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    [–] Started my own brand actuallywaffles 1 points ago in Lolita

    A link would be wonderful. I'd love to see what you've got.

    [–] What are your thoughts on President Trump serving fast food to the Clemson Tigers football team in the White House? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I mean why bother dancing around the fact that the guy is an asshole? He's an embarrassment to the office and country. There's no sugar coating it.

    [–] If you get 100 Billion $ in your account right now.. What profession would pursue in order to pass time? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Stocks might be fun. Invest in random small start ups, or play the market when I feel like watching it. I'm pretty happy with my real job, but even just 1% of that would be fun to play around with. I currently don't have the cash to try, but it'd be neat to see how I'd do if I could.

    [–] What are your thoughts on President Trump serving fast food to the Clemson Tigers football team in the White House? actuallywaffles 6 points ago in AskWomen

    Almost every major sports win here in the States earns the victors an invitation from the White House as kind of a good PR move. Every President does this, and usually they serve some world class food to honor the achievements of the players.

    Honestly, he was handed a golden PR opportunity with all this Government shutdown stuff and this dumb, orange, fatass managed to screw it up in a way that is so sad it's a dark humor/our country is going to shit sort of way.

    [–] What are your thoughts on President Trump serving fast food to the Clemson Tigers football team in the White House? actuallywaffles 20 points ago in AskWomen

    The White House is capable of serving some of the nicest food in the country, and he feeds them cold crap. Either doesn't give a shit, or he's so dumb he thinks this is actually what people want. And at this point I think those are equally likely, and equally sad.

    [–] What are your thoughts on President Trump serving fast food to the Clemson Tigers football team in the White House? actuallywaffles 56 points ago in AskWomen

    It'd be like going to a Michelin Star restaurant, ordering a steak, and being served cold hotdogs out of the busboy's lunch bag. They were invited to a place that is able to serve arguably the greatest food in the world, and they were "treated" to a meal of shitty lukewarm burgers. Just cause Mandarin Mussolini eats like the world's most out of control 3 year old doesn't mean he has to torture other people like that. Either that, or he just assumes that nobody cares if he mistreats people invited there simply because they're college age, and he obviously doesn't give a shit about anyone under 75 unless he's trying to cheat on his wife with them.

    [–] Karl Smallwood - inclusive or exclusive? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in Fact_Fiend

    If someone from the UK isn't an asshole to you it means they don't like you.

    [–] Karl Smallwood - inclusive or exclusive? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in Fact_Fiend

    I get the feeling that you think that as a "fan" of his content you're entitled to something from him. He doesn't owe you a cheery response to every comment, or a shout out on twitter any time you ask. If he had to be some fake asshole to get views I'm assuming he'd stop making videos. If you don't like how he acts don't watch.
    Plus, he's allowed to use his twitter however he wants. If you don't like it just unfollow him. If he bothers you you'd better never check the Wendy's'll be scarred for life at the thought of a person or brand making jokes at the expense of internet assholes.

    [–] What is the hill you will die on? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    True BBQ should have a Kansas City style sauce. None of that dry rub or tomato paste based nonsense. If I wanted my pulled pork covered in fancy ketchup I'd have asked thank you.

    [–] I'm sick of the circlejerk around drugs on Reddit actuallywaffles 39 points ago in rant

    I'm with you on this one. I'm totally cool with people smoking as long as they're cool with me not. But too many people make being high an actual personality trait instead of just a recreational activity.

    [–] Whats a small town dark secret you know? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Nice to have a story not end in murder or incest. Thank you for breaking up the terrible with one that ended crappy but happy.

    [–] Appropriate priorities. actuallywaffles -1 points ago in vegan

    That's a weirdly hostile tone to take if your goal is to help animals. I was just saying vegan diets are unhealthy for cats, and that to prevent cats from suffering they shouldn't be put on one. I never directed any comments toward your diet, and am very confused by your insistence that both animals shouldn't suffer, and also that I shouldn't care if cats suffer...You have a really weird message here dude.

    [–] Throwaway for a reason. This batshit crazy vegan compares me to a rapist. I hope I don’t seem to sensitive but this is kind of triggering because I’ve been molested as a child. What the actual fuck. actuallywaffles 3 points ago in AntiVegan

    Honestly, every time they say stuff like that I think it just builds up a resentment more than anything else. It'd be a lot easier to get people to listen if they weren't such absolute dicks about it with all the rape/holocaust comparisons.

    I hope you're doing alright. Nobody should have to put up with that sorta thing, and what that person said is absolutely fucked up.

    [–] I mean, it's pretty obvious. actuallywaffles 3 points ago in AntiVegan

    Man, I wish people would spend hundreds of dollars to send me useful things as a prank. If I fake being vegan can I too get a free smoker?

    [–] What is the "it's not a bug, it's a feature" of your existence? actuallywaffles 3 points ago in AskReddit

    My depression gave me extreme empathy for others. I'm who you want at your wedding/funeral/major life event. When I go with people to those I'm the one getting teared up over people I may have never met...but the trade off is of course that anytime I'm alone I'm still an emotional crying mess.

    [–] Appropriate priorities. actuallywaffles 3 points ago in vegan

    After some searching I did find one that is specifically about a cat's need for Taurine if that helps you see that when people say cats need meat it's for their good. They can't produce it on their own, so they've gotta eat meat as that's the only way their bodies can acquire it.

    [–] Appropriate priorities. actuallywaffles -1 points ago in vegan

    Alternatively it could just be a bunch of groups reporting the same few studies. These are activism sites not research teams.

    [–] Appropriate priorities. actuallywaffles -1 points ago in vegan

    I've never understood this argument. You'd think they'd want to encourage everyone to love animals, and then just move people's opinions little by little instead of this all or nothing approach. All they're doing is leading to people resenting the concept of a vegan diet without learning about it when they say this sort of thing. Like people who compare eating meat to rape or the holocaust instantly just put me off to the whole group because of a few shitty people. Sure, you might have some great points, but nobody is gonna listen to them if you're a dick about it.

    [–] Appropriate priorities. actuallywaffles 1 points ago in vegan

    I wouldn't say that study proves they can thrive on a vegan diet. The study you posted was based on an extremely small number of animals, and anything I've tried to find with a larger group was all on PETA or specifically Vegan websites so I'm a bit concerned about a potential for bias there.

    I'm not really looking to spend hours on veterinary research sites to try and prove it to you. I'm more concerned about people on the fence that read this, and ignore the needs of an animal. If you own a pet you just have to accept the care they take, and part of that might mean accepting they can't be vegan. I do recall reading a few studies before about this, specifically referencing the fact that Taurine is required in pet food because when pet food manufacturers didn't include it, thinking it wasn't important, some cats got really sick and even died.

    [–] Appropriate priorities. actuallywaffles 4 points ago in vegan

    Taurine is a big one, and cats lack the enzyme to produce it so they have to get it from eating other animals. Plant based proteins don't have all the amino acids that cats require in their diet, and due to their place on the food chain they haven't evolved to produce it themselves.