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    [–] What is the origin of “Hello, lady?” able2sv 3 points ago in ElvisDuranMorningShow

    I believe it’s something Uncle Johnny picked up from Jerry Lewis

    [–] Working on a new album cover able2sv 7 points ago in design_critiques

    This. The top solid white circles with the stroke seem a bit too out of place compared to the textured shapes below.

    Also I think the name can move a few pixels down so it’s equal padding above or below, or go way further up with all of it so it’s clear that it’s not supposed to be tied to the bottom edge.

    [–] Critique My Portfolio able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    Got you a Twitter follow too 👍

    [–] Critique My Portfolio able2sv 4 points ago in design_critiques

    I absolutely love it. For reference, I graduated from a 4-year graphic design program three weeks ago, and have just landed my first full-time design job, so we're in a similar position.

    Branding is very consistent, and the responsiveness and animation is all clean. It's also a great selection of diverse projects. At this point, I think it is absolutely presentable and ready to use for job applications, but as far as perfecting it...

    -I think it's weird that there's no navigation on any page until you scroll down. I like that "I'm a graphic designer from Montreal that specializes in branding, advertising, and multimedia." as a home page/splash page, but I don't need to see it on every single page. I think if that was gone on the project's pages, the navigation would feel more resolved too. Also, there's a typo in that sentence on the logofolio page.

    -I think the jam packaging needs to be worked on. You have enough work to probably just leave it out, but if you want to keep it, I'd try and reshoot it to get better photos or use mockups. The lighting/printing of it looks a little "home-made" compared to your other more professional projects. My opinion is that the package design itself is just okay, but I might buy into it more if it was presented differently. It's also one of the top projects on your website, so people are very likely to click into it compared to stronger, lower-listed projects.

    –I don't think your resume needs to list ALL of your freelance gigs, especially since they're not in your portfolio. It doesn't really communicate much and uses a lot of space. Maybe focus on 2-3 of the best ones with a small description. Same goes for listing all the Adobe programs – anyone who would be be hiring you knows the programs so you could probably just use "Adobe Creative Suite". I'd also love to see a short objective or personal statement, awards, interests/hobbies, courses taken – basically anything that makes you interesting or a good job candidate. Your portfolio is awesome, but your resume does not stand out much or communicate how talented you are.

    –I love the typeface, but I'm worried there's a small chance of misreading the lowercase "J" as a lowercase "I". That's not a big issue for most instances (like "Benjamin"), but your email could definitely be misread and then you might be missing out on job offers and important emails! The two solutions – either use a different typeface for vital contact information, or get that email address with the lowercase "i" and forward the mail to your real email just in case. I realize this seems silly, but it's plausible and would be awful if you missed something important because they misread your email.

    Overall, I'd just say focus on the resume and enhance the website once your resume is looking stronger. Not sure if it is different in Canada, but in the states, resumes are very important and often reviewed before portfolios, possibly by an HR person. I really think you're selling yourself short with the limited info on there, it doesn't reflect your experience and talent. Otherwise you're in great shape to get a job! I just followed you on Instagram too.

    [–] Have any of you ever gotten on as a caller or had a text read on-air? able2sv 2 points ago in ElvisDuranMorningShow

    I do! One was in reference to a funny conversation where they were talking about if all people who use wheelchairs are nice. As someone who uses one, I sent a joking email saying no, there are plenty of wheeling a-holes.

    The second time I emailed them about a non–profit that my friend had started focused on encouraging good deeds, and they gave them a shout out and posted the link on Ended up driving quite a bit of donations and traffic to the charity which was awesome.

    I also remember I had done a photoshop face swap of the elvis duran team (this was before snapchat made it so easy/common), and sent it to them. They loved it and told me they were going to post it on social but I don't think they ever did.

    [–] Have any of you ever gotten on as a caller or had a text read on-air? able2sv 2 points ago in ElvisDuranMorningShow

    I listened regularly in high school (2011-2014) and had both emails I sent in read on the air!

    [–] Things you would find helpful in a bar? able2sv 4 points ago in disability

    The few things that would be ideal for me:

    -A bathroom where it would be acceptable for me to use with a female PCA (I'm male). This could be anything from a "unisex" or "family" bathroom to a standard single-stall bathroom (which wouldn't be an issue if labeled as mens or women's, since it's single).

    If you only have multiperson/one gender bathrooms, print out a piece of paper that basically says "Bathroom in use with assistance. Please wait and it will be available again in a few minutes." If someone was in a situation like myself, you could simply hang the sign on the men's room for 5 minutes while I went in with a female PCA. For most places it's not such an issue, but I find it particularly hard at bars when I can't pee since, well, beer!

    If cheap enough, any lightweight cup option (like a solo cup) is great if you have trouble holding normal glasses. I always bring my own straws+plastic cups though, and I think anyone who REALLY needs that would bring their own, but it's a nice gesture when offered to me.

    [–] Poster for a Science vs Art Festival able2sv 2 points ago in design_critiques

    Love the top half of the poster. Very dynamic and clean.

    I do think everything under "FESTIVAL" could be reworked a bit to establish a clearer hierarchy. I think all of the body copy could be 2 different font sizes (currently there's 4 or 5), and I think color should be used more meaningfully in the body copy. It also may just be too big, I'd try giving more presence to the imagery and a little less to the event info.

    [–] McCarthy able2sv 6 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    I thought it was nice but overdone. I love the actual jokes from Weekend Update, so I would’ve rather seen her actually deliver some of the jokes herself. Would’ve added some variety to her character if she could tell a joke or two decently

    [–] Good stand-up that doesn't get too explicit? able2sv 2 points ago in netflix

    John Mulaney is pretty clean relative to other comedians

    [–] Demo (conceptual) transition video for NBC 80+ frames individually created in Photoshop then timed in Premiere. able2sv 1 points ago in design_critiques

    Is this a fan project or something actually for NBC? I think it’s a beautiful animation but it looks somewhat off-brand, almost looks more like something I’d expect from Netflix or Nickelodeon.

    [–] Computer Science Program at SJU? able2sv 1 points ago in STJOHNS

    I was a CS Minor, and I would say it’s an ok program. No big complaints but I think it really lacks in comparison to the other department that I’m a student in (graphic design).

    I don’t know it incredibly well, but it’s definitely not one of the more well-known or active on campus programs. If you have other reasons to go to SJU, it’s certainly a capable program that does what you need, but if you’re picking a college because of its computer science program, I’m sure there are better options.

    [–] Final Predictions for May 5? able2sv 4 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    My guess is Chris Pratt, as he has Jurassic World 2 coming out soon and that’s a huge NBCU movie

    [–] What is probably your most elitist viewpoint? able2sv 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The idea that our entire population is the best group of people to decide our president is not a good idea. I'd estimate more than 75% of people who vote do so with very little knowledge, understanding, and consideration of the candidates.

    [–] 2 Tickets to Montclair Film Festival able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    I might be interested, will let you know!

    [–] Free X-Infinity Download able2sv 3 points ago in Watsky

    I randomized the 5 names of those who commented, winner is /u/FeelsQuestionableMan! PM Incoming