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    [–] Critique my Personal Monogram for my first assessment. Break me down able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    I think it could be slightly lighter. A thinner stroke would give you more control and legibility as well

    [–] Critique my Business Card able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    I actually don’t hate it as much as everyone here, but I agree it’s not particularly clever or successful. It’s just a very nice design with some powerful copy.

    I think the “version 1” makes very little sense. But the idea of a clever, unexpected line there makes sense. My first idea is “GO F*CK YOURSELF.” and then below it something like “just kidding I’m so sorry please hire me I need money.” Or “just kidding I’m trying to be angsty but this was probably a bad idea”.

    Neither of my ideas are particularly clever, and both surely can be improved, but I think they start scratching at another layer of much-needed humor.

    [–] New Website Portfolio - Need your feedback. able2sv 2 points ago in design_critiques

    The loading speed/animation is definitely noticeable as others have said.

    Other wise it looks pretty solid. My two bits of criticism: -I wish the projects had titles, or if the thumbnails were more descriptive. You never want the user to be disappointed in the page that opens because it’s not the kind of project they hoped/expected -The poster series does not really seem like a series, but rather a collection of different unrelated poster designs. That’s totally fine, but I’d label it something closer to “poster designs” with just some minimal context included for each

    [–] Need a few eyes on my portfolio able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    My few thoughts: - There’s not a lot of context. Almost nobody reads the description on behance, and even if they do, yours are lacking. Try an integrate some more context and presentation design into the behance slides. -Like others have said, a regular website would be preferable and is relatively cheap. If not, I’d suggest some combo of LinkedIn+Behance+Instagram, all with a relatively unified personal brand. I want easy access to not only your work, but your bio, resume, personality, etc.

    [–] Minimalist logo made for a flower business! able2sv 1 points ago in idesignedthis

    I like the icon, but I think the way it interacts with the text is a bit too complex. Between the curved shape, straight line of text, curved text, and another straight line, it creates a lot of unusual negative spaces. Maybe work on a condensed form with a more standard text structure, and then some more expressive variations with the curved name and less/simpler supporting type

    [–] Did bo write a song for Eight Grade? able2sv 11 points ago in boburnham

    Probably not. Nothing has been mentioned about it and he brought another composer with him to sundance who clearly did most, if not all, of the music.

    [–] This is what's wrong about head bobbing in most video games. able2sv 2 points ago in gaming

    As a lifetime wheelchair user, I’ve always wondered what head bobbing in real life is like.

    Although I’m sure people adjust at a very young age to the point where it’s unnoticeable, I’d imagine if I experienced it at this age, I’d find it incredibly nauseating.

    [–] Portfolio Redseign able2sv 2 points ago in design_critiques

    Hi Samantha,

    Here's all of the edits that I'd suggest:

    -----Design Work Page------

    -The dates MAY be cool if you edited them to when you did the project, but otherwise I don't need to see the same upload dates repeated each time.

    -# of comments isn't worth posting, I'm not sure you'd want to allow comments on your personal website either unless you get a ton.

    -At certain browser sizes, the rightmost projects get cropped out (I'm using safari)

    -Images should be clickable as tauzN mentioned

    -Project titles seem a bit vague at times (App Design). I'd more carefully consider those.

    ------Project Pages-------

    -More images! Images, videos, prototypes can all be used to fill out the length a bit more.

    -Some of the thumbnail suggestions are for blank pages

    -----About and Writing-----

    -There's a lot of space above your page headings, making it more work for the user to scroll down to read and back up to the navigation

    Overall you have some really cool content and looks like you're on track to a nice portfolio website!

    [–] Critique my portfolio website able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    Unfortunately I’ve noticed that anomaly too, in other browsers, so I’m going to check with Squarespace support (I’ve had good experiences with them in the past). Thanks for reminding me though! I had forgotten it renders like that sometimes.

    [–] Critique my portfolio website able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    Thanks! I definitely feel like I fit in the funny/silly/weird area of design, and I’ve tried to make my “personal brand” materials match that. I think it’s not as visible in my work as I wasn’t as confident in those qualities during most of those projects.

    I’m going to think about making a splash page which could be more personal

    [–] Said my dick is an apple, she said put it inside her (cider) able2sv 50 points ago in Eminem

    Not the first time it's been done, "Fucked a girl in an apple orchard, Then came in cider"

    [–] What are your top 5 from the new album? able2sv 2 points ago in Eminem

    1. Arose
    2. Castle
    3. River
    4. Walk on Water
    5. Heat

    [–] Eminem Discography Infographic [OC] able2sv 3 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Totally, I'd love if you tag me @StevenVerdile

    [–] Eminem Discography Infographic [OC] able2sv 327 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Here’s an infographic I created in InDesign/Illustrator with some data I collected from Eminem’s track lists.

    If anyone is wondering about how I know the Revival features are hooks or choruses, I’m totally just estimating. There’s no way to tell until it is released, I briefly mention that in the top disclaimer.

    Another thing worth noting is that hook and verse are not concrete terms so on several songs I had to personally make judgement calls. Definitely not perfect data, but clearly enough to indicate a trend.

    If I have the time, I think I’d really enjoy making a more detailed/researched infographic (maybe a booklet) regarding Eminem’s career or discography. If anyone is interested or has ideas for that, PM me.

    Otherwise, enjoy!