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    [–] Windows 10 October 2018 Update: The complete changelog aarghIforget 4 points ago * (lasted edited 15 hours ago) in Windows10

    • File Explorer Dark Theme

    Fucking finally... it pisses me off to no end that Microsoft won't let me customize the Windows theme beyond a few (absolutely awful) colours for the title bars ("Learn to like it, pleb!"/"You just hate change! Stop being stuck in the past!"), and vast-amounts-of-blindingly-bright whitespace or vast-amounts-of-disconcertingly-black whitespace, but at least now I'll be able to extend the latter to the file explorer. ...after three fucking years of devlopment. Any news on a sound theme that isn't utterly ridiculous, yet? Or, god forbid, a theme manager?

    • New clipboard with cloud support

    Yay! I'm sure I'll just love having my computer freeze for ten seconds and/or crash and/or pop up a helpful notification box about how I'm not doing things the way Microsoft would like me to every single time I copy a file. >_<

    Edit: Also...

    • You can't deny 1803 runs more stable than the initial release of Windows 10.

    That's like saying the current Star Wars movies "are better than the prequels, at least."

    • Subsystem for Linux

    This is genuinely impressive. I like this.

    • New Audio System that allows setting apps/programs to different sound outputs.

    This too. I could totally see that being useful. Amazing that it took until 2018 to become a thing, though.

    • DirectX 12

    Fuck this one, though. It was the only selling point for leaving Windows 7, originally, because they deliberately made it exclusive to 10, and Vulkan is a far more preferable API now anyway, regardless of whether or not the performance is only roughly comparable to DirectX 12.

    [–] AMD releases Ryzen 5 2600H and Ryzen 7 2800H specifications - APUs for gaming notebooks aarghIforget 1 points ago in Amd

    I prefer dd/mm/yyyy, but living here, it's always a crapshoot whenever you see a numeric date unless one of the smaller numbers is larger than 12. :/

    [–] AMD releases Ryzen 5 2600H and Ryzen 7 2800H specifications - APUs for gaming notebooks aarghIforget 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in Amd

    Right. yyyy/mm/dd is really only used for archival stuff. ...and apparently Eastern Asia.

    Either way, the point is: the US needs to fix its shit.

    [–] Almost $7 Million Funding Granted This Year by The DOE For Atomically Precise Manufacturing aarghIforget 3 points ago in singularity

    Ah, you're totally right; China is equally polarizing, but far more plausible as a modern-day technological threat. Thanks -- I've updated my post now with what I should have said in the first place.

    [–] Ridiculously photogenic German police and protestor aarghIforget 2 points ago in pics

    So... VHS recordings were both low-fidelity and degraded over time, right...? We weren't *actually* watching shows that were almost a completely indistinguishable blur of colours back then, were we?

    [–] Ridiculously photogenic German police and protestor aarghIforget 2 points ago in pics

    But also violence and tits, though... those aren't negatives.

    [–] Almost $7 Million Funding Granted This Year by The DOE For Atomically Precise Manufacturing aarghIforget 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in singularity

    Can someone please make a fake leak that shows Russia China spending $100 million on their own APM tech?

    [–] Not gonna lie, I wish this happened. aarghIforget 9 points ago in TeamFourStar

    Yeah, I felt like that "I did it my way" song was *super* anti-climactic and really out of place (especially given how long it went on), even though it did fit Cell's character.

    [–] Wikipedia generated over $114k revenue for Reddit in 2016, because posts with Wikipedia links get more views and generate more ad revenue. While Wikipedia content generates revenue for Reddit and Stack Overflow, those sites do not bring any benefit back to Wikipedia aarghIforget 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in science

    I donated to them a few years ago (whenever their donation banner first went balls-to-the-wall on the "gradual tiny line -> full page sob story" strategy), and while I was happy to send a bit of cash towards a good cause, I was later quite upset to learn that they apparently already have buttloads of cash.

    I understand that they have all sorts of other projects under their umbrella, but the tone and increasing urgency / final full-page coverage of the plea banner gave me the strong impression (although it was probably quite carefully worded to not specifically say) that they were genuinely desperate and struggling to survive because the hosting fees for such a large and frequently-used ad-free database of information were simply too much to bear.

    They do good things, and I'm sure my money wasn't wasted... but I still feel conned, somehow, even if it was for a good cause. But at least I can feel perfectly comfortable just shamelessly ignoring that banner without a second thought every year now, though, so I suppose that that in and of itself has made the donation worth it (despite my still bearing a grudge.)

    Edit: Made butts white.

    [–] In love with a girl - I think she’s the love of my life aarghIforget 1 points ago in AutisticAdults

    One great thing about girls with Asperger's is that they tend not to respond negatively to direct, upfront questions.

    [–] I painted Elon Musk smoking weed. aarghIforget 14 points ago in pics

    Well, the number of people throwing hissy-fits every time anyone so much as mentions his name does seem to be increasing...

    [–] Social Guilt aarghIforget 0 points ago in aspergers

    (That was one sarcastic statement, mocking the self-centred attitude of the girls who wouldn't let me wear the sunglasses.)

    [–] Social Guilt aarghIforget 2 points ago in aspergers

    You pervert.

    [–] Social Guilt aarghIforget 3 points ago in aspergers

    Ooh, and 'crippling depression'... don't forget the crippling depression!

    [–] Social Guilt aarghIforget 2 points ago in aspergers

    Yeah -- I still remember that horribly embarrassing thing I said twelve years ago, but I sure as hell bet she doesn't.

    [–] Social Guilt aarghIforget 5 points ago in aspergers

    I bet rage trees drop explosive pinecones.

    [–] Social Guilt aarghIforget 3 points ago in aspergers

    Oh, shit... you just made me remember that time in high school when I wore the clip-on sunglasses for my new prescription glasses indoors for, like, an entire week straight.

    I had to stop eventually, because the girls decided that I was only wearing them so that I could stare at their tits without getting caught (shouldn't that have been *better* than the alternative, though...?), and finally one of them confronted me and was threatening to slap me if I didn't stop wearing them.

    Would'a been nice if I could've just had my thing and not been accosted for doing something ever-so-slightly abnormal while trying to make myself more comfortable in that hellish environment. But *noooo*... gotta immediately force me back to normal and crush any attempts at developing self-confidence! >_<

    [–] TIL that Roald Dahl‘s daughter Olivia died of measles and, feeling guilty about not having been able to do anything for her, he became a staunch proponent of immunisation aarghIforget -4 points ago in todayilearned

    Wow, that's actually the 'Jim Carrey' that everyone is thinking of... I didn't know they were married (Wikipedia says 'partner', 2005-2010.)

    However, while I haven't read much of his writing, that style of prose just does not fit the image of him that I have in my head... it doesn't seem like the sort of thing he'd write about, doesn't seem like the style he'd write it in, and he strikes me as a reasonable and not-unintelligent person. So (particularly given their separation the very next year) what are the odds that he didn't actually even write a word of it himself, and she just browbeat him into letting her use his name on the article?

    [–] Really wholesome car owners aarghIforget 5 points ago in wholesomememes

    Yeah, the newer Cherokees sure do look determined to do something dastardly...

    I love it. It's rare to see such raw emotion in a car. :p