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    [–] I love Franklin active-nihilism 9 points ago in Anarcho_Capitalism

    “Not gonna lie they almost had us there in the first half”

    [–] Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind active-nihilism 1 points ago in DarkEnlightenment

    Dismissed my points in almost every regard... alright then

    [–] Replaying Forsaken campaign noticed something when Caydes ghost dies. active-nihilism 27 points ago in DestinyLore

    Haven’t the vanguard said the traveler is awake, and hasn’t the traveler also talked to us recently

    [–] Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind active-nihilism 0 points ago in DarkEnlightenment

    Dude... look at it this way, socialism only works during war time because people are literally giving most of their stuff to the war effort and because there is an actual threat to their way of life, socialism will never work in peacetime and that’s a fact from the countless times it’s been tried As there is no distinct motivation for it to work outside of an existential threat. 1984 actually perfectly describes this phenomenon. George Orwell describes that the reason the super countries exist so well is because the socialist policies do really well with war and if you have eternal war then socialism will work for as long as people are willing to fight the war.

    Also you make a serious mistake here by using the past as a standard. Today there exists faaaarr less poverty, today there exists faaaar less starving, today there exists faaaar more luxury across the planet then compare that to before capitalism where humans couldn’t even be bothered to form successful nations.

    I’m also curious but name a country from the past that was socialist.

    [–] Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind active-nihilism 3 points ago in DarkEnlightenment

    “Humanity is socialist by nature”

    This has to be bait... anyways

    The US military is by its nature not a scam at least not the way you think it to be. The US as it stands requires its Military to project power in order to contain the status quo which is a means of holding power. This means that the Us military is most definitely competent (by no means perfect ) in its objectives most of the time, it’s just that those objectives are different form yours so you immediately think it’s a scam...

    “No socialist country has ever failed without a capitalist country undermining it” This is a very dangerous form of logic (may even be a form of a logical fallacy but I can’t recall) This type of logic can be thrown right back at you with “no capitalist country has ever failed without socialists undermining its free market. “

    And may I just add that while this is bait, what gave it away was the fact that you called conservatives “conservatards” or however the fuck you spell that. May I also state that Incase this isn’t actually shitposting, that socialism has been tried by fascist countries such as nazis which is pure irony since you are against fascism.

    [–] Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind active-nihilism 1 points ago in DarkEnlightenment

    1. I only had a problem with you claiming socialism is the answer
    2. You believing socialism is pretty much cognitive dissonance due to the fact that socialism never works without a capitalist country to back it up.
    3. It may gonna take fascism to employ socialism
    4. I don’t “plan” on giving up but I most definitely see writing on the walls and where the west is heading is dark but jumping boat so soon for something that sounds good only in dreams and theories is counter active to solutions, we need to figure out what the truths are and what works and what doesn’t, socialism in of itself doesn’t work with humans due to our nature

    Inb4 some small euro county that you call socialist

    Most countries that are “successful” as socialist are never entirely socialist and never entirely independent ie protection by the US so they don’t have to spend on a military etc. which means that they rely on some form of capitalism.

    [–] Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind active-nihilism 4 points ago in DarkEnlightenment

    “Cognitive dissonance” isn’t just a term, it’s an observation of the world and you perfectly exemplify that

    [–] Hmmmm active-nihilism 1 points ago in hacking

    If this wasn’t a month ago I would have actually remembered what I said... in that mess of a comment

    [–] Anon Confesses active-nihilism 34 points ago in greentext

    Let’s just say that someone said that movies never portrayed how hard it is to actually strangle someone and then I believe there was a certain image shown next to the post

    [–] Yeah active-nihilism 3 points ago in teenagers

    It’s called karma farming and it’s art

    [–] Anon Confesses active-nihilism 46 points ago in greentext

    Or the case of the strangler...

    [–] "Final Stand" Rhino Captura Edit - AoD active-nihilism 1 points ago in Warframe

    “Final Stand” for the grineer that is...

    [–] Applying the concept of menkampf to whole subreddits is even more fun active-nihilism 7 points ago in menkampf

    ... it is a fetish, and by no means am I saying that all people who have rape fetishes are rapists but

    Take a look at the description itself, it is very much a “racist” thing, may I also just say that it is very difficult to compare the raping of one person to the destruction of an entire race, sure your point is that the relationship of the logic is there but there is a very big difference in how one should treat a rape fetish and an extinction fetish, as one is about the actions upon one person and of course not the annihilation of that person but the other is a fetish about the eventual annihilation of an entire people.

    [–] Applying the concept of menkampf to whole subreddits is even more fun active-nihilism 67 points ago in menkampf

    “This sub is not a forum that supports hatred of any race. It is purely meant to celebrate the destruction of an inferior race...”

    The literal mental gymnastics required to say one thing then it’s literal opposite within the same sentence and expect it to make sense is the very definition of not only failure of one’s mind to comprehend simple things but also the failure to reason through anything that requires you to question your beliefs. Subs like that need to be either changed or banned as it most definitely is racism...

    [–] Both Healthy and Fat active-nihilism 94 points ago in classic4chan

    It was more like cow calling

    [–] Trump is about to sign an appropriations bill that contains 140% more funding for Israel ($3.3 billion) than a Southern border barrier ($1.375 billion). Gee, I wonder if that reflects the influence of "pro-Israel" lobbyists in Washington. Nah, couldn't be active-nihilism 16 points ago in conspiracy

    Yes and it’s also weapons testing lite from my understanding since we give them money they buy some of our stuff (or we just give it to them) and they use the stuff and we see how it performs, then we use said data to make improvements. I’m not against a strong military and I’m not against helping out certain nations but I’m pretty sure this is getting out of hand that we can casually send billions to a nation yet we ourselves are unwilling to spend a few billion on ourselves...

    [–] You guys ever just think about how overpowered the Tenno would be in almost any fictional setting? active-nihilism 7 points ago in Warframe

    Which means the Tenno being literal children can muster more kills than the combined population of humanity(around 100billion, I assume this because the 50bil lancer deaths are most likely only a fraction of the total deaths of grineer and corpus) throughout all of history... and the Tenno most likely aren’t even close to matured yet

    [–] You guys ever just think about how overpowered the Tenno would be in almost any fictional setting? active-nihilism 2 points ago in Warframe

    Well considering that the average player kills around a few hundred k in their game lifespan it’s believable (though there are players that are so genocidal that they may or may not have a total kill count of 3 million and half of it is grineer...) All in all if you take the total kills of players the fact remains that we are sorta doing our job of keeping the grineer population down though due to their cloning we may never reach 0 and due to the massive navy we won’t be able to hit them where it hurts for a while