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    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-12-11] _underrated_ 12 points ago in soccer

    Lol just saw video of Sterling on his birthday party

    Basically dry humping some chick that has her boobs out few metres away from his soon-to-be wife, and then his soon-to-be wife swoops in so he starts dry humping her in front of hundreds of people on party.

    Bit trashy if you ask me.

    [–] [Highlight] 5'9'' Chris Clemons goes UP for the slam! _underrated_ 14 points ago in nba

    Standin reach is more important than height. You're not dunking with your head. I am 6'3'' but can't dunk because along with not the best jump I have short wingspan and therefore not great standing reach.

    [–] Maradona's iconic warmup before the game _underrated_ 3 points ago in soccer

    This is him training before 1994 WC in definitely not ideal conditions

    [–] Giannis is feeling it tonight _underrated_ 28 points ago in nba

    It's not basketball clip, but this having fun in warmup stuff reminds me of this iconic Maradona's warmup before game

    [–] Statement by employer of the racist Man City fan _underrated_ 2 points ago in soccer

    Supposedly his sacking was caught live by Amazon cameras and will be part of Tottenham's documentary.

    [–] I found Maurice Harkless’s wallet, and this is what happened. _underrated_ 1 points ago in nba

    maybe you should be mindful of how you come across to others.

    maybe you should too because you sound like you have the biggest stick stuck in your asshole

    [–] I found Maurice Harkless’s wallet, and this is what happened. _underrated_ 3 points ago in nba

    But I bet you wouldn't be excusing Mo if it was someone without ''checkmark'' for being 'oh so pestered'. He basically sent him 4 message when it was coming close to that promised game against Orlando. They were sent in span of different days.

    He couldn't keep a small promise of sending two freaking tickets which he gets for free anyways to a guy that saved him from losing his wallet that was probably filled with a lot of credit cards, ID cards, licenses and shit that would take a lot of paperwork and hassling to do again, and he paid for priority mail as he stated.

    It was least he could do and he just ghosted him. Not like he's some superstar either so he forgets after having so many people's requests all the time. He was just being a prick.

    [–] I found Maurice Harkless’s wallet, and this is what happened. _underrated_ 0 points ago in nba

    Well this guy paid out of his own money for priority mail shipping and gave him. He might now own him a fucking dime, but that doesn't mean Mo is not a piece of shit in this scenario. Can't keep his little promise that costs him nothing.

    [–] I found Maurice Harkless’s wallet, and this is what happened. _underrated_ 1 points ago in nba

    Quick google search says priority mail through USPS is about $20 for items like that. Plus he actively searched for him and sent him all that, and he's a millionaire who PROMISED to hook him up with something in return for it before he sent priority mail to it.

    And yes you do sound like celebrity asslicker (you wrote like: OMG he was pestering shit out of MO for sending few messages asking what he was promised for BOO fucking HOO) like many people in this thread and Internet in general always finding excuses for people like this: ''like hey he's a ''celebrity'' he doesn't have time for this.''

    I definitely wouldn't act like OP either who acted like asslicker himself, but I would've just told him to fuck off for being a bitch after he didn't keep his promise.

    [–] I found Maurice Harkless’s wallet, and this is what happened. _underrated_ 0 points ago in nba

    Borrow me $1000. Then you can pester me as much as you want, I won't give it to you. I'll just accuse you of being desperate and cringy as fuck for wanting your money.

    [–] I found Maurice Harkless’s wallet, and this is what happened. _underrated_ 1 points ago in nba

    Don't be a celebrity asslicker. If someone finds my wallet then goes through trouble of finding me and then paying for priority mail to ship it for me, I would be huge asshole if I didn't offer something in return. And I'd be double the asshole if I promised something then didn't deliver on it.

    So much athlete/celebrity worshipping by people of you it's mental.

    [–] Do you think Drazen Petrovic and Arvydas Sabonis could've been top 25 NBA players ever if they had circumstances (explained in post) going their way? _underrated_ 5 points ago in nba

    Not sure why not. Do you think Larry Bird would ever become close to what he was if he had same circumstances like Drazen?

    If Larry was born in Yugoslavia. Had to go to military at age of 19. Forced to play against inferior opposition which is a lot behind him until age of 25 so not too much room for bigger progress and game advancement. Not being trusted because of his nationality when coming to NBA etc...

    [–] Do you think Drazen Petrovic and Arvydas Sabonis could've been top 25 NBA players ever if they had circumstances (explained in post) going their way? _underrated_ 6 points ago in nba

    No disrespect to Drazen but it takes more than an all-nba third team prime to be a top 25 player.

    Dude I'm obviousyl not talking tha him being in nba third team one year is enough to be considered anywhere near that. I was just stating that in his second season after he was given chance he made all-nba third team, and he kind of could've gotten into 2nd over Joe Dumars that season tbh, but irrelevant. My point was Trailblazers didn't trust him, even though he was certainly more than capable of being All Nba level player.

    My main point is if he had same opportunity like most Americans going through college system had, or that today's Europeans (because of pioneers like Drazen) have.

    I mean nowadays you can get a bum like Dragan Bender who is scoring 2PPG and 1 RPG in Israeli league go number 4 in draft. Drazen was at the same age averaging 33 PPG in Cibona (in 40 minute games). And drazen was barely 60th pick overall.

    I'm jsut saying he was immense talent, biggest in Europe. If he could develop linearly from age of 18 in highest competitions without having go to military and all those other obstructions, I think he would possibly have enough to reach top 25 level.

    [–] Do you think Drazen Petrovic and Arvydas Sabonis could've been top 25 NBA players ever if they had circumstances (explained in post) going their way? _underrated_ 10 points ago in nba

    Yeah that is also one of circumstances of course

    But I'm talking mostly about if Drazen had opportunity like Doncic.

    Own in Europe (which he did even in 18 years of age then had to go to military for one year), come to NBA at early age (before 21) and be given a trustworthy role and good minutes (unlike what he was given first 2 seasons at Trailblazers)

    Drazen basically got his first opportunities in NBA at age of 26, and he instantly proved to be more than good enough and making all-nba third team in his second Nets season when he died just in his prime.

    [–] Bill Simmons: ''Flashing back to the 2018 Draft — when we did a Ringer live draft show and lost our minds because 3 teams passed on Luka Doncic. Important: THIS WAS CRAZY AT THE TIME.'' _underrated_ 1 points ago in nba

    You think Dirk is top 25 all-time?!?

    Many lists have him as top 25. Doesn't matter. He's probably top 30-40 almost certainly.

    Fact is, petrovic wasn't even top 25 in the league during his best season, so no way he sniffs top 25 all time in any circumstance

    Lol he was in All-nba third team for the last season he played. That means he was top 15, top 3 for position of SG. Don't be so ridiculously ignorant.

    And basically, you think if history was completely different and everything went perfectly for Petrovic he'd have ended up a better player than Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett or Wilt Chamberlain or Charles Barkley? Come on, man

    I'm just saying if he had normal opportunity like Europeans today have because of people like him without all those obstacles. That's not asking for much. Players that you counted like Tim Duncan, KG or Barkley definitely wouldn't have become top 25 players if they had to go to army for a year when they were 18, and couldn't leave Yugoslavian country until age of 27 (of course he bypassed that law and somehow went at age of 24 to Spain, but still).

    Again, 80s and 90s European competition was terrible compared to the NBA, so talking about guys who dominated in Greece or Serbia rolling with Magic or Shaq or Kareem or Bird is just hilarious.

    Why wouldn't he have chance to roll with someone like Bird? Do you think Larry Bird would become Larry Bird he is if he had obstacles liek Drazen did? You're the one being hilarious. Drazen had more obstacles to make it in NBA than all those people you mentioned COMBINED.

    Are you some American supremacist that you can't even fathom that 2 of the best Euros of 80s and early 90s (Sabonis and Petrovic) couldn't sniff at top 25 of of all time which is filled with Americans just because it was American based sport?

    Look at now that basketball became more popular recently and internationals got opportunity. There is a huge chance that in just 2 years 3 from top 5 players in NBA will be non-Americans.

    You don't even know countries btw. Drazen was from Croatia, but in former Yugoslavia, not in Greece, or in Serbia (who was part of Yugoslavia). He owned in Yugoslavia and in Euroleague against best European teams.

    If you don't think 7 foot 3 strong guy like Sabonis (same height as fucking Boban who can barely move) that could move more mobile than most 6 foot 10 people let alone 7 foot 3, that can physically outhandle every center, that could pass well, shoot well, play big minutes etc..., couldn't sniff at top 25 of all time in NBA history if he went there at age of 19 is delusional, and just reeks of American superiority and ignorance.

    [–] Bill Simmons: ''Flashing back to the 2018 Draft — when we did a Ringer live draft show and lost our minds because 3 teams passed on Luka Doncic. Important: THIS WAS CRAZY AT THE TIME.'' _underrated_ 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in nba

    Petrovic is an interesting "what if", but was a bad defender, and saying he could've been top 25 all time is hilariously delusional.

    I meant he could've been top 25 if he was born in era of opportunities, the ones that Doncic was provided with. Like if he was born with opportunities that Doncic had which was going from young age to best basketball academy in Europe, and then going to NBA at the age of 19.

    Petrovic was immense talent with right mentality. But you have to take into consideration he was born in an era where NBA didn't take international talent, he was born in Yugoslavia which stated that athletes have to stay in local leagues till age of 27 which he bypassed later on and through corruption went to Spanish league at age of 24. He had to miss a year of basketball for going to military at the age of 19. And then when he went to NBA he was one of the first European players there and simply didn't get chance mainly because of stereotype of Europeans.

    He was provided with much less opportunities and much more obstacles than someone like Doncic today has. I mean even fuckers like Dragan Bender get opportunity to be drafted 4th by getting 2PPG in Israeli league, and the reason even players like Bender get those opportunities is because of European pioneers in NBA like Petrovic, Divac, Marciulanis, Sabonis, Radja, Kukoc etc... At same age Bender was averaging 2PPG in Israeli league, Drazen was averaging 42 PPG for Cibona. Winning Eurocup with Cibona against Sabonis' Zalgiris. He scored 62 in Eurocup final in 40 minute match, not 48 like NBA.

    If Dirk who was never really seen as a talent at his age like Drazen, not even close could become top 25 player in NBA of all time, I don't know why Drazen couldn't if he had his stars alligned more with era and place he was born in. He paved way for other Europeans later on so they had it easier, and we live in an era where 19 year old European like Doncic could come into NBA and be given primary ballhandler role and everything based around him. No way anyone would give chance like that to European in Drazen's time. Doncic wouldn't have opportunity to do that if he was born in Yugoslavia in same era of Drazen. Same thing with Sabonis. He was a 7 foot 3 unicorn who could do anything.

    Not sure what is hilarious thinking he could've become top 25 in basketball history under different circumstances and if he was born with opportunities Doncic or today's European players have, or even better the opportunities that American guys have. I mean he and Sabonis were so ahead of everyone in Europe. They were top 2 euro guys of the 80s, early 90s. Now top 2 euro guys are Giannis and Doncic, both might have a shot at becoming top 25 best ever basketball players.

    [–] Lionel Messi is the 2019 Ballon d'Or winner! _underrated_ 2 points ago in soccer

    I don't care about those hipster opinions from people like you that watched maybe 2 games. Ask anyone in Croatia who watched all the games and 90%+ will tell you Modric was best player.

    People that watched like semi final and final will say Perisic or Rakitic.

    Yes it's true that Rakitic was also great, but he wasn't as good as Modric.

    [–] Lionel Messi is the 2019 Ballon d'Or winner! _underrated_ 3 points ago in soccer

    Yeah, as a Croatian I might have watched few minutes of Croatia that world cup if there wasn't anything more interesting on TV at the time, but go ahead tell me how he wasn't the best player because you're a Madrid fan.

    [–] Lionel Messi is the 2019 Ballon d'Or winner! _underrated_ 4 points ago in soccer

    He was also not even the best player for Croatia

    Umm, yes he absolutely was.