    Lastly staff are demoralised and burnout is so high. I love the NHS and I could never consider selling my soul to the devil (going full time agency), but I know wards and community services that are running a 50% vacancy rate. It's all too tempting to leave the NHS for twice the pay and half the work.

    I feel for you OP, and I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you manage to get the support you need. But I'm also glad you're angry, we need people like you.

    [–] Transforming tattoo _tarasbulba 3 points ago in gifs

    To be honest I'm a mental health nurse so I have had to check a patient's consciousness level exactly two times in my whole career. We've got corners we cut too though!

    [–] Transforming tattoo _tarasbulba 6 points ago in gifs

    I'm a nurse in the UK and we aren't allowed to do sternum rubs. We do trapezius pinch.

    Also I have a sternum tattoo and two on my big toes. Toes were worse.

    [–] What's a product or service you should NEVER cheap out on? _tarasbulba 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah I ended up getting a super cheap tattoo because the artist absolutely loved the design. £160 for something like that took 3.5 hours, should have been more like £300. I kept trying to give him more money but he wouldn't accept it.

    [–] Just turned a doodle into a Chad, hope you like it. _tarasbulba 19 points ago in virginvschad

    With some more bulge this could be real Chad of Finland shit.

    [–] Has no idea what Brexit is _tarasbulba 0 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ShitAmericansSay

    No. Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have devolved parliaments, these typically have some legislative powers (with the majority coming from Westminster) but have significant control over budgets.

    And are all equally represented in it.

    This is up for debate. Much of the progress towards devolution in the 90s was a response to constituent countries feeling that they were not represented by the Westminster government.

    Edit: Wales is totally a country. Sorry Welsh peeps.

    [–] How are these KenM posts found by you guys? _tarasbulba 2 points ago in KenM

    Please limit your posts to reposts of Ken M.

    [–] This rebel with a cause. _tarasbulba 9 points ago in firstworldanarchists

    I used to live opposite Christopher Biggins. He was a great neighbour.

    [–] We can live in harmony (Without blue and orange) _tarasbulba 1 points ago in flairwars

    I am willing to put aside our differences to say that you are totally correct my red friend.

    [–] We can live in harmony (Without blue and orange) _tarasbulba 2 points ago in flairwars

    Tinky Winky was always the best teletubby. Coincidence? Probably not.

    [–] Comment to gain a team [Megathread] _tarasbulba 1 points ago in flairwars

    Orange orange orange orange orange

    [–] Archimedes von Cat _tarasbulba 12 points ago in FromKittenToCat

    He's about 3 weeks in that picture maybe. I fostered him and his brother and their mum and they were less than a week old when they got to us. Here is a picture of him the day we got him, I think he's about 4 days old here.

    [–] Watch your step, man _tarasbulba 20 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    You think that's funny? Our former prime minister also thought that.