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    [–] $100 Steam Gift Card Giveaway agangofoldwomen 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    anything you want to enter (don't need to enter a number)!

    [–] Stepping up my home improvement game agangofoldwomen 2 points ago in guns

    my daddy says milk comes from the easter bunny!

    [–] HMF while I jump in agangofoldwomen 2 points ago in holdmyfries

    No one should ever feel alone, we all have our life long regrets to keep us company!

    [–] Little guy wipes out while chasing birds agangofoldwomen 1 points ago in ChildrenFallingOver

    Good job bot, sorry for the shitty mobile link redditors.

    [–] Perfect Timing agangofoldwomen 9 points ago in gifs

    More munusuculue than the chance of life itself on a tiny speck of stardust in the vast vacuum of space?

    [–] Family: Otto Warmbier Dies After Release From North Korea agangofoldwomen 1 points ago in worldnews

    US Response: Thanks for sending him back, we're sorry he tried to grab one of your flags. He won't do it again!

    [–] My friend asked me to basically become her part time nanny. agangofoldwomen 6 points ago in Parenting

    Why don't you just talk to her and work it out? She's exploring her options in this new phase of her life, not completely reliant on you to survive... there are plenty of single moms out there. That being said, my mother was a single mom and raised three kids while working and going to school. She was able to raise her kids with the help of church, friends and family. So if you feel obligated to grace her with a temporary affordable child care option, i'm sure she's appreciate it.

    Sounds like you want to help her out, and she's a good friend, but money/time is an issue for both of you. If money is more important, talk to her about why you can't make the time commitment for the money (figure out what a reasonable price would be given all the things you mentioned). If time is important, talk to her about the time you'll be taking away from your own family that you can't afford to do this living so far away (maybe she'll come to you). If you just don't want to help her out because she's not that good of a friend, then maybe don't worry about it too much and make something up.

    [–] Why you should never look in the mirror when tripping balls agangofoldwomen 2 points ago in Drugs

    One time I looked in the mirror while tripping and saw myself grow older and die. Then my dead mirror me awoke with a scream and grew all of it's muscles and skin back and I was screaming in real life. I really lost touch with what was real for a little while.

    [–] You guys are right, Brilliant Earth is suing me for this video. agangofoldwomen 2 points ago in videos

    Regardless of whether you can afford one or not, you need a lawyer. Sorry this is happening to you, but don't fool yourself into thinking you can get out of this on your own ingenuity. They are trying to intimidate you with this letter, and their claims may or may not be true, but you need to take it very seriously and get a lawyer to advise you on options and next steps.