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    [–] What is the most outside food you’ve been able to sneak into a movie theater? _waffleiron 1 points ago in AskReddit

    When my siblings and I went to see one of the Harry Potter movies we stuffed a backpack with spam sandwiches, bags of chips, and water bottles. It was pretty great.

    [–] Dear Reddit, What food item is always on your shopping list? _waffleiron 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Milk, eggs, bread, butter, whatever meat is cheap or on sale. The usual.

    Then a snack of some kind, usually oreos, I always try out their new flavors. Spicy cinnamon was gross, but the peeps were good.

    [–] What was your high school's tragedy? _waffleiron 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Senior year a group of kids got into a car accident. One girl died, another girl was in a wheelchair for a few months. During our graduating year's panoramic photo some people printed out a poster of the girl who passed away's face and held it up.

    [–] AVoS#6 Raging Storm and Crowfeather's Trial Summary _waffleiron 2 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    I was expecting Crowfeather's Trial to happen during or after AVoS so we'd see him as deputy, then Harestar dying in some way so he could be leader. I wasn't expecting it take place after OotS. I'm interested in seeing some flashbacks to Leafpool, maybe even Feathertail.

    Mostly I want to see Crowfeather abuse Breezepelt. In Dovewing's Silence Dustpelt wouldn't let Birchfall help bury Ferncloud and was cold to him the whole time, I'm curious on how Crowfeather would treat his son considering they don't have a good relationship. I wonder if he wanted Breezepelt to be banished after supporting the DF, he can't have been happy that Onestar forgave him. Then cue Nightcloud coming in to defend him. I'm hoping this SE isn't a journey book.

    For Raging Storm there's not much I can anticipate without reading Darkest Night first, but it looks like Tigerstar II has finally returned. Maybe Leafstar will die in some way so Hawkstar can become the new leader, so long as SkyClan stays for good I'll be happy.

    [–] Warriors: Fire Alone | TRAILER _waffleiron 1 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    Hell yeah, I'm always eager for Warriors content.

    They got rid of Spottedleaf and I'm wondering if Longtail got cut too, Sandpaw's dialogue sounds like she could be his replacement, plus Firepaw's rival would also be his love interest. Then Redtail died in the battle with WindClan...

    Here's some guesswork--

    Fausti.A - Rusty/Firepaw
    Cour - Lionheart
    Dat Ass Is Cash/Tom - Graypaw
    River Wolf - Whitestorm
    Selneversleeps - Sandpaw
    Blixemi - Bluestar
    KindledFlame - ???
    StarxHusky - Yellowfang
    Illbringyoudown - ???
    fluffylovey - ???
    ThatScruffyDuckling - ???
    Manguydude - ???
    HulluRichie - ???
    TangleClaw - ???
    Nickie Limie - ???
    FelineSeraphim - ???
    Tennelle Flowers - ???

    10 other characters to be revealed and enact the entire original series. I want to hear Tigerclaw's voice and I hope Ravenpaw stays in. Prettyhype.

    [–] Anyone have pdfs of these books? _waffleiron 1 points ago in thedawnpatrol

    I suggest checking out the guides on r/piracy for further material. Myanonamouse is also a great resource. I also suggest downloading Calibre for all your converting needs, as this link is epub only. If you're converting to pdfs you can use Vivpdf for further editing purposes.

    Now with all that being said here's the link to the books OP has asked for. There is no digital copy available for The Tygrine Cat so that's the only one missing.

    [–] What's a good hobby to get into if you're in your 20s? _waffleiron 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting any kind of outdoor activity.

    [–] You have 30$ left for a month worth of food, what would you buy? _waffleiron 1 points ago in AskReddit

    $30? No problem.

    Rice, potatoes, beans, chicken, plus any spices you want.

    [–] When You’re a Gamer But Also a Long-Haul Trucker _waffleiron 1 points ago in gaming

    Looks awesome OP. I remember when I passed through my terminal I'd occasionally see guys with their tv's set up in the driver's lounge just playing away. Then one time I was binging some weebtoons and didn't get enough sleep so I ended up coming in late for my unloading time. I had recently gotten a cpm increase, but it got scaled back. Shit sucked.