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    [–] Back when Jonno was a genius :[ aegon-the-befuddled 0 points ago in freefolk

    Stolen from SpongeBob

    I took it from incorrect Got Quotes as u/don-chocodile said, their watermark is on the photo and the flair clearly says "NOT OC". They take quotes from other shows/movies and fit them in GoT context

    [–] Bet she wouldn't have claimed an independent North had Jon remained King. aegon-the-befuddled 7 points ago in freefolk

    Sure she would. "I love you bastard brother, but our people suffered a lot fighting against your father and his father. And then my brother suffered quite a lot fighting in the chaos caused by death of your second cousin thrice removed. And I already ordered a crown. We are gonna be independent"

    [–] Let’s be honest, GOT hasn’t been the same since we lost our true King in the North aegon-the-befuddled 2 points ago in freefolk

    Never lost the battle and lost the war long before the Red Wedding. He won every battle yet lost the Freys, the Karstarks, half of his army, the Boltons, Winterfell and the North. Battles alone do not decide the outcome of wars.

    [–] Let’s be honest, GOT hasn’t been the same since we lost our true King in the North aegon-the-befuddled 1 points ago in freefolk

    I think of all the people, Robb should be the last one to complain of treachery. He broke his solemn word himself after freely using the Freys to win his battles for him. Walder Frey's heir died for Robb so that his sister could be the Queen. And then Robb dumps the house. That's treachery too.

    [–] Let’s be honest, GOT hasn’t been the same since we lost our true King in the North aegon-the-befuddled 0 points ago in freefolk

    You got it right that things haven't been the same, the cause however is wrong. Things haven't been the same because until the end of Season 3, the show was surprisingly faithful to the books and therefore high quality. From that point they started mix and match, taking different roads which landed them in the shit that's S08. Not truly HBO's fault of course, or D&D's. They did a great job when doing a great job was easy i.e. when GRRM had already created the plots. They introduced many of us to the books particularly in non Anglophone countries where English TV/Movies are more widespread than books. Not really GRRM's fault either, he's an artist, he delivers when he delivers, never a day sooner. Our fault really, we were born too early.

    [–] None of the events of GoT would’ve happened if Jaime and Cersei never fucked aegon-the-befuddled 1 points ago in freefolk

    None of Jaime and Cersei fucking each other would have mattered if Aerys II's father hadn't fucked his sister to produce that inbred, lunatic Prince of Dragonstone. You blame the right thing.

    [–] King Vickon, the blackhaired blackhearted rogue will pay for all he's done to my sister aegon-the-befuddled 1 points ago in CrusaderKings

    That's what happens when you raid Free cities and Dragonstone excluisvely. Eventually you're bound to get one fair haired saltchild ;)

    [–] One county, one palace - 72.25k Outremer retinue aegon-the-befuddled 12 points ago in CrusaderKings

    Well fuck, that explains how in my game after the recent update, I got 38k retinue limit because My daddy abused the Empire's coffers to build a palace in Vienna when he was the Holy Roman Emperor. I usually use the office to stack up retinues so I was really surprised when after his death, instead of showing that I was over the limit, it actually showed that I could still get more retinues. Thought it was a bug

    [–] King Vickon, the blackhaired blackhearted rogue will pay for all he's done to my sister aegon-the-befuddled 8 points ago in CrusaderKings

    I don't like the portraits that come with AGOT default. So I use BLG with some modifications. My portraits look like:

    1. Valyrians + Their colonies (French base with variations for cultural diff)
    2. Andals (Germans Base with variation for cultural diff)
    3. Dornish (Mix of German, Westslavic and Muslim base for all three Dornishmen)
    4. Northmen (Norman)
    5. Ironborn (Chose South Slavic first but I like playing as Ironborn often and German portraits are the prettiest so switched to that)

    [–] I can see why people call this Pope "The Hollow" aegon-the-befuddled 54 points ago in CrusaderKings

    R5: So there I was, quietly waiting out regency and giving my lunch money to my regent so he doesn't murder me like a good boi. The view outside the Castle sure is nice. Are....Are those Lithuanian pagans out there? Oh dear Lord, even the Arabs. Knights Hospitallers have arrived, they'll surely sort out the heathens. They...They have joined the Heathens? What's going on?

    Turns out, my dumbass liege got himself into a war with the entire world. His predecessor left a huge aggressive expansion penalty. When he sniffed it, Kaiser Ulrich II asked the Pope to Crown him. The Pope asked him to depose the excommunicated Scottish King if he wants to be crowned. The idiot immediately declares war......And the whole world jumps in. Even the bloody Pope who started the whole thing in the first place.

    [–] King Vickon, the blackhaired blackhearted rogue will pay for all he's done to my sister aegon-the-befuddled 21 points ago in CrusaderKings

    R5: AGOT Mod. Playing as the Iron King. Daddy married Erana to some Redwyne. Fast forward, Daddy died. I go raiding and reaving the Reach, simply minding my own business. Thought about saying hi to my sister once I reached The Arbour. The bastards mistook my noble intentions and closed the gates. IAMDROWNEDGODSRAGE! No soft Greenland lordling closes his doors on me. I bring doors crashing down! Immediately laid siege, defeated the puny relief forces that Gardener King sends. Won the siege. Sister is among the captives. "Hi Sister". Ohhhh look at that, Take concubine button? Will it even work for a blood relative? Oh wait it does. And Now I am my own enemy

    [–] It literally would have been so simple. aegon-the-befuddled 3 points ago in freefolk

    Why didn’t frodo ride the eagles to Mt. Doom?

    Well at least Frodo had an excuse that Eagles were a noble race. What excuse do the show-writers have? that they are a talentless race who like to fuck shit up that they don't even bother acquainting themselves with first? Not giving a shit is a top-down thing, D&D stopped giving a fuck, which in turn made everyone not give a fuck except the actors who tried to make the best of a shitty situation

    [–] It literally would have been so simple. aegon-the-befuddled 17 points ago in freefolk

    Which could have been better allocated to properly film the greatest threat to mankind and mankind's ultimate triumph. Rather than the half-arsed one episode that we got.

    [–] Last episode's review in one gif.....You really did D&D, you really did. aegon-the-befuddled 1 points ago in freefolk

    In that case her actions were a bit unusual, especially since a noble would have brought shame to his family if he swore fealty to his captor.

    That isn't strictly speaking true. Lord Tarly is free to make his decision. After all, Robert managed to get Lords Fell, Grandison to swear back to him after capturing them in battle. You're correct that nobles and knights are held for ransom but that isn't always true either. Daenerys needed fealty, not ransoms. I do not disagree that it would have been better for her if she'd kept them as prisoners but I also maintain that her executing them wasn't some sort of an atrocity. Every monarch after all needs to be seen as stern if needs be or the vassals take mercy for weakness. See Rickard Karstark vs Robb Stark how Rickard started seeing Robb as weak until he nicked his head off.

    I didn't like her jumping ship to Westeros the second it became difficult to actually hold the territory.

    But she refused to leave until she defeated the reactionaries. She didn't return to Westeros until she did that. She learnt her lesson from Astapor.

    Obviously, historically a claim to the throne has always only been as good as the armies backing it. Daenerys herself is counting on this fact, since it's been over two decades after her father lost the throne and she now can't even claim birthright.

    The show has sadly hammered two things into the fandom. "Robert's claim was as good as his armies"...."Power resides where men believe it resides". Rebels didn't rally around Robert simply because he had a badass warhammer and huge armies. But so did Jon Arryn, so did Eddard Stark, so Did Quellon Greyjoy, so did Hoster Tully, all the rebel lords. They rallied around him because he was the only one outside the Targaryen family who had the closest Royal Targaryen blood and a claim to the throne. Robert took the throne as Aegon V's great grandson not just because "I can, bitches", that's why people swore fealty to him yet even then he knew many saw him as usurper. Of course Armies matter but so do claims. Daenerys comes as heir to Aerys II but of course she's got her armies to make good on that claim.

    Well yeah, the true situation was a bit fuzzy after the sept exploded. They then chose to follow what they considered the strongest claim.

    Come now, we know how Jaime enticed them. They chose to follow the side they thought would pay them the highest.

    They chose their allegiance in a state of turmoil after Highgarden was declared an enemy of the crown. That would only be treason if the Tyrells had won, the crown considers them loyalists. That's the problem with civil wars during feudal times.

    You are correct that they'd be held accountable only if they lost.....Which as it happened, Tarlys did. "The Crown" is held by dowager Queen, not Robert's children. Cersei took it because she could and opportunists accepted it as fait accompli and wondered if they could use it to their favour. So as you said, and I hope you agree, Daenerys sees them as traitors, as do the Targaryen supporters. So what's wrong with killing traitors? Especially after the traitors refuse the chance to repent which is exceedingly generous and kind in itself.

    [–] Should have listened more attentively when Daddy talked about his conquest of King's Landing, Cersei. aegon-the-befuddled 2 points ago in freefolk

    Nah the troops in the Keep, which were just the Household guards and sworn Knights did fight. The city watch didn't fight the invaders at least as far as we know.