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    [–] What is this personal finance fallacy called? able2sv 4 points ago in personalfinance

    Thanks! Is there a different term that is used for this? I’m having trouble finding anything good on google searching the term “fallacy of relative price evaluation”.

    [–] Critique my business card! able2sv 2 points ago in design_critiques

    Have you tried test printing it? I think those thin lines are going to be rather difficult to print visibly, might need to rethink that.

    [–] What is a subject that you have extensive knowledge on but never get to talk about? able2sv 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Typography/Typesetting/Fonts and why it is SO important to how we read and interpret information

    [–] Times Square tonight. Something is going down. able2sv 3 points ago in Eminem

    Not at all, it’s a large office building.

    [–] Times Square tonight. Something is going down. able2sv 5 points ago in Eminem

    Just went to SiriusXM. They wouldn’t really give any info but it’s a pretty high security building so I doubt it’s worth hanging around there

    [–] Times Square tonight. Something is going down. able2sv 15 points ago in Eminem

    Where in Times Square? I’ll be in the area

    [–] Jim Carrey-esque? able2sv 3 points ago in boburnham

    As far as the “tortured-comic who feels and expresses intense emotion, while refusing to act in a normal manner” I see it

    [–] Will he ever do another comedy special? able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    I’d say in 4-5 years if I had to guess. I think he’ll direct at least one more major picture, then do something something smaller (tv or book) while writing a new special, and then begin rearing up for a tour.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if his next special isn’t done solo.

    [–] Any amateur/beginner screenwriters out there? able2sv 2 points ago in nycmeetups

    Hey this sounds so cool! I'm in a similar position to you, as I have no formal screenwriting experience/education, but it's something I'm really wanting to explore. I'm a huge movie buff as well! Shoot me a dm, I'd love to hear your ideas!

    [–] Welcome To The Family - Poster Concept able2sv 2 points ago in Watsky

    Haha thanks! I actually did but I don’t think he saw it.

    [–] [Data Collection] 3 AM Showtimes able2sv 1 points ago in MoviePassClub

    I’m going to check-in for it. Worst case scenario I get banned, even though it’s really a problem on there end considering it totally prevents seeing any movie at any time.

    Also, iPhone, monthly, yes.

    [–] Hey Reddit, my name is Bo Burnham and I wrote and directed the film EIGHTH GRADE which is now in theaters NATIONWIDE. AMA. able2sv 1 points ago in IAmA

    As someone who creates work in so many different formats and media, what kind of stuff are you consuming for inspiration?

    On a similar note, for fans of Eighth Grade and your other work, what other artists do you recommend they go check out that may appeal in a similar way?

    [–] Buy songs off of albums? able2sv 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in boburnham

    Someone on here posted them as downloadable awhile back. Not sure if it’s still live but it may be

    Edit: here you go

    [–] NES, Sharpie on posterboard, 8.5" x 11" able2sv 1 points ago in Art

    Very nice! U/TechnicallyMagic is right that the composition could be more dynamic but nonetheless a nice idea and wonderful technique.

    Have you considered vectorizing this and using it any sort of print applications? Could be interesting.

    [–] I can go see eighth grade! Should I take my folks? able2sv 1 points ago in boburnham

    Depends on your relationship with your parents but I’d guess not. It’s not awful, but there will be 3 or 4 uncomfortable moments.