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    [–] Big fact active-nihilism 8 points ago in OffensiveMemes

    I decided to delete my older comment as it didn’t properly convey what I was trying to say... nigger is also a descriptor... if you use cracker then I should be free to use nigger but I’m not.

    Nigger is a word that is derived from negro which means black in Spanish...yet it is apparently considered one of the most forbidden words to say if your anything of European ancestry.

    Yes cracker is used as an insult and either way it’s a stupid one at that... the fact that you think you decide the definition of words is also kinda arrogant to say the least but whatever, that is up to you.

    Also how the fuck does cracker even imply pale... once more a stupid use of the word. I personally believe anyone should be allowed to say whatever they want as long as it’s not a direct call to action unless reasonably necessary.

    [–] Big fact active-nihilism 5 points ago in OffensiveMemes

    Not being racist... once more that insult is literally admitting white people at sometimes were slave drivers... literally a master of slaves. If you I’m being racist then go ahead and look at the definition of racism because I haven’t said anything negative nor did I try to imply anything... merely that the insult itself is poor

    [–] Big fact active-nihilism 6 points ago in OffensiveMemes

    Cracker is supposed to be derogatory but it means whip... “crack a whip” for example so therefore “cracker”. This means that they are calling us people who whip them... yeah I know it’s a pretty stupid insult as it implies that we are their slave masters and therefore destroys any “insult” that comes out of the word.

    [–] the sun devil, bringer of death (metal) active-nihilism 1 points ago in Bossfight

    This should be a final boss... like the beginning of a game is where the sun itself begins to shoot out countless solar flares thus putting Earth in serious danger but actually those solar flares are beings of immense power leaving the sun to destroy humanity and once you defeat of those baddies then all of the sudden the very sun itself moves and this image is what you see when the boss fight music begins

    [–] Betsy DeVos set to bolster rights of accused in rewrite of sexual assault rules active-nihilism 3 points ago in MensRights

    This sub is dedicated to men’s rights... while I’m sure a lot of right wing policies probably help men more than left wing policies, this board is just dedicated to the rights of men regardless of politics... the fact that you care that she is GOP or with trump is kinda “alarming” as you should be happy a main stream party is actually helping us out.

    [–] MATH ERROR: Scientists Admit ‘Mistakes’ Led To Alarming Results In Major Global Warming Study active-nihilism 19 points ago in DarkEnlightenment

    Well well well looks like it’s perfectly fine to be skeptical of all things... especially heavily politicized “science”

    [–] Some beetlejucing in r/Zelda active-nihilism 129 points ago in beetlejuicing

    Anyone curious on those upvote and down vote triforce symbols

    [–] The first to awake, protecting those who still dream the lucid Second Dream. [Excalibur] Prime. active-nihilism 2 points ago in WarframeRunway

    Oh okay... I always thought I heard a story where a founder was finally quitting the game so he wanted to give his stuff to someone so he traded it... that’s what I thought I heard but if what you say is true then Excalibur prime is truly elusive

    [–] No pro drumpf nicknames for you! T_D, mad much? active-nihilism 13 points ago in drumpfisfinished

    This is sure to send them centipedes into a frenzy... I’m a 89 year old black woman and these me me s are truly inspirational... I think we should impeach crumpet due to how perfect that name fits

    (In old lady voice of course)

    [–] ?... active-nihilism -4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in nattyorjuice

    Eats really good... I heard pure creatine and some special sauce really get those muscles “naturally” big

    Edit: I was joking... was there something I missed

    [–] PsBattle: Fire Fighter in front of Californian wildfires active-nihilism 1 points ago in photoshopbattles

    “Everything changed when the fire nation attacked”


    “He vanished when the world needed him the most”

    [–] K-Drive Boost Pad glitch active-nihilism 3 points ago in Warframe

    It’s not a bug... it’s a feature ;)

    [–] Anon is a hacker active-nihilism 4 points ago in greentext

    People don’t understand art... so it is banned or reported. Hence the deep web

    [–] Feminists never take responsability active-nihilism 37 points ago in MGTOW

    “Crystal meth clear”.... sometimes a truly creative expression is born from the most unexpected places

    [–] Natty or juice? active-nihilism 3 points ago in nattyorjuice

    Nah he just eats really good

    [–] Anon is a sniper active-nihilism 14 points ago in greentext

    Yeah he is killing the white ones that cross because we can’t have double agents

    [–] Just watch don’t act active-nihilism 1 points ago in MensRights

    Makes you wonder who wastes there time unironically using these... the answer should be obvious

    [–] Not wanting illegals immigrants in your country does not make you a racist. active-nihilism 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    1. While I do like the idea of freedom... drugs are notoriously a dirty business... legalizing it may cut down on cartels but to be honest I see it as like we are legalizing murder... just because you legalize it, doesn’t mean the problems go away
    2. I said the cartel does more than just drugs, they also traffic children etc... should we legalize that too?
    3. Big business has little to do with cartels, they do but not as big as you think. Big business incorporating an entirely new industry (the drug industry) with cartels already established then those cartels would just theoretically gain more power and money as now they can just do their business on a wider scale and compete with the big businesses currently in place without too much worry of repercussions...
    4. You think we should legalize meth... legalize crack and all that? If so then I’m glad people like you will never amount to anything of a leadership position in a country.

    [–] Not wanting illegals immigrants in your country does not make you a racist. active-nihilism 3 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Ironically cartels would be another reason we don’t want illegals... they traffic a lot of shit besides just drugs