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    [–] Toronto van driver was incel, Facebook confirms aarghIforget 3 points ago in canada

    (Long post, sorry, but hey: you asked.)

    I meant "knowing anything about the individuals themselves, and their own personal reasons for believing the things they do, before putting words in their mouths and treating them like the most despicable sort of person just because they're bitter, unfulfilled males who are publicly discussing their problems without having already 'manned up' and solved them on their own without anyone else's help so that they can become respect-worthy providers and protectors for women and their children instead of their default state of worthless, disposable, and pathetic wastes of space who are better off dead"... but I decided to go for the more concise phrasing, and hoped the rest would be inferred. >_>

    That said, I have absolutely no idea what's been going on in that subreddit these past few years, and I was only responding to the general implication (to anyone who might consider themselves the sort of person that fell into the category of 'involuntary celibates', rather than specifically a subscriber of the verboten subreddit) that anyone man who wanted a relationship but, through bad luck, appearance, personality traits, or, yes, poor attitudes & life choices, found themselves at odds with either the way relationships work, the expectations and desires women have of them, or just women's attitudes in general, and couldn't find love (whether or not for lack of trying) was some sort of despicable degenerate, no matter what path they took into that inherently-undesireable situation.

    ...and since it's more than likely quite obvious by now, yes, I was once subscribed to that subreddit a few years ago, although it wasn't long before I subsequently unsubscribed because I was sick of seeing people just venting their frustrations and depressing thoughts on my front page, rather than the occasional insightful or encouraging or even just plain supportive posts that I'd *hoped* would eventually appear there... and I actually still agree with many of the underlying concepts of the basic philosophy, despite having grown older and long-since given up on summoning the energy to even care about something that once drove me to the brink of suicide (or, rather, drove me to finally make the decision and then realize that I couldn't even go through with it (also not a whole lot of support or sympathy for men there, either, btw)), and despite 'misogyny' apparently being a requirement for membership, since I more instinctually followed the "don't hate the player, hate the game" kind of approach.

    So, no, I never supported 'celibate men's entitlement to women', but I can sure as hell identify with the voiced frustrations that many people often (infuriatingly) conflate with "entitlement"... although I'm certainly not defending anyone who genuinely behaves that way; I just think that, particulalry since the subreddit no longer exists and people have no reference for comparison, suggesting that all men who consider themselves 'involuntary celibates' for one reason or another are horrible, pityless creatures who deserve nothing but scorn and public shaming for their inadequacy is just fueling the fire, alienating them further and making them hate themselves and everyone around them even more than they already do. <_<

    [–] Toronto van driver was incel, Facebook confirms aarghIforget 2 points ago in canada

    Trouble is, they've already decided that the sort of men that women actually like (i.e. 'Chad') are not the sort of men they want to be...

    [–] Toronto van driver was incel, Facebook confirms aarghIforget 17 points ago in canada

    There's also a case to be made for not painting them with such a wide brush and bashing them as mercilessly and unempathetically as people are doing here, as well as any other time the topic comes up.

    Attempting to bring them back into the fold somehow would probably be a lot more productive than telling them all that they're toxic and evil and wrong and should GTFO without even knowing anything about them (which is basically what they've come to expect from society, already.)

    [–] Toronto van driver was incel, Facebook confirms aarghIforget 5 points ago in canada

    ...okay, yeah, this is just gonna be one of those threads, isn't it... >_>

    [–] Toronto van driver was incel, Facebook confirms aarghIforget 131 points ago in canada

    No, see, I don't think you're quite understanding his point...

    [–] This has saved me a lot of time when I fill up states side. aarghIforget 1 points ago in canada

    Link #1 refers to something I explicitly pointed out in my second paragraph.

    Link #2 is broken, but when you delete all the crap after 'fraud', it loads and suggests only that because EMV chips work, the focus has shifted over to online fraud, instead.

    ...I don't see your point. <_<

    [–] This has saved me a lot of time when I fill up states side. aarghIforget 1 points ago in canada

    Check the literature.

    Okay, I did. And while technically I misspoke and should have said NFC instead of RFID (although they are the same thing -- one's just a fancier version of the other, with more standards and protocols tacked onto it), the literature otherwise confirms what I said, and no, you can't read a chip card from a distance and anything you've read that suggests as much is just FUD from competing companies or banks that refuse to join the 21st century, or people trying to sell you overpriced wallets with some fancy tin foil in them.

    The only thing that chip card owners need to worry about is the 'chip shimmer' that sits in between the reader and the chip itself, and even then, that's only a problem with outdated/poorly-standardized cards. Anything else you're hearing is just Americans being weird & stubborn, and fearing/sensationalizing change.

    Think about it: there's no antenna. How would it even work...? ...'Van Eck phreaking' is technically a thing, but the only time I've ever heard of it actually being used is in the initial proof-of-concept, and in the excellent Neal Stephenson novel Cryptonomicon that introduced me to the concept (although I can't really claim to know what the NSA is up to these days...), and that's more like what one would consider to be a form of engineering humour: technically possible, but ludicrously difficult and unlikely to work well, making it nearly pointless to implement... and that's trying to read the data (with a noticeably-large receiver antenna) from a powered device that unintentionally radiates EMI that can be reconstructed into valid data (the classic (only?) example being a computer monitor), much less a tiny, low-voltage EEPROM being used exclusively inside of a larger device that's likely both blocking and producing far stronger EMI signals than that of the chip itself.

    (Sorry; not tryin't'a berate you, here, I just wanted to provide a thorough and hopefully-entertaining/informative response.)

    [–] This has saved me a lot of time when I fill up states side. aarghIforget 2 points ago in canada

    You can also read that chip without touching it.

    What? ...are you sure you're not talking about the other RFID chip for tap?

    [–] Does anybody remember these freaky bugs from Freaky Stories? Canadian TV at it's finest aarghIforget 1 points ago in canada

    ...why do anti-drug people never seem to realize when their message is actually anti-prohibition, instead...? <_<

    [–] Does anybody remember these freaky bugs from Freaky Stories? Canadian TV at it's finest aarghIforget 3 points ago in canada

    And nightmare fuel. Don't forget the nightmare fuel... in fact, if somebody still has those creepy 90's puppets in storage somewhere, we should use the exact same ones, and have one of them die suddenly and horrifically on-screen, two seconds before the commercial ends.

    [–] Does anybody remember these freaky bugs from Freaky Stories? Canadian TV at it's finest aarghIforget 50 points ago in canada

    What the hell is that abomination, and why did anyone think either version of those commercials was good idea, much less paying for the remake to be pointlessly long, awful, and expensive? o_O

    [–] The police in PEI were on the lookout yesterday. aarghIforget 1 points ago in canada

    Oh my god, have you guys seen what happens to water when you put it in the freezer!? It goes solid! ...and if you use a little parts-organizer tray or something like that, you can make a bunch of handy little blocks that you can put in other liquids to make them cold too, without even putting them in the fridge! It's *super* convenient, and it's so easy that even a novice chef could do it!

    [–] The polished foil ball worth making... aarghIforget 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in oddlysatisfying

    I do! Anyone know where I should be looking for this foil?

    Edit: n/m. My first guess at the name of it was exactly right... it's called 'toner reactive foil', and it's not terribly expensive on Amazon, either... even, no less, which is usually a wasteland of "product not available" and ludicrously-inflated prices for things that only cost a few dollars south of the border (and that, naturally, they refuse to ship to Canada, too.) (Seriously; just last week, I wanted two little rubber fiber-optic cable tip protectors, and I could not get them for less than, like, seventy bucks. <_<)

    [–] The polished foil ball worth making... aarghIforget 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Ah, nice... That's exactly what I came here to find out. Thank you.

    [–] Color changing squeezable bulb aarghIforget 2 points ago in woahdude

    Was it as expensive as I remember?

    [–] Color changing squeezable bulb aarghIforget 12 points ago in woahdude

    Could also be a peizo sensor + microcontroller (which you'd need anyway.)

    [–] Attached a RFID tag to my watch, now I don't need to carry a keyfob in / out of my apartment complex aarghIforget 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in functionalprint

    Yeah, who still wears a watch...?

    Douglas Adams would be disappointed. >_>

    Edit: Apparently my interpretation of his condemnation of 'digital watches' was way off-base, and he actually only meant to imply that analog watches were clearly the superior choice (as opposed to more subtle and less cumbersome/restrictive/limited methods of telling time, or even just not being so terribly concerned with it in the first place) ...and now I'm disappointed... ._.

    (Do the Germans have a word for the feeling of losing respect for a hero figure after discovering something about them that you disagree with? ...'cause literally everything he said in defense of the concept in that video gave me Heldenschande, or whatever you'd call it... (probably that, if there isn't a pre-existing term: it's not pseudo-German gibberish, it's actually the best-sounding option that I managed to finagle out of the fish in my ear Google Translate.)

    [–] 1 In 3 Tim Hortons Customers Say Their Opinion Of The Chain Is Worsening: Angus Reid Institute aarghIforget 28 points ago in canada

    On a related note, the last time I went to my nearby KFC, I noticed that what seemed like the entire staff had been replaced by (I'm assuming) Indians. Apparently pretty much overnight, too, because I'd been there a few weeks before, too, and they didn't seem to be suffering for a lack of local employees.

    It was already clear what had happened, but when the delivery driver returned while I was waiting in line, the fact that he was also Indian really drove the point home. >_>

    (There's >80,000 people in this city, and not enough jobs. Are you telling me you suddenly couldn't find any locals willing to work for the recently-increased minimum wa-heyyyy wait a second...!)

    [–] Anyone else really good at "appearing" normal on first impressions? aarghIforget 3 points ago in aspergers

    After a quick googling for a list of the traits of sociopathy, my suspicion is confirmed:

    • Superficial charm and good intelligence.
    • Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking.
    • Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations.
    • Unreliability.
    • Untruthfulness and insincerity.
    • Lack of remorse and shame.
    • Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior.

    They don't struggle to learn social skills (in fact they excel at them, if they choose to), and they don't feel bad about abusing them or not fitting in. Whereas we, on the other hand, have trouble not volunteering information, much less outright lying, for example. And damned if we don't get filled anxiety over it.

    There's a world of difference, and yet you're right, people will often respond similarly and lump us together the moment they start seeing that there's something 'off' or unnatural about our behaviour. ._.