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    [–] Why bother with r/soccer? _theMAUCHO_ 2 points ago in realmadrid

    Literally this. Like literally, not even an exageration. If I have to read one more "hurr durr that player cost Madrid as much as my club's entire budget" one more time I'mma bleach my eyes lol.

    [–] Mario Hermoso posted this on his story. Sadly he’s going to our hated enemies. Added to that that llorente is going there too makes me so sad. _theMAUCHO_ 1 points ago in realmadrid

    Dude I love your attitude and you're completely right. Atletico has always been our jealous neighbor, trying to keep up without having what it takes to do so. And you're right. We don't really hate them, we just don't care about them. We cool like that. 😎

    Thanks for the reminders. ❤

    [–] Am I the only one who doesn’t want Neymar at Real? _theMAUCHO_ 2 points ago in realmadrid

    I used to want him but he's become kinda injury prone and his media antics and shiz just don't do it for me anymore. Hope he doesn't come tbh.

    [–] When you have a dream,fight for it,you will be rewarded in the end.This is the moment that preceded our Champions League domination. _theMAUCHO_ 51 points ago in realmadrid

    Iconic image. Will never forget this and all that followed. A true example that it's not over til it's over and you should NEVER give up. You never know what life might bring!!

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ 1 points ago in soccer

    Your nba thing is just you talking out of your ass, your F1 thing as well, I've seen people from all over the world rooting for Hamilton in his breakthrough season, for example, tons others cheered for and supported Schumacher. Again with music, so frequency has something to do now? What if a fan only goes to a couple matches a season cause he can't afford the tickets, he's also a plastic?

    Dude, I've seen COUNTRIES be affected and celebrate a single singer's grammy win, so stop talking out of your ass.

    Basically all I'm reading is "This is like this and this and this and not like that because I said so." Fuck right off lmao. In the end millions of international fans will keep celebrating their teams' victories while you keep being a salty, delusional fuck. Lates.

    [–] Manchester City triggers €12m buy-back clause for PSV Eindhoven's Angeliño _theMAUCHO_ 1 points ago in soccer

    Ohhh shit he's a BEAST on my Fifa 19 career mode team. One of the best fullbacks I've used tbh.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ 1 points ago in soccer

    Have you seen kpop fans? I'm done arguing though. The way I see it, I am happy supporting madrid and I always will, Florentino is happy with international fans and understands Real draws fans from all over the world and is happy about it.

    If both parties are happy with it, I don't really think the opinion of some salty or gatekeeping randos on the internet is gonna do anything at all to that mutually benficial relationship. So yeah, you do you mate.

    [–] Pogba to reporters in Tokyo. “I have in Manchester 3 years; some good moments and some bad moments, like everybody. I think for me it could be a good time to have a new challenge somewhere else." _theMAUCHO_ 3 points ago in soccer

    Agreed. I would even argue that peak Ronaldinho is in contention for GOAT or at least top 20 in history. Idk, I've never seen anyone bring so much joy to his game like that, he made everything looked effortless and made it seem like he was playing with his neighborhood buddies. He was magical. This is coming from a Madrid fan too so I don't really feel the need to overrate him or anything lmao.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ 1 points ago in soccer

    Alright bro I'll entertain you for a bit.

    Mate you're not even from Madrid, I'm sure you cheering against your TV will really help the team out.

    I never claimed that they would hear my cheers from the TV, but you know how international fans help out? Buying merchandise and jerseys, creating communities both online and offline for fans to gather (The famous "Peñas madridistas" that are all over the world), being actual "socios" or "members" that make you pay an annual fee like I have some friends who are and I eventually will when I can afford it and watching the games that casuals won't even touch like a Madrid - Levante or most teams that aren't Barca, Atletico or an European competition. It also helps brand recognition and increasing ad revenue than say, a club that's only watched and supported by their 20k people village or town.

    Your connection with the club is just because you're a glory hunter who chose one of the biggest clubs in the world, you only identify with them because you wanted to support a big club.

    This is false and basically you talking out of your ass. I love everything about Madrid and have done so for more than 18 years. The highs and lows and it wasn't easy. Most people in my country instantly supported Barca when Messi appeared, they knew they had the upper hand for years. It wasn't easy at all but I always said that was just a fad, that only true fans would remain when their golden generation had run out (Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, etc.). True enough a lot of people stopped supporting them and just watched as neutrals once their CL performances weren't good enough and Madrid started making a comeback.

    The locals have an infinitely bigger connection because they are linked to the club.

    Linked as in? Being walking distance to the stadium? What about people who can't afford tickets to go, what if someone was raised somewhere but then moved out at any age. At what point do they become plastic?

    If you have any actual arguments I'll be happy to hear them, otherwise keep yelling "PLUHSTIK FANS" all you want, no one gives a fuck. Or rather no one should. Now fuck off and go spread your misery elsewhere, getting tiring at this point. Lates.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ -3 points ago in soccer

    Whatever you say playa, I'll let you know if I ever move to Madrid to earn your "true fan" badge. Oh wait I won't. Idgaf what a rando redditor thinks. Florentino already acknowledges and even thanks Real's international fans. What gives? 😂 Adios.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ -6 points ago in soccer

    Lmao, I rooted for Madrid when we were getting knocked out of the CL round of 16 by the likes of Lyon. I rooted for Madrid when our biggest rival had Ronaldinho and then Messi, who a lot of people argue is the best player of all time. I suffered our 5-1, 6-2 and so on losses like I was there with them.

    You don't get to define shit. And you're making a lot of assumptions for an ignorant englishman with his head up his ass. Perhaps that's just the problem. You just don't have the intelligence to understand the reach of globalization and can only resort to saying things like "MUH LOCAL TEAM!!" "GLUHRY HUNTURS!!" "PLUHSTIK FANS!!'

    I'm done here you ignorant motherfucker, have fun rooting for My Ass FC, since you wanna be geographycally accurate, that's exactly where your head's at. Lates.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ -5 points ago in soccer

    Let me rephrase it then, if Real Madrid is playing ANY match against anyone at the Bernabéu and I'm at home, you can bet your ass I'm gonna be cheering more passionately and fiercely than some of the LOCALS who don't feel as drawn or identified with the club as I do.

    Better? Or do you want me to do drawings you dumb fuck.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ -4 points ago in soccer

    That's not for you to define. If my country is in the World Cup and I'm at home, you can bet your ass I'm gonna be cheering more passionately and fiercely than a random ass tourist who only got tickets to that game but is actually in the stadium.

    Fuck off with your gatekeeping bullshit. Being a true fan is a feeling, not a location.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-06-16] _theMAUCHO_ -8 points ago in soccer

    Agreed, some people here are so dumb. They root for NBA teams, celebrate F1 victories by ppl from other countries, idolize non-local singers, bands and movie stars like they're gods amongst us, but apparently if you're not born less than 1000 kms from the club you like you can't be a true fan.

    Fuck that.