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    [–] The larper’s load out acidboogie 5 points ago in weekendgunnit

    the mag closest to his zap looks like it might be a hexmag.

    [–] Boogaloo.exe has shut down. acidboogie 8 points ago in weekendgunnit

    lol raises a good point about whenever you hear about someone being ex-military, it could just mean they got shitcanned for being retarded

    [–] Weekly Commanders Lounge - June 11, 2019 acidboogie 2 points ago in girlsfrontline

    thanks, I appreciate the more in-depth run down on what to expect :D

    [–] Weekly Commanders Lounge - June 11, 2019 acidboogie 3 points ago in girlsfrontline

    what's the next big event I should be preparing for now as far as making sure I've got the dolls/equip to complete the content goes?

    [–] Proper Slav Pastime acidboogie 5 points ago in girlsfrontline

    Always moving, never down. Such is life with slavs around!

    [–] Goodnight acidboogie 26 points ago in weekendgunnit

    and "were confronted by a gunman who unleashed a hail of gunfire."

    that's a funny way of spelling "the homeowner, an American hero and former lawyer"

    [–] Name a more iconic duo acidboogie 3 points ago in weekendgunnit

    yeah I actually find shooting left has a lot of benefits that righties miss out on. That said, there are still many guns that are terrible to shoot left-handed. I think ambi mag release and/or ambi safety are far more important

    [–] A little Political/AR15/Pride humour acidboogie 66 points ago in canadaguns

    can AR-10 bottoms be referred to as power bottoms?

    [–] See ya Lathi, Boys acidboogie 2 points ago in guns

    Frig off, Mr. Lahti!

    [–] The Serlea Ace- for when a single barrelled sub machine gun just isn't enough. acidboogie 24 points ago in guns

    The weapon was designed to provide a rapid burst weapon for street fighting, twice to that of a conventional submachine gun.

    at first I thought: why not just have two guys with sub-machine guns? Then I realized why have two guys with sub-machine guns when you can have two guys with double barreled sub-machine guns?

    [–] A question about rifle in a car. acidboogie 6 points ago in canadaguns

    Security through obscurity is not a valid strategy.

    [–] What a catch acidboogie 0 points ago in nonononoyes

    good bot

    [–] Looks like Justin finally announced the ban. Goodnight sweet prince. acidboogie 42 points ago in canadaguns


    [–] Virginity Protector acidboogie 39 points ago in Mordhau

    "nuttin' personnel, kid."

    [–] Weekly Commanders Lounge - June 04, 2019 acidboogie 2 points ago in girlsfrontline

    it took me over 600 pulls just to get Contender, I had welrod and m950 after like 150 pulls each when I was trying for them

    [–] Memehau acidboogie 61 points ago in Mordhau

    teammates can't get in the way if you clear them out of the way first. side of head tapping meme.