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    [–] This was my childhood acuonz 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    This deserves platinum

    [–] Cursed buildings acuonz 276 points ago in cursedcomments

    How do u get your shirts so clean

    [–] [Off topic] Mods please ban u/rebelprogression acuonz -43 points ago in chanceme

    Boo hoo. Who cares. This sub is a joke now tbh.

    [–] Cursed bong acuonz 1 points ago in cursedcomments


    [–] We're living in the real world boys acuonz 2 points ago in GenZ

    How can u communicate with images.

    [–] Converted my pick up into camper van. acuonz 1 points ago in funny

    Same as leprechauns to unicorns

    [–] Not YouTube but... acuonz 43 points ago in youngpeopleyoutube

    This room smells funny

    [–] Great Depression acuonz 14 points ago in ihadastroke


    [–] Please chance this anxious senior acuonz 3 points ago in chanceme

    I’m taking in 2 weeks thx sm.

    [–] Cursedcommentception acuonz 2 points ago in cursedcomments


    [–] Poor Wikipedia acuonz 1 points ago in engrish

    Thanks :)

    [–] Chance my brother acuonz 15 points ago in chanceme

    Everyone gets varsity on the swim team at my school so it makes sense

    [–] Comedy Au acuonz 18 points ago in ComedyCemetery

    ^ this is also right

    [–] Get out of the left lane. acuonz 16 points ago in newjersey

    Very passionate