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    [–] The United States has zero business telling the Chinese not to eat dogs. We eat millions of cows each year, which the worlds 900 million Hindus see as sacred. active-nihilism 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Can I just be devils advocate and say that while there is logic to that... dogs have been partners in human history for literally thousands of years while cows don’t exactly do much besides provide milk and meat... while a dog provides security, meat (they help in hunting is what I refer to here), aswell as a usual tool for tracking people etc

    Also this is my opinion but dogs are liked because they proved to be vital in helping human society in essence they are liked from a more pragmatic view while cows are liked from a more religious view... so that’s another reason why dogs can be left outside of this argument of hypocrisy but again it’s just my opinion

    [–] You will shake your head at this one active-nihilism 6 points ago in MGTOW

    1. Freedom of speech
    2. Comedy is in the eye of the beholder and restricting it is equivalent to saying “no one can find this funny and only humor I like is funny”. It’s incredibly narcissistic, repressive, and vile for anyone to try and “ban” humor like this

    [–] You can copy/cut and paste in real life active-nihilism 2 points ago in godtiersuperpowers

    *proceeds to duplicate gold, aswell as currency... copies his favorite car... copies his favorite perfectly cooked meal... copies his favorite girl?

    Then as the ultimate Chad he proceeds to copy planet earth however he sends it on a crash course with original earth but then stops it with another earth thus showing the world he is a literal god and if anyone disbelieves him all he needs to do is duplicate them and say he can give life to an army with the snap of a finger

    [–] Everytime you have a boner your wifi speed increases by 1mbps. active-nihilism 2 points ago in godtiersuperpowers

    Think of the binder like an antenna... sorry but if you don’t have one, it simply won’t work

    (Then again you could have a dish ;))))))

    [–] You can control other people emotions when having a boner active-nihilism 4 points ago in godtiersuperpowers

    “The most charismatic creep”

    The guy is unshaven, not really fit, has a lot of scars yet somehow has a bigger “body count” than pimps

    [–] Your headphones never break active-nihilism 3 points ago in godtiersuperpowers

    Imagine though... those headphones can now be used as armor...

    [–] Circumcision is child abuse and should land you in prison active-nihilism 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Circumcision can lead to a baby getting a major vein or artery cut which makes them lose blood... if that’s the case then the doctors are usually too slow to realize that they are bleeding the baby badly to death ( in those rare cases that they do cut the vein or artery, usually this doesn’t happen hence the “rare” adjective)

    [–] Circumcision is child abuse and should land you in prison active-nihilism 17 points ago in unpopularopinion

    “A large majority of routine infant circumcisions are not performed with any anesthetic. In fact, up to 96 percent of the babies in the United States and Canada receive no anesthesia when they are circumcised, according to a report from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.”

    I’m not a medical professional in any sense so I don’t know the difference between local anesthetic and just anesthetics ( or if there even is a difference) but I’m going to assume you are wrong here

    [–] Endless fight [A] active-nihilism 1 points ago in perfectloops

    Can we take some thought to appreciate how during that entire fight, green seems to be used as a tool by both yellow and purple... feels bad man. For example purple flips over green and seems to try to use his body as an obstacle for yellow to trip over but yellow then proceeds to just yeet step on green for more power in his next strike

    [–] Worse than any creepypasta out there active-nihilism 1 points ago in greentext

    Can anyone link the archive for this post

    [–] Worse than any creepypasta out there active-nihilism 16 points ago in greentext

    I mean the horror lies in the fact that you don’t find what is nearby... the fear is never in something you can see or imagine, it’s that chill that flows through the hairs on your neck, it’s that second guess that you thought you saw something while wandering. The fear itself manifests not in the form of the thing but rather it persists in the corner of the eye, that one room you were too busy to look into; the hallway that you heard something from but never had the courage to investigate.

    But behind all of that is the true and primal fear that we all experience when we finally encounter that thing... what happens when you look away from that....... thing? What happens when you finally meet it only to accidentally blink? That is the fear of the backrooms. Plenty of things can kill you but the pain is from the dread that is oh so uncertain that the footsteps behind you weren’t echos.

    [–] Worse than any creepypasta out there active-nihilism 2 points ago in greentext

    Honestly the best choice is to sit down and pray to what ever eldritch god out there that you won’t ever have to leave your eyes from that figure ever again because the second you do, is the second the empty rooms that you casually pass by become not so empty... I would want to see a story about this however there is one upside to this hell hole and that is the fact that you did at some point figure out how to no clip which means that maybe you can no clip again to find a way out... the scary part of that last bit is what if when you no clip, the figure too begins to no clip

    [–] Woman rapes boy, he records her, he gets expelled from Ivy League school for rape. active-nihilism 5 points ago in MGTOW

    If there are no men going to college then they lose out on a lot of money... the stats show that guys pay their debts on time while the average woman does not which means that colleges don’t get to trap as many people with student loans to keep the money flowing

    [–] Is Excalibur Umbra a good main? active-nihilism 0 points ago in Warframe

    ... you clearly don’t know how to howl then..........

    [–] Woman pushes old guy from the bus because he asked her to be nicer to fellow passengers. He died from his injuries. active-nihilism 1 points ago in MensRights

    Unironically she deserves the death penalty... her mug shot just speaks to me that she lacks empathy in any way to the fact that she just killed someone for her complete lack of human decency

    [–] She laughed and cried active-nihilism 0 points ago in fightporn

    Wait you hate my argument because wars start from it... so you are implying wars are justified when one nation insults another?

    [–] She laughed and cried active-nihilism 1 points ago in fightporn

    ... Slavery ended over 100 years ago. People are demonized already just for saying the n word... also what about the Muslim slave trade where Europeans where getting enslaved... my point is that history has happened to everyone but holding onto the feelings will do no good and people like you saying these words still have power are literally giving them power, in essence you are perpetuating the “racism”

    [–] She laughed and cried active-nihilism -3 points ago in fightporn

    ... I can understand if someone stole from you, if someone threatens you then fine but to be so angry at a mere insult to the point of physical attack is so childish that I can’t even begin to understand why. I can understand getting angry at insults but to physically attack over it is pathetic to the nth degree

    [–] Anon isn't scared. active-nihilism 3 points ago in greentext

    Damn that’s the most negative downvote response to a comment I have seen since things like EA

    [–] She laughed and cried active-nihilism 2 points ago in fightporn

    This is something that should be discussed but I will say this... if you go up to the biggest person you see, and hit him, what exactly do you expect will happen to you.

    Almost no one here (except you though ) will really turn an eye when a very small guy attacks a behemoth of a person, most will just say “he should not have fought people bigger than him”

    In essence what I’m trying to say is that it’s not size that most worry over when they see a woman verse a man, they see a gender vs gender and go to her aid... as another person said in this thread already: “play stupid games win stupid prizes”

    Now I’ll give you a point for the fact you used person there in your comment

    Your other point though about her “asking” for it:

    just because someone is asking for it doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it (great now I’m sounding senile) and you even admit that she was wanting to send him to jail so why do it then... you are telling me that you would willingly fall into a trap like that all for a little emotional wank

    [–] She laughed and cried active-nihilism 0 points ago in fightporn

    ... I never said violence isn’t the answer... you clearly never read my post. I said very specifically that insults shouldn’t be the cause for violence.