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    [–] McCarthy able2sv 5 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    I thought it was nice but overdone. I love the actual jokes from Weekend Update, so I would’ve rather seen her actually deliver some of the jokes herself. Would’ve added some variety to her character if she could tell a joke or two decently

    [–] Good stand-up that doesn't get too explicit? able2sv 2 points ago in netflix

    John Mulaney is pretty clean relative to other comedians

    [–] Demo (conceptual) transition video for NBC 80+ frames individually created in Photoshop then timed in Premiere. able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    Is this a fan project or something actually for NBC? I think it’s a beautiful animation but it looks somewhat off-brand, almost looks more like something I’d expect from Netflix or Nickelodeon.

    [–] Computer Science Program at SJU? able2sv 1 points ago in STJOHNS

    I was a CS Minor, and I would say it’s an ok program. No big complaints but I think it really lacks in comparison to the other department that I’m a student in (graphic design).

    I don’t know it incredibly well, but it’s definitely not one of the more well-known or active on campus programs. If you have other reasons to go to SJU, it’s certainly a capable program that does what you need, but if you’re picking a college because of its computer science program, I’m sure there are better options.

    [–] Final Predictions for May 5? able2sv 4 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    My guess is Chris Pratt, as he has Jurassic World 2 coming out soon and that’s a huge NBCU movie

    [–] What is probably your most elitist viewpoint? able2sv 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The idea that our entire population is the best group of people to decide our president is not a good idea. I'd estimate more than 75% of people who vote do so with very little knowledge, understanding, and consideration of the candidates.

    [–] 2 Tickets to Montclair Film Festival able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    I might be interested, will let you know!

    [–] Free X-Infinity Download able2sv 3 points ago in Watsky

    I randomized the 5 names of those who commented, winner is /u/FeelsQuestionableMan! PM Incoming

    [–] Hey, can some of yous guys crit my Tea Bag? It's a package design for class. able2sv 3 points ago in design_critiques

    I wouldn’t say your composition has to be only low contrast or only high contrast, as a combination of the two is fine.

    Having a lot of medium contrast relationships is difficult though, because that means things are difficult to group together. Grouping is incredibly important for readability, hierarchy, and balance.

    For example, using the value set examples, [0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100] is medium contrast, and is almost definitely harder to read than [0, 5, 50, 55, 95, 100], which is both high and low contrast.

    [–] Hey, can some of yous guys crit my Tea Bag? It's a package design for class. able2sv 5 points ago in design_critiques

    Aside from the text hierarchy issues that others have mentioned, I'd work on simplifying the color palette. There's a lot of different colors used, with very gradual incremental change in value.

    If you converted your design to gray scale, and checked the value of each gray, it would be a set of something like [25%, 30%, 35%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%]. Aim for less total values, bigger jumps along with smaller ones, like [10%, 12%, 50%, 52%, 55%, 90%, 95%].

    Sorry if this is a confusing explanation, but I think it's a good principle to think about going forward. High contrast is good, low contrast is good, medium contrast is usually problematic. This is because of how it relates to hierarchy:

    High Contrast between elements - These elements are separate.

    Low Contrast between elements - These elements go together.

    Medium Contrast between elements - I can't tell if these elements are grouped together.

    [–] What's the WORST concert you have ever been to? able2sv 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Desiigner performed 2 songs and immediately got shut down by my University's security for removing his shirt and yelling a series of loud vowel sounds in his typical Desiigner fashion.

    [–] Student PTA looking to chat with a person who uses a wheelchair able2sv 4 points ago in disability

    I’m a 21 year old college senior with Spinal Muscular Atrophy who uses a power chair, happy to chat.

    [–] Comedians with a similar style to Bo? able2sv 6 points ago in boburnham

    Aside from Tim Minchin , here are some of my favorite people who combine comedy and music: -Garfunkle & Oates -Jon Lajoie -The Lonely Island -Lil Dicky

    I don’t think there are a ton of other comedians with a similar style to Bo in a non-musical way, but maybe Pete Holmes, Aziz, Anthony Jeselnik, Mulaney or Louis CK could be considered similar in different ways.

    [–] Anyone with an X-Infinity Vinyl? able2sv 1 points ago in Watsky

    It might be! I’m looking for the vinyl with the full credits on the back

    here’s the back of the copy I have

    [–] Anyone with an X-Infinity Vinyl? able2sv 1 points ago in Watsky

    This is on the back of the one I’m looking for

    The newer one that I have has none of these credits, I can upload a picture of it later tonight

    [–] how do i make my behance appealing? welp ya gurl out? able2sv 2 points ago in design_critiques

    It looks great! I actually think you’ve pushed yourself to what is essentially the fullest/ideal behance page.

    If I were to give any advice, I’d say start working on a website. A portfolio website gives you more room for a personal brand, give you the space to write about your interests and background, and allows you the freedom to present your projects how you wish.

    I ultimately see a behance profile and focus on the work, whereas on a website I will focus more on the individual.