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    [–] Europe vs USA: daily confirmed Covid-19 cases _underrated_ 61 points ago in europe

    On the other hand Europe is much more densely populated so it's easier for the virus to spread. Most Americans live in suburbs etc..., and Europe is filled with densely populated cities.

    [–] Buying from another IP. Will that work, and if it does work will it get me banned? _underrated_ 2 points ago in Steam

    Yeah, ironically EU's price anti-discrimination laws are quite discriminatory in itself, especially when talking about digital goods.

    [–] [TOMT] [Song] What other song does this part sounds like? _underrated_ 1 points ago in tipofmytongue

    I must go to thispost and comment at least once before anyone will see it

    [–] Questions thread (2020-06-01 to 2020-06-30) _underrated_ 1 points ago in rpcs3

    I did read this but that thing had 0kb at that point for some reason. It also says that you can paste on pastebin if it's not too long

    But anyways now that I look at it again it has 1MB or so, so here it is

    [–] Questions thread (2020-06-01 to 2020-06-30) _underrated_ 1 points ago in rpcs3

    Yeah, I guess. But I didn't really expect 3-6 FPS since I played Zelda BOTW which is far newer game with better graphics on CEMU with 30ish FPS. I know there are two completely different emulators for different systems but still. My only previous experience with emulators of any kind.

    As for log files not sure how to download them, but my config is default, and I only changed Vulkan to be as renderer which seems like

    Anyways I just copy pasted log that says below to pastebin here . Not sure if that's it.

    [–] Questions thread (2020-06-01 to 2020-06-30) _underrated_ 1 points ago in rpcs3

    Hi I just installed rpcs3 for first time yesterday after finding out Little Big Planet is playable, and that's pretty much the only playable game so far that I want to play from PS3.

    Only game before I played emulated was that latest Zelda game from some emulator called CEMU and that thing ran very well.

    But now I installed the Little Big Planet and damn performance is like 4-5 FPS.

    So what kind of machine do you need to run game of old PS3 graphics to play Little Big Planet at decentish 25ish FPS at least?

    My PC is definitely older at this point: rx 580, i5-4460, but still 5 FPS seems crazy. Am I doing something wrong? Is there way to improve it?

    [–] The actors on 'The Office' got paid more to pretend to work at an office than people that actually work at offices. _underrated_ 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Coming from r/all, but I mean how is this thing frontpage worthy. Of course actors on most successful shows get paid more than characters they're playing unless they're like Downton Abbey or Empire characters or some shit.

    [–] Muggsy Bogues mix _underrated_ 2 points ago in nba

    The height of Muggsy Bogues, complexion of a hockey puck

    [–] 27 years ago, the NBA lost one of the greatest players at the time - The basketball Mozart Dražen Petrović _underrated_ 79 points ago in nba

    Yes here is picture of Steph Curry with his father Dell Curry and Drazen sitting close to them

    It's a pic from an all star week in 1992 and Dell and Drazen were amongst 3pt shooting contesters. Also, Drazen's mother looked out for him for short while when Dell was shooting 3s.

    [–] Ljepote Istre... Pozdrav iz Novigrada _underrated_ 6 points ago in croatia

    Joj nostalgija za ovom igricom. Nisam fan fantasy zanra ali ova igra je remek djelo. Vjerojatno najbolja igrica svih vremena. Skoro pa savrsena sa svakog aspekta. 2 DLC-a takoder vrhunska.

    [–] What would Drazens career end up looking like had he lived? _underrated_ 2 points ago in nba

    Dude he already had third team all nba the season when he died. Jordan was retiring next season, so if Drazen kept imrpvoing just a bit he would've been first team all nba next year.

    Plus Houston were probably about to sign him and Tomjanovich was looking into it. Imagine Hakeem and Drazen on that Rockets team.

    [–] What would Drazens career end up looking like had he lived? _underrated_ 3 points ago in nba

    Man if only he signed for Houston. Hakeem and Drazen and then duels with Bulls in finals.

    [–] What would Drazens career end up looking like had he lived? _underrated_ 1 points ago in nba

    Stockton was a point guard. He would've made it instead of Jordan there. Even in season prior where he made all nba third team he probably should've made all nba second team ahead of Joe Dumars and only behind Jordan who is in first team, but it was a tight call.

    [–] Official Q&A for Wednesday, May 20, 2020 _underrated_ 1 points ago in running

    I guess but it's different shaving minute and a half from a 20 minute run, and shaving a minute and a half from a 25:45 run

    [–] Official Q&A for Wednesday, May 20, 2020 _underrated_ 1 points ago in running

    I mean is it really hard to think that I can't improve my time to 4:45 when my time is 5:09 from start? Today if I pushed myself a bit more I definitely could have gone like 5:03 for sure just today

    [–] Official Q&A for Wednesday, May 20, 2020 _underrated_ 1 points ago in running

    I have to add that I don't want to run too much. I already have problems with staying my weight, and especially problems bulking because it's hard for me to eat 3.5k+ calories daily regularly, so yeah I don't want to burn too much.

    I don't plan to professionally do it or something, it's just my goal is to improve those times, and I would like to at least be able to do 4:45 per 1km 5k, or some day 4:30.

    [–] Official Q&A for Wednesday, May 20, 2020 _underrated_ 1 points ago in running

    Ok I have not ran in longer time because of some toenail recurring issues, smaller leg injuries etc..., so this past 2 weeks of running I went slowly to 5k distance (first 3k, then 3.5k etc...). Today I ran a 5k after a really long time and time was very meh with 5:09 per kilometer. So 5k was ran in 25:45.

    What is the best way to improve my 5k now? By running longer distances or? And when do you think I could achieve at least 4:45 or 4:30 per kilometer if I keep running 2-3 times a week?