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    [–] New super edition will be called “Squirelflight’s Kin” _waffleiron 1 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    Greetings u/ellierowen. Thank you for your submission, unfortunately it has been removed from /r/thedawnpatrol for the following reason(s):

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    [–] Favorite LGBT ships and headcanons _waffleiron 3 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    I'm a big fan of RavenBarley and IvyBlossom, but a little more obscure ones would be:

    • Egg x Rockshade - basically two background characters, but near the end of SkyClan's Destiny it was mentioned that they were becoming good friends, then neither show up in Hawkwing's Journey and thinking they left the clans together is a nicer explanation than them dying in that timespan or forgotten by the editors.

    • Snowfur x Rosetail - I've seen Bluestar x Rosetail as a ship, but I think of Snowfur getting along with Rosetail more. They'd have similar personalities and enjoy gossip and talking she-cat things, but sadly Snowfur goes with Rosetail's brother, Thistleclaw.

    • Lionblaze x Foxpaw - I like the idea of Foxpaw admiring Lionblaze a lot and constantly trying to get his attention.

    • Tigerheart x Fernsong - more of a funny interaction than an actual ship, but I like to think of Tigerheart as a big flirt and one time at a Gathering he chats up Fernsong, thinking he's a pretty she-cat and upsets both Dovewing and Ivypool.