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    [–] Tomorrow is the 17 year anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. Where were you that day? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'd just turned 7 a few days before, and was just sitting at the table eating Captain Crunch. We were running late to school that morning, and all of a sudden the local news changed to an emergency broadcast. My mom was walking through the room getting ready and she just froze. She started crying, and being so young I couldn't figure out why. She didn't try to shield it from me, but I think that's because she was just so stunned by it that she couldn't even process to try.

    It wasn't until I was older, about 5th or 6th grade, that a teacher showed us the recordings of the news from that day. She'd recorded hours of it on VHS tapes, and had brought it in to show us what happened. I remember seeing bits of debris falling, and then a friend leaned over and whispered to me about people jumping out windows. I looked at the clouds of smoke, and remember realizing that I wasn't just watching debris fall, but also people. It's a haunting image for a kid to witness.

    Nowadays at work we watch Fox News, not my choice, and every year they replay footage and read off all the names. And every time all I see when I look at that footage is the bodies falling from the towers. I think it's always left something of an impression on me that people could get to a place where they're so aware they will die that all they can do is control how, and that really terrifies me.

    [–] Philadelphia Tells Residents: Don't Swim in Dumpster Pools actuallywaffles 4 points ago in nottheonion

    You're the kind of person my math teachers always wished they had as students.

    [–] Americans, What do you hate most about america? actuallywaffles 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I worked with elderly ladies with knee problems told that if they sit they're fired, managers that said that even though I worked 8 hour shifts a lunch break wasn't required, and one job that offered no vacation payed or unpayed but would give you 3 unpayed sick days a year that if you went over you were fired for and if you used them you'd be passed over for promotions in the future.

    I'd sell my soul not to live in this country, but I also don't have any way to leave.

    [–] Americans, What do you hate most about america? actuallywaffles 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Honestly I'd wanna see that news just to have a laugh. The news hasn't even made me crack a smile in decades...and I'm 24.

    [–] Americans, What do you hate most about america? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It's been covered time and time again, but our healthcare system. For there to be medical procedures so expensive it would be cheaper to move to an entirely new country to get them done instead is just mind blowing. I don't have a credit card, have never gotten a loan, and yet one suprise illness or pregnancy will require me to file bankruptcy and ruin my credit/life. It shouldn't be that way.

    [–] Americans, What do you hate most about america? actuallywaffles 7 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm honestly impressed by the people on that channel though. It's gotta be tough to talk that much with the President's dick in their mouth.

    [–] Americans, What do you hate most about america? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Congratulations on your new son.

    And don't worry about fox news, generally a good rule of thumb is if they're against it is probably something good.

    [–] Americans, What do you hate most about america? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Joked to a friend once that if I needed to go to the hospital I'd call an uber cause it'd be cheaper. They were confused because they live in Australia and figured it would only be like $15. I had to explain that even though I live 2 minutes from the hospital that could easily be a $2000+ trip.

    People in other countries hear us talking about our healthcare system, but when they actually hear how bad it is they're usually stunned.

    [–] How do adults actually make friends? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'd say videogaming communities online work. So far as an adult I've made 2 friends in my town, but like 50 online through video games.

    [–] Vegan Breaks Subreddit Rules; Cries About It In Two Others actuallywaffles 3 points ago in AntiVegan

    Imagine being the kind of person that celebrates people losing livelihoods or their lives in some cases just cause they don't eat the same food as you. It's just crazy to me that someone could be that heartless, and then insist they're the good guys cause they eat rabbit food.

    [–] The moderators of /r/WholesomeMemes are promoting a post asking for donations to animal agriculture. Farmers in Australia aren't doing too well because of a drought apparently. I commented two reasons why people shouldn't donate, and was permanently banned for 'proselytizing' actuallywaffles 2 points ago in vegan

    It's so sad and disgusting that people are really celebrating the loss of human life simply due to some people disagreeing with what they do for a living. A lot of these people were born into this type of work, and have lived their entire lives around this idea that they have one skill set and that changing careers would be prohibitively expensive or that they just couldn't find the work. These are just people trying to live their lives, care for their families, and survive. And their deaths are tragic, and not just something to be mocked like some of the people here seem to feel is appropriate to do.

    [–] Medical Coding and Vegan health problems actuallywaffles 6 points ago in AntiVegan

    Humans aren't omnivores...that's why we need vitamins to supplement a non-omnivorous diet?

    [–] Jimmy's Famous Seafood vs. PETA x-post /r/baltimore actuallywaffles 4 points ago in AntiVegan

    Anyone else suddenly craving crab cakes...or is that just me?

    [–] What’s something you could have gone without knowing? actuallywaffles 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah, it's one of those conspiracies that really doesn't serve anyone to be true. I mean it'd be wonderful if none of those people had actually died...but it wouldn't mean the Nazis weren't still horrible. It only serves to make people feel better, and to feel like nobody could actually be capable of such atrocities. But that's just not true, and it's important that we see it can happen so we insure it doesn't ever happen again.

    [–] [Serious] Why did you dial 911? actuallywaffles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Ah true...if he could get punched and not get paid for it that would be true justice for the world.