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    [–] Leader Ratio of Toms to She-cats _waffleiron 1 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    Most of these leaders are from Codes of the Clans, and something I was thinking about was if Holmes intentionally wrote ThunderClan with having no she-cats so Bluestar stuck out more, considering the circumstances she went through to become leader. Codes was published in June '09 and Bluestar's Prophecy published about a month and a half later. Doestar is a she-cat that existed previously, but her only appearance was in Goosefeather's Curse which came out in 2015. So for a long time Bluestar was the only known she-cat leader for ThunderClan.

    [–] The Most Generations Alive _waffleiron 2 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    The must want to still be warriors until they're absolutely forced to retire. I forget how old the cats are. I still think of Lionblaze as a young tom but he's a grandpa now. And I'm a bit sad that Sandstorm died back in TAQ, she was around Graystripe's age and he's still around. She could've lived to see her grandkits have grandkits.

    [–] RedditClan needs more Warriors! _waffleiron 1 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    It's what Victoria Holmes expected the SkyClan symbol to look like before the official one was out.

    [–] Leader Ratio of Toms to She-cats _waffleiron 2 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    Those are cats who I'm guessing are going to be the next leader.

    [–] Things you want to happen in Crowfeather's Trial? _waffleiron 1 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    I'm guessing it'll be similar to Bramblestar's Storm. It'll take place at least six moons after AVoS and preps Crowfeather to becoming Crowstar. He'll have to leave the clan to complete some task to prove his loyalty once and for all hence the trial in the title. On the way he'll spend time thinking about Leafpool and the kits he had with her while forgetting about Nightcloud and Breezepelt. There will be at least one death, one of the WindClan background characters.

    [–] What's a food that gets worse the classier people try to make it? _waffleiron 0 points ago in AskReddit

    Wow, never heard of those, reminds of carne asada fries or poutine . Fries with cheese is always a good combination.

    [–] Weekly Reread | Bramblestar's Storm _waffleiron 1 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    I got those scenes I liked:



    “Why would you risk your own Clan to help Tawnypelt and ShadowClan?” Squirrelflight asked.

    Bramblestar thought of the scene he had just watched in the clearing. He knew that it might be destroyed if he went ahead with his plan. But it didn’t change a thing in his mind.

    “Because I’d do anything to help my sister,” he meowed, meeting his deputy’s green gaze. “As would you.”

    As he spoke, Bramblestar finally understood why Squirrelflight had lied to him about the kits. He had already forgiven her, because he knew that she had been trying to do the best for every cat, but only now did he appreciate the impulse that had made her build so much upon something that wasn’t true. “That’s why you did what you did, isn’t it? You took Leafpool’s kits because you loved her.”

    Squirrelflight nodded, her eyes so full of feeling that he guessed she couldn’t find words to answer.

    “I have nothing but respect for your courage,” he told her. Looking down into the clearing again, he saw Lionblaze sprawled contentedly beside his mate, and Jayfeather happily bossing Briarlight around. “We raised three fine cats,” he mewed, remembering Hollyleaf’s brave death when she sacrificed herself to save Ivypool.

    He and Squirrelflight sat in silence, gazing down at their kits and their other Clanmates, cheerful in the sunlight below. Bramblestar felt Squirrelflight’s fur touch his, and he felt closer to her than he had for seasons, as if the glow of sunshine was enfolding them.

    “I’ll support you, Bramblestar,” Squirrelflight murmured. “If you want to take ThunderClan into battle on ShadowClan’s behalf, I will be with you.”


    He looked at Squirrelflight, who had gone back to struggling with the branch. Behind him, he could hear Lionblaze talking to Cinderheart. “How many kits do you think we’ll have?”

    Then Jayfeather’s voice, raised in annoyance, drifted across the camp. “How many times do I have to tell you apprentices? Watch where you’re putting your paws when you come into my den. That’s a whole bunch of yarrow crushed!”

    My sons are so grown up, so confident and talented. How could I have regretted raising them for a single moment? Grief surged up inside Bramblestar. “I miss Hollyleaf,” he blurted out.

    Squirrelflight let the branch drop. “So do I.”

    She looked so heartbroken, her eyes wide and full of sorrow as if the pain had never left, that Bramblestar choked on the words he would have liked to stay. Instead he rested his head against Squirrelflight’s, hoping that the touch would bring her comfort.

    Ch20 - Probably my favorite one

    “Yes! Let’s drive them off!” Thornclaw yowled.

    Blossomfall worked her claws into the ground. “The forest is for warriors, not for kittypets!”

    Bramblestar noticed that Frankie and Minty were looking a bit unnerved by the protests against kittypets. Millie leaned over to them and Bramblestar heard her whisper, “Don’t worry, they don’t mean you. They get like this sometimes.”

    [–] Does Sol deserve the Dark Forest? _waffleiron 6 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    When he was a kit he really wanted to be a warrior and take part in clan life, but after his experience in SkyClan he was set on destroying the clans because he wasn't cut out for that kind of life. I don't think he deserves the DF but he would pick that over StarClan.