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    [–] Welcome To The Family - Poster Concept able2sv 1 points ago in Watsky

    Haha thanks! I actually did but I don’t think he saw it.

    [–] [Data Collection] 3 AM Showtimes able2sv 1 points ago in MoviePassClub

    I’m going to check-in for it. Worst case scenario I get banned, even though it’s really a problem on there end considering it totally prevents seeing any movie at any time.

    Also, iPhone, monthly, yes.

    [–] Hey Reddit, my name is Bo Burnham and I wrote and directed the film EIGHTH GRADE which is now in theaters NATIONWIDE. AMA. able2sv 1 points ago in IAmA

    As someone who creates work in so many different formats and media, what kind of stuff are you consuming for inspiration?

    On a similar note, for fans of Eighth Grade and your other work, what other artists do you recommend they go check out that may appeal in a similar way?

    [–] Buy songs off of albums? able2sv 3 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in boburnham

    Someone on here posted them as downloadable awhile back. Not sure if it’s still live but it may be

    Edit: here you go

    [–] NES, Sharpie on posterboard, 8.5" x 11" able2sv 1 points ago in Art

    Very nice! U/TechnicallyMagic is right that the composition could be more dynamic but nonetheless a nice idea and wonderful technique.

    Have you considered vectorizing this and using it any sort of print applications? Could be interesting.

    [–] I can go see eighth grade! Should I take my folks? able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    Depends on your relationship with your parents but I’d guess not. It’s not awful, but there will be 3 or 4 uncomfortable moments.

    [–] The One with the Pixels able2sv 15 points ago in howyoudoin

    You nailed it!

    [–] more dates for 8th grade in boston?? able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    Yea, specific times aren’t usually decided too far in advance, but there will be a wider release in the next few weeks

    [–] more dates for 8th grade in boston?? able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    It will be in theatres for several more weeks assuming no major surprises

    [–] visited a familiar building! able2sv 2 points ago in MrRobot

    I user to live 3 blocks away from that building and passed it every single day for all of last summer. Never made that connection!

    [–] Bo in Kimmel last night able2sv 2 points ago in boburnham

    I think there’s more to that story than we know. If it’s as simple and straightforward as Bo puts it, Bo is an ass for consistently calling out the guy.

    My guess is that teacher didn’t cast Elsie because of her stereotyped appearance and somewhat nerdy status, and that infuriates Bo. If that’s the case, he is more justifiable in that joke.