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    [–] Japanese notion of Ikigai _tarasbulba 1 points ago in coolguides

    Yeah I'm a nurse and I'm definitely in that triangle.

    [–] NiceGuy gets absolutely destroyed _tarasbulba 19 points ago in niceguys

    As Orwell said, "never use a long word where a short one will do."

    [–] Baby. _tarasbulba 3 points ago in BatshitBusDrivers

    Baby Driver.

    [–] Mini Toad in the Hole _tarasbulba 8 points ago in GifRecipes

    All English food is low fat.

    [–] Beefy taste _tarasbulba 1 points ago in CasualUK

    I'm sure. I'm surprised they're not from the same root.

    [–] Beefy taste _tarasbulba 1 points ago in CasualUK


    [–] Finnish ski jumping team _tarasbulba 2 points ago in gifs

    Why is there no data for Bhutan? I need to know about their metal scene now.

    [–] Beefy taste _tarasbulba 3 points ago in CasualUK

    Bovril is literally beef tea.

    [–] Beefy taste _tarasbulba 2 points ago in CasualUK

    It's in Yorkshire.

    [–] Which podcasts do you listen to? _tarasbulba 9 points ago in AskUK

    Also Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.

    [–] The struggle is real _tarasbulba 12 points ago in nursing

    I'm a psychiatric nurse, at least your guys have an excuse.

    [–] "I saw this 3 hours ago and tried to make this based on the recipe above (except I eliminated most..." [-312] _tarasbulba 2 points ago in NegativeWithGold

    I am desperate for a sub where people say "I made spaghetti bolognaise but I replaced the pasta with potatoes and the tomatoes with chicken soup and it was terrible". Anyone know of one?

    [–] Im German but i dont speak it _tarasbulba 2 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    I said Austrians as a joke. Much like the other guy said they are same thing to Swiss people, it was a joke based on these countries being culturally quite similar but with a distinct identity and each believing that they are superior to each other (in a mostly tongue in cheek way). Ask a Swede/Dane/Norwegian who is the best country in Scandinavia.

    I don't really get why Hitler was relevant.

    [–] Started a new antidepressant and experiencing serious food cravings, how can I better handle these? _tarasbulba 5 points ago in mentalhealth

    Are you taking mirtazapine? Increased appetite is a common side effect from this and in my experience (as a psychiatric nurse having seen many people take it) it's not one that usually goes away. People tend to crave carbs in particular.