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    [–] Sisters boyfriend cracked an egg on our front porch -28°c absolutemonarch101 1 points ago in mildyinteresting

    I’ve got family from that dreadful (no offence) city hahaha the weather is too extreme, +30 or -30 consistently is too much

    [–] Sisters boyfriend cracked an egg on our front porch -28°c absolutemonarch101 1 points ago in mildyinteresting

    You’d think considering Winterpeg is another name for their capital but I am actually in Alberta

    [–] What’s Reddit’s opinion on blindfolded tattoos? Black is with blindfold, red was without blindfold. absolutemonarch101 2 points ago in tattoo

    I love this for some reason, it’s so interesting to look at. Reminds me of matteo cascetti, he does intentional Picasso type tattoos

    [–] AITA for telling a girl at CrossFit that her yoga pants are see through when they stretch? absolutemonarch101 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA - you killed it, this was the right thing to do and she was a dick for not seeing that. I would be a little uncomfortable with a guy telling me but wouldn’t accuse them of anything. However, the issue here is that people are saying she sexually assaulted you by wearing yoga pants and no underwear. Stfu, guys can go to a gym with a tank top that has no sleeves and barely any chest. That is not sexually assaulting girls. She did indeed handle this poorly but people saying that this is her fault for not wearing underwear are fucked. Sucks that she did because she’s embarrassed but with a thong on you would still be able to see underwear. I strongly disagree with people saying anything about what occurred during class that was wrong. What happened after class is where shit hit the fan. She shouldn’t have reacted that way.

    [–] Why do MLM people claim it’s not a pyramid scheme yet try so hard to recruit people? absolutemonarch101 2 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    Well you pay the company their cut and pay your employees their cut and you keep the rest or you’re paid salary but pyramid schemes you profit from recruiting people but the higher up on the pyramid you get more money from the lower people

    [–] Why do MLM people claim it’s not a pyramid scheme yet try so hard to recruit people? absolutemonarch101 3 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    Well pyramid schemes are where people at the higher ups profit off of the new recruits with buy ins and what not whereas when you work at a corporation they pay you to do work.

    [–] [off my meta] Being a minority does not give you the right to be racist absolutemonarch101 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Besides the point tbh, but even so they would have moved here so long ago. Who are the first native Americans? I don’t know and I’m too lazy to research it. Nonetheless, they are the most recognized indigenous people alive in Canada and America. African Americans are not native to America hence the African, white people are not either though. We are two countries with success built on immigrants and accepting immigrants betters our countries. Appreciating the differences is something that I think most people are doing when they are curious about a persons heritage. There will always be people who suck but you can always focus your energy on those who don’t suck.

    A person I know prefers they/them pronouns, born male and if you call them he/him they don’t get offended because they know that it is not something meant to be malicious and just appreciates it more when people are more conscious of what they’re saying. However, they don’t correct someone unless that person didn’t know in which case, they let them know politely. Hopefully the same will go for people who are irritated by said question, you can simply say oh you mean my heritage, make sure next time you specify so it doesn’t come off in a rude way.

    [–] How come some of the most important Greek gods were women (Athena, Artemis, Demeter) yet their society remained so strictly patriarchal? absolutemonarch101 1 points ago in AskHistorians

    For the most part the female Greek gods represent sex, fertility, reproduction and childbirth. Where as the men were gods of “greater” things. As well, think of the example of Hera and Zeus, they were “married” and Zeus had tons and tons of children from other women. Hera would usually have a fit and go and murder them or tamper with their lives (ex. Hercules/herakles) the women were important for different reasons essentially.

    [–] [off my meta] Being a minority does not give you the right to be racist absolutemonarch101 5 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    I’m from canada and it’s pretty similar Canada and the United States with regards to race. Unless you are Native American you are or your lineage can be traced back to immigrants who came to Canada or the US I’m a history major and I find it really interesting to know someone’s background, I always ask what is your background because I want to know where they come from, how closely related to their heritage they are. My family is Icelandic about four or five generations back but we still practice Icelandic traditions and make Icelandic food.

    I think the point of not reading between the lines is a really good point because sometimes there really just isn’t anything between the lines. Currently, we’re in a time where people are very sensitive. I have a friend with a unique name and she is white, she often gets asked what the background is of her name or what her background is. I think that most people, 95% of them, ask out of curiosity. And being asked where your from is just out of genuine curiosity or an ice breaker to get to know you. Many people who look like a certain race but are born in North America may practice a religion from their native country or may even just eat food that derived from that country. It can be really interesting to learn. Assuming people always means well means that even when they may not, you don’t give a shit or your brush it off. Also, it can become flattering being asked about your culture, in that conversation you’re a teacher for who you are as a person and your culture, whether it be foreign or not. Assuming everyone means harm will lead you to be very pessimistic.

    [–] WIBTA if I don’t disclose that I’m a product of incest to my present partner or potential future partners absolutemonarch101 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA but just to let you know it’s legal in Canada to marry your first cousin. So take that how you will and don’t worry about it. You didn’t choose it and so if you want to tell your partner or you don’t is totally up to you