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    [–] Bill Burr should have a role on Curb able2sv -2 points ago in curb

    He’s too dramatic. Curb requires more of a subtle wit.

    [–] Logo for a music artist. Can you see the hidden DJM monogram? able2sv 0 points ago in design_critiques

    It’s very clever and pleasing, but here are my three suggestions.

    1. The sharp corners on top are not consistent with the otherwise round/smooth ends of the form

    2. If you really want the DJM to read, I’d try creating a variation with small gaps within the line that splits the shape into three separate line segments, each one letter. This might also encourage some interesting interactions with the negative space.

    3. It’s weird that the bottoms of the D and J don’t line up. I don’t think there’s a reason for that.

    [–] TIL about the Hand Angels. The volunteer group that jacks off disabled people. able2sv -11 points ago in todayilearned

    I'm someone that unfortunately fits exactly into their target demographic. I don't like this idea at all, for so many reasons. First it puts a lot of emphasis on how important it is to masturbate. Go check r/nofap and you'll see you can live happily without that.

    Second, it makes it seem as if disabled guys have no chance at actually having a sex life. Many guys, with basically all forms of disabilities, end up in happy relationships. This discourages that from happening.

    Lastly, the volunteer aspect seems extremely patronizing. No guy is owed sexual fulfillment, and I'm sure half the able bodied guys can vouch for that as well. If someone with a disability seeks these kind of services, they should be required to compensate whoever is helping them in the same way you compensate an aide or nurse.

    [–] What are your comedy unpopular opinions? able2sv 7 points ago in comedy

    Stand-up comedy can be good without being funny.

    [–] Bo in Kimmel last night able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    I think there’s more to that story than we know. If it’s as simple and straightforward as Bo puts it, Bo is an ass for consistently calling out the guy.

    My guess is that teacher didn’t cast Elsie because of her stereotyped appearance and somewhat nerdy status, and that infuriates Bo. If that’s the case, he is more justifiable in that joke.

    [–] In honor of the Oscars, I made pixel art of my favorite films of 2017 able2sv 1 points ago in movies

    You can see the full-size versions on my Instagram @stevenverdilecreative

    [–] What is this personal finance fallacy called? able2sv 6 points ago in personalfinance

    Thanks! Is there a different term that is used for this? I’m having trouble finding anything good on google searching the term “fallacy of relative price evaluation”.

    [–] I made some Dunder Mifflin Pixel Art able2sv 5 points ago in DunderMifflin

    This is done entirely digitally through a few different techniques I’ve came up with.

    It’s a process I really enjoy as it uses a nice balance of formulaic/strict rules, as well as many creative artistic choices.

    [–] [19M] Somewhere between a 3 and a 7, idk where able2sv 1 points ago in Rateme

    2 is definitely your best picture. Maybe try some smiles with teeth showing :D

    [–] I can go see eighth grade! Should I take my folks? able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    Depends on your relationship with your parents but I’d guess not. It’s not awful, but there will be 3 or 4 uncomfortable moments.

    [–] I made some Dunder Mifflin Pixel Art able2sv 1 points ago in DunderMifflin

    It’s a process I’ve come up with through trial and error, entirely digital but far more manual than automatic. I really enjoy it as it still gives me the fun challenge of making tiny creative decisions (like regular drawing) but is combined with a system of rules and structure.

    [–] Moving to NYC soon – is my budget reasonable? able2sv 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Sorry for the confusion, perhaps I should rephrase that.. is my budget (outside of rent, which isn’t changeable at this point) reasonable for a 1 year situation?

    [–] Moving to NYC soon – is my budget reasonable? able2sv 1 points ago in personalfinance

    I have a lot of medical equipment, as well as daily homecare nursing, which would make a roommate situation somewhat unpractical and difficult right now. I'm totally aware that rent is too much for a long-term situation but for 1 year, this is the best that I could realistically do. Next year I'll be looking for lower rent, possibly with roommates.